Do translators and interpreters earn much money?

"How much money do translators make?)

Thanks for the A2A. I assume you're asking about freelance translators' income, since staff jobs for translators are few and far between.

As I've said in an answer to s similar question, the Translation rates vary quite a bit, by location (country), language, and, to a lesser extent, by difficulty. Somewhat surprisingly, experience doesn't count for much. If you're not a competent translator, you're not going to get much work.

But let's take a reasonable average; the rate charged by most freelance translators isUSD $0.10 per source word.

Most experienced translators can translate around 2000 words per day. Assuming steady work, that comes to about USD $1000 per week, or USD $50,000 per year, allowing a couple of weeks for vacation time, illness, me time, and whatnot.

Out of that comes taxes, insurance, professional membership fees, etc.

Now, that's if you get steady employment and work your ass off. In the real world. You probably won't get enough work to keep you busy full time. Also, it can take a year or two for you to get established and acquire some steady clients.

Self employment can be very rewarding. Not having a boss looking over your shoulder is nice. On the other hand, some people find freelance translation a lonely occupation.

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