Hit Die: d8

Simple and Martial Weapons

Light and Med armor

High Fort, high reflex, low will, Full BAB

Skills: Balance, Gather Information, Intimidate, Jump, Search, diplomacy

(2+int mod)x4 at 1st level, 2+int mod per level.

1st: Bonus Language-All Dragoons speak Draconic, which they get as a bonus language at first level.

1st: Polearm fighting-any polearm used by the dragoon that has reach can also be used as a non reach weapon, and polearms without reach now have it, and can qualify for the fighter-only weapon feats if selected for a polearm.

1st:Jump-The dragoon is able to leap into the air up to 15ft, and travel half their normal movement without a running start. The Dragoon provokes an attack of opportunity if jumping from a threatened square. His ability to jump increases in the following ways:

  • 4th: Can jump their normal movement in distance

  • 9th: Can jump 20ft in the air

  • 10th: Can jump 1.5 times their movement in distance

  • 14th: Can jump 25ft in the air

  • 20th: Can jump 2 times their movement in distance and 30ft in the air

2nd: Dragon Dive-Using a full round attack, the dragoon dives at an enemy after jumping into the air. D20+ jump skill vs enemies AC, armor check penalty applies. If the attack lands, it does weapon damage + str mod. Follows weapon criticals. If the target successfully saves, they avoid all damage and gain an AoO on the dragoon, and they take the appropriate fall damage.

3rd: Dragonfriend-Due to their relationship with dragons, Dragoons gain a +4 on Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Sense Motives checks made when dealing with dragons, as well as a +4 bonus on saves against the frightful presence ability of dragons (and dragon-related entities; ie. Half-Dragons, Lesser Dragons).

4th: Steady Landing-The dragoon becomes accustomed to the landings after a jump. Can now jump 2 times per encounter. The dragoon now takes half damage from falling when a dragon dive attack misses

5th :Dragon Armor-The dragoon mimics the movements of a dragon, becoming more difficult to hit and deflecting blows. Gains +1 deflection AC. This bonus increases to +2 at 11th, and +3 at 17th.

6th: Presence Auras-The dragoon carries himself with different statures, providing a slight bonus  to allies based on his Charisma mod. There is a flat bonus of +1 at 6th, +2 at 12th, and +3 at 18th.

  • Brute: A menacing look comes over the dragoon, granting a bonus to intimidate

  • Talker:The dragoon has an air of charming, granting a bonus to bluff

  • Soother: Calming those around him, the dragoon grants a bonus to diplomacy

7th: Polearm Proficiency-The dragoon is now better able to wield polearms. As a standard action, he can now make a polearm butt attack to the head in attempt to daze the target. If the target is struck, they must make a fort save vs weapon damage +5.  If the target succeeds, shaken for 1 round, if they fail, they are dazed for one round. twice per day. The bonus goes up to +10 at 13th, and +15 and 19th.

8th: Shouts-Once per encounter as a swift action, a dragoon and give out a battle cry, granting moral bonuses to his allies based on his charisma mod. There is a flat bonus of +1 at 8th, +2 at 14th, and +3 at 20th.

  • Mighty Shout: Bonus damage

  • Tactical Shout: Bonus hit

  • Sturdy Shout: Bonus AC

9th: Improved Dragon Dive-The dragoon attacks with greater force. Dragon dive now deals full weapon+str mod on a successful attack. Can now jump 3 times per encounter. The dragoon now takes no damage from falling when a dragon dive attack misses

10th: Dragon Spirit-The dragoon is the embodiment of a dragon and fights with similar ferocity that a dragon would, The dragoon gains an additional 1d8 to all attacks. This damage can crit and is applied to dragon dive.

12th: Disembowel-The dragoon strikes at the weak point of the enemy, exposing it to his allies. The Target takes a negative AC bonus of -3 and lasts until the end of combat. This can be declared after a successful hit. Twice per day. At 19th level, the AC bonus increases to -7 and can be done three times per day. AC Penalty does not stack

14th:Impact landing- The dragoon lands with such force that they deal 1d6 per 2 dragoon levels (max 10d6, dragon spirit damage does not apply) to all enemies within burst 2. This cannot be done in conjunction with a Dragon Dive attack, but follows the same rules as a dragon dive attack. 

DC: 10+Str mod+Half Dragoon Level. Can now jump 4 times per encounter. The target of a Dragon Dive attack that successfully saves still takes half the damage they normally would, and no longer gains an AoO on the Dragoon.

15th: Polearm Mastery-The dragoon becomes a master with the polearm weapons and wield with the greatest skill, increasing their critical threat range with all attacks by 1.

16th:Dragon Roar-Once per day as a standard action, the dragoon can mimic a dragons roar. All enemies within 30ft must make a will save vs dragoon level+str mod or be shaken for 1 round.

17th: Dragon Soul- The dragoon fights with the same ferocity of a dragon. Damage from dragon spirit is now increased to 2d8.

18th: Life Surge-The dragoon can steal his enemies life essence. Twice per day, as a standard action, the dragoon can attack a target. If the attack lands, the dragoon is healed for half the damage dealt.

20th: Dragon Dive Mastery-The dragoon feels more at home leaping in the air then standing on the ground. They now deal full weapon damage+3xstr mod, and can jump 5 times per encounter. A failed save for the target results in them being knocked prone for one round. The target now takes full damage even in the event of a successful save. 


Full BAB

2 high Saves

Mobility with full weapon damage or AoE

Bonus AC

Built in damage and crit increase

Small bonuses to allies for certain skills

Small bonuses to allies for AC, Damage, or Hit

AC Reduction on enemies

AoE Stun

Healing scales with damage

Daze with high success chance

Can knock enemies prone easily at max level


d8 hit die

only med armor

low skill points

Auras/shouts only effective with high Charisma

Fall damage at low levels

Healing comes in late, and is more of an Oh shit button

Must pick one shout per encounter, may not be correct benefit

Can provoke AoOs at low levels

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