Do you think that self-help and how-to books are important? Why?

Yes. I like them very much. I’ve been reading those types of books for my entire life. And if you wonder how old I am, read my Quora answer on What makes you feel old.

Self-help is another way of saying ‘always be learning.’ Education doesn’t finish when you graduate school. It continues all your life—if you want happiness, good relationships, and to excel in your life. To this day I look for motivational You Tube videos daily. I keep a blog and several FB and Twitter accounts. So as an author I have fans, friends, followers and I feel an obligation to share wisdom and fun with them. So I often post self-help, the 10 Best Ways to… be successful, excel, follow your dreams, be creative, write and on and on. Lynda Filler-Author, Freelance Writer, Soc Media Lover

This past year I shared my personal story in a self-help format. What would you do if the doctors gave your six months to live? LOVE The Beat Goes On eBook: Lynda Filler: Kindle Store So many people have contacted me because they found kindness, and love and understanding in their own personal journeys through my determination to live. One person found me on FB and said her doctor was mean to her. And she had a similar diagnosis to mine. When she found my book she cried with joy, and felt so much better because there was someone out there who understood her pain.

Self-help, how-to books can enhance your life. I’m also a fiction author but the books that change your life are the ones that speak to your heart and your soul. They’re usually a book with a poignant personal awakening or event, or motivation/inspirational memoirs and self-help-awakening stories.

Never stop learning and reading things that will help you heal your emotional life and grow your spiritual development. These will always fill your soul with joy.

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