Dragon Knights Organisation

Decided to have a crack at designing an organisation for the NPC faction in my current campaign, loosely inspired by Matt’s Dragon Phalanx and David Gemmell’s The Knights of Dark Renown.

Dragon Knights



Diplomacy: +0


Espionage: -1

Resolve: 13

Lore: +2

Resources: 10

Operations: +2


The leader of the Dragon Knights gains the following title

and the noted additional features.

Grand Master. When an ally within 30 feet of them drops to 0 hit points the Grand Master can use their reaction to have their attacks deal 1d8 extra damage for 1 minute. If an ally triggers this effect while the Grand Master’s attacks are already dealing this extra damage the benefit is cumulative.

Domain Powers

Dragon knight officers gain access to the following domain powers.

Incorruptible, Indomitable, Invincible. As a reaction, when an officer fails a saving throw they may take any number of power die from their domain’s pool and add it to the result of their roll, potentially turning it into a success. If the success would cause them to take half damage they instead take no damage.

Knights of Dazzling Renown. As a bonus action, an officer may take a power die from their domain pool. They choose a creature within 30ft and that creature is inspired and gains a bonus to their attack rolls equal to the number on the die. At the end of each of their turns, decrement the power die.

Domain Features

Dragon knight officers gain access to the following domain features.

Living Legends. Once per intrigue as a domain bonus action make a DC 15 Operations Test. On a success, your domain’s Resolve level cannot be lower than 0 for the remainder of the intrigue.

The Phalanx(Special Unit). As a domain action, make a DC 13 Operations Test. On a success, you muster the Phalanx, a special unit of heroic knights.

A Noble Cause. As a domain action, an officer can make a Diplomacy check against an opposing domain’s Resolve. On a success, the opposed domain’s Resolve level decreases by 1 and the dragon knight’s Resources level increases by 1.

Beacons of Hope. If the dragon knight's Resolve level is 2 or higher at the start of battle, all their units gain the Eternal unit trait until the end of battle.


“The Phalanx” 

Elite, Super Heavy, Draconian, Infantry*

Size d6

2 Attack

1 Damage













Draconic Ancestry.

Flame Breath

Maneuver: Hold the Line.


Design notes: 

  • Unit design is by far the hardest part and I doubt I’ll homebrew any post Special unit Deck.

  • Most realms and  factions get features that consist of: Muster Special Unit, Domain Action, Domain Bonus Action and a passive “If your defense level equals X, have X”

  • Knights of Dark Renown is seriously underrated among Gemmell’s books.

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