Domain of Food (Cleric Subclass)

           Domain of Food

Cleric subclass —————————————————————————

Food Domain Abilities

Bonus Proficiencies  

At level 1 when you choose this domain you gain proficiency with cooking utensils.

Artist of the Cuisine

Also at level 1 you create food so beautiful that whoever eats it is blessed (see the spell Bless). You can use this ability once per short rest and up to 3 of your allies can be affected, not including you. 

Channel Divinity

Bethas Miscellaneous Meals

At level 2, during a long rest, you can create 3  out of 5 meals, all with different effects. Each meal feeds 3 people. At level 6, the meal feeds 5 people.

These are meals and their effects listed in alphabetical order.

Assassin Apple Pie:

After eating the Assassin Apple Pie, you gain advantage in Stealth, Sleight of Hand, and Deception checks. Also, after consuming the Assassin Apple Pie you become proficient in using Thieves Tools. The effects of this meal lasts for an hour.

Hydra Haggis:

Once consumed, the Hydra Haggis summons the ghost of a Hydra. The ghost gives you a advantage against being blinded and raises your perception by 1d4. It also gives you advantage on intimidation checks. The effects last for 1 hour.

Ice Spice Fries Rice:

Fried rice infused with Ice Spice. Once consumed you gain resistance to ice and fire damage, and are resistant to the effects of the extreme cold and heat. Also, you can use the cantrip Fire Bolt and the cantrip Ray of Frost once each. The effects last 1 hour. 

Iron Turtle Shell Soup:

Soup served in the shell of an Iron Turtle, the iron is absorbed into the soup giving the effects of a turtle shell. Your AC is increased to 18 but you cannot increase it any further via magical means or armour/shields. The effects last for 1 hour. 

Unicorn Sausages:

Unicorn Sausages have an incredibly magical effect, giving the consumer 2d8 health, and if they already have full health they gain an extra 1d8 temporary hit points. Also you gain advantage on Arcana checks and your spell save DC is increased by 2. 

Holy Chef:

At level 6 you can prepare snacks for your party that have a variety of effects. The snacks lose their magical effects only a few minutes after being made, so you cannot store them, and it takes you 10 minutes to make one snack. Also, one person cannot eat more than one snack, when the effect of a snack is already in effect. The snacks are listed below

Inspiration Ice Cream:

Costs 10g to make.

Gives consumer bardic inspiration. (1d6)

At level 10 you can spend an extra 10g to add an extra 1d6 to the inspiration.

Duration: 1 hour

Healing Herring:

Costs 15g to make.

Heals 1d6 + your wisdom modifier + your level in Cleric.

At level 10 you can spend an extra 10g to add and extra 2d8. 

Duration: instantaneous

Temporary Hit Point Tea:

Costs 20g to make.

Gives an extra 2d6 + your wisdom modifier + your level in cleric, temporary hit points.

At level 10 you can spend and extra 20g to add 2d8 extra hitpoints

Duration: 1 hour 

Divine Dinner:

At level 8 Whenever an Ally eats one of your meals, they deal an extra 2d8 radiant damage for one turn. The food they eat does not have to be cooked by you, a simple Goodberry will do, but it does not stack, and can be used 3 times per short rest. 

Lustrous Luncheon:

At level 17 your meals are so amazing that they can cure you of 2 status effects, I.e Poison, blinded, etc. Also all of your meals heal 2d8 hp, as long as you have taken the time to prepare them (food magicked into existence will not have these effects.)

Food Domain Spells

Cleric level



Best Berries, Purify Food and Drink


Fire Cake, Create food and Water


Devine Chonk, Bethas’ Gaseous Grog


Reverse Food, Herbs of Mystery 


Bethas’ Insatiable Hunger, Summen Oven

Best Berries (level 1)

You summon 5 berries that heal 3 health each once consumed. You can also use them as ammo for a sling, their healing magic transformed into a weak harming magic. Once launched from the sling, they are guided by divine energy into your targets mouth. Each berry you force your target to eat decreases their speed by 5ft, and if they eat 5 berries the harming magic is strong enough to deal 2d4 + 2 necrotic damage. You are considered proficient with the sling while you use the berries as ammo. 

