Dragon Templars Knights Articles

The Order of The Dragon Templar Knights

Articles of Incorporation

Article 1 – Name and Origin

The articles contained herein establish the creation and organization of “the Order” of The Dragon Templar Knights on this sixth day of Midsummer in the ninth year of rule by the authority of the Lord of Neverwinter, the right and mighty Jarl Panven Evergreen..

Article 2 – Purpose

The articles contained herein grant and affirm the Order of The Dragon Templar Knights to defend their lands of the current and future Lords of Neverwinter against any and all insurgencies, be they external or internal, and to enforce the rule of law under the provision of authorities as defined by the Lords of Neverwinter herein..

Moreover, these articles establish the rights of The Dragon Templar Knights to communally own property by grant of deed or payment of coin to the current or future Lords of Neverwinter and to collect and provision taxes for the same, The articles contained  herein also extend and establish the rights of the Order to make castellations in accordance with the security of the people, and for the defense of the realm of Neverwinter.. 

Article 3 – Organization

To wit, these articles also establish The Dragon Templar Knights to be administered by a Counsel of no less than three and no more than five self-appointed “Captains”who agree to maintain the honor, reputation and virtue of the Order defined herein and in accordance with the Order’s charter. As such these Captains, upon their appointment and by approval of the Lords of Neverwinter, shall be granted in perpetuity the noble title of Lord or Lady of The House of The Dragon Templar Knights and be listed in the Rolls of Authority maintained by the Neverwinter Heraldic Society by the authority of The Right and Mighty Lords of Neverwinter. Upon the founding of the aforementioned Order, these Senior Members shall consist of the honorable Founding Captains as scribed below:

Captain Castien Talron

Captain Jeffrey Goldenhand

Captain Reno Jackson

Each Captain of The Dragon Templar Knights may, at their discretion, appoint or assign “Lieutenants” or “Aides-de-Camp”, to conduct the affairs of state, transact commerce, or provide other administrative duties on their behalf. As officials of the Order, these Lieutenants must be duly registered members of the Order defined herein and be listed accordingly as Lieutenants of the Order on the Rolls of Authority maintained by the Neverwinter Heraldic Society. A record of the complete membership of the Order shall be maintained by a duly appointed full member of the Order, a scribe, historian, secretary, chronicaller or similar,  for the entire duration of the Order and must be provided by writ to the Neverwinter Heraldic Society each annum for posterity of the realm.  

This Order dutifully decreed upon this day by The Right and Mighty:

Jarl Panven Evergreen 

  Reigning Lord of Neverwinter

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