Druid Circle of the Hunt

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Druid, Circle of the Hunt

Strike swifty. Strike quietly. Strike wildly.

Prowler in the Night

2nd-level Circle of the Hunt feature

A predator's natural stalking capabilities have become second nature to you. Whenever you make a Dexterity (Stealth) check, you may choose to add your Wisdom modifier rather than your Dexterity modifier to the ability check. You may also Hide as a bonus action.

Predator Form

2nd-level Circle of the Hunt feature

You have honed your transformative capabilities to naturally align with stealthy predators. You can now use your Wild Shape to transform into any beast that has proficiency in Stealth, and a CR as high as 1. You must abide by the other limitations of Wild Shape.

At 6th level, you can transform into any beast that has proficiency in Stealth and a CR equal to or less than your druid level divided by 3 (round down).




Dire Wolf, Female Steeder, Giant Octopus, Giant Spider, Lion, Tiger


Giant Crayfish, Plesiosaurus, Sabre-Toothed Tiger




Giant Subterranean Lizard


Giant Crocodile, Hulking Crab

Note to the DM: The rules as written for Predator Form are intended to prevent players from having overpowered/unreasonable creatures sneaking around and dealing massive extra damage. You don't want a player running around as a T-Rex dealing an extra 5d6 damage every turn. However, I would advise allowing players to use Predator Form with other beasts in the mid-CR range that don't have a Stealth proficiency, such as a Giant Hyena or Giant Owl. Be flexible and reasonable with your players.

The Hunt

2nd-level Circle of the Hunt feature

You have learned to enter a mystical trance that is sacred to your Circle. On your turn, without using an action, you may expend a Spell Slot to initiate a Hunt on a target that you specify. That target becomes your Prey. Your Prey can be a specific creature that you are able to see, have seen before, or you have some object that they have come into contact with before, such as a hair, a patch of ground, or a personal belonging of theirs. The Hunt ends after your Prey dies, you drop to zero hit points, when you finish a long rest, or if you choose to end the Hunt early without using an action.

While on a Hunt, you have advantage on intelligence (Investigation), Wisdom (Perception), or Wisdom (Survival) checks to find your Prey

Additionally, once per turn when you hit your Prey with a melee attack, you can roll a number of d8s as extra damage. The number of d8s rolled is equal to the level of the spell slot expended to initiate The Hunt.

Supernatural Rending

6th-level Circle of the Hunt feature

Your predatory nature allows you to strike with supernatural power. When attacking your Prey, your melee attacks in beast form count as magical for the purposes of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.

Implacable Hunger

6th-level Circle of the Hunt feature

When your current Prey drops to 0 HP, you may use a reaction to immediately change your Prey to a different target within 60 feet of you that you are able to see, smell, hear, or otherwise immediately detect. The Hunt continues on your new Prey.

No Escape

10th-level Circle of the Hunt feature

Your sleek, predatory movements help you escape and avoid being caught. You have Advantage on Saving Throws and ability checks to avoid losing movement, being Grappled, Restrained, or Stunned. Additionally, moving through difficult terrain costs you no extra movement.

Ultimate Predator

14th-level Circle of the Hunt feature

Your skill at hunting and stalking have reached supernatural levels. While you are hidden, are unmoving, and are in dim light or darkness, you are considered as invisible.

Additionally, while in Beast Form, you may cast Divination, Enchantment, and Illusion spells without needing to provide the Verbal or Somatic components for the spell.

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