Fire Cake (level 3)

You create a cake of burning fire that can be placed anywhere within 30ft that you have line of sight. You can choose up to 3 targets, and they must make a wisdom saving throw or be mesmerized by the cake, as if they were charmed. They continue to make saving throws at the start of their turns and if they make the save they are no longer mesmerized by the cake. They will attempt to eat the cake and will fight anyone who also attempts to eat the cake. The cake deals 4d4 fire damage for every turn they spend eating the cake. The cake can survive being eaten for 3 turns before being fully eaten. Targets normally immune to charm will be immune to this spell. 

Devine Chonk (level 5)

You call upon your God to bestow a Devine Chonk upon a willing ally. You increase their AC by 2 + your Wisdom modifier, but also halve their speed, and strength.

At higher levels you can bestow the Chonk on another Ally per level. 

The effects last 1 hour, or until the caster dispels it.

Bethas’ Gaseous Grog (level 5)

You spray a mist of Grig in a cone shape in a 60ft cone. Everyone in the cone must make a Constitution saving throw or take 3d10 poison damage and suffer the effects of drunkenness (see at the bottom of the page). If they succeed the saving throw they take half damage and do not suffer drunkenness.

Reverse Food (level 7)

You turn a meal back into its original ingredients. I.e when use this on a meal of sausages and mashed potatoes, the meal will be transformed into raw potatoes and a pig. Any animals made from this spell will be hostile. 

Herbs of Mystery (level 7)

Roll a d20 to see which herb you use




Omnipotent Oregano 


Spear Mint


Thyme of Time


Rosemary of Rose thorn


Omnipotent Oregano

You eat a small piece of oregano and you can learn one secret of one person. It is up to the DM to choose the information they give.

Pepper Mint

You rub the mint onto a weapon and for 4 turns enemies hit with the weapon must make a constitution check or lose their until their next turn, because they are sneezing.

Thyme of Time

When you eat this mint you can freeze on person or object in time for 1 minute. In this state they cannot take any damage and cannot be moved. 

Rosemary of Rose Thorn

When you consume the Rosemary of Rose Thorn, your body is covered in rose stems that have thorns. This increases your AC by 2 and natural attacks deal an extra 2d6 piercing damage, and when you are attacked with a natural attack they take 2d6 piercing damage.

Bethas’ Insatiable Hunger (level 9)

You place an insatiable hunger upon your target, dispelling all rational thoughts from their minds and forcing them to eat the closest source of sustenance, including living creatures. If there is no food in their line of sight, they will immediately attack the closest living being, with natural weapons only, in the hopes of eating them.  They must succeed an intelligence save or be under the spell, and if they have failed they do not get any further attempts. The spell does require concentration, and once it’s lost the target is free of the spell. They are also free of the spell once they eat something. 

Summon Oven (level 9)

You summon a Golem Oven that helps you to cook, fight, and cook and fight at the same time. The Golem Oven reduces cooking times by half regardless of whether it needs heat to cook or not. You can order the Golem to take actions by speaking orders to it and it has its own initiative. When it loses all of it’s hitpoints it disappears without a trace. If you are knocked unconscious it will protect you but if you fully die it will disappear.

Oven Summon

Large construct, any

Armor Class 17 (Natural Armour)

Hit Points 145

Speed 30ft


18 +4


12 +1


18 +4


8 -1


8 -1


3 -4

Saving Throws strength +7

Skills Athletics +6, stealth -7

Damage Vulnerabilities ice

Damage Resistances piercing, slashing, bludgeoning

Damage Immunities poison, fire

Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion, Frightened, Paralyzed, Poisoned

Senses Dark vision 60ft, Passive Perception 12

Languages Understands language of creator but can't speak

Challenge 7

Fire Burst: The oven door bursts open and flames burst up to 30ft in front of it. Anyone in the way must do a dexterity saving throw and if they succeed they take half damage. If they fail they take 5d12 fire damage.


Multiattack: The Oven makes two Fiery Fist attacks


Fiery Fist: Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5ft, one target. Hit 2d6 +4 bludgeoning damage and 1d4 fire damage.


Every turn after they must make a constitution save. If they succeed, they are no longer drunk, if they fail they must vomit, taking up their turn and taking 1d6 acid damage

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