Dum dum account creation guide (and more) for SEA FFXIV Players

Dum dum account creation guide for SEA FFXIV Players

(with pictures)

Square enix pls fix ur god damn awful UI and backend


Ok so for some god damn reason, even having a VPN on your PC will lead you to this god forbidden screen right here. The VPN used to work so that you can make accounts that are based on EU servers for alternative exchange rates and all.

Unfortunately, this method seems to not work well anymore (at least from my experience) and will only lead you to


which is basically saying, your IP address sucks, so you cannot play the game. Since then, I’ve found a more reliable and consistent way to make accounts for regions not “recognized” by Square Enix. Don’t worry though cause the following pages will be a “near” step-by-step guide on how to get past Account Creation (Savage)

STEP 1 – Actually Making The Account

For this step, I will be providing several ways we can approach this since one method works for some while not working for the others.



We’ll be starting off on your mobile device. Anything will do, as long as it’s not your PC/Laptop and you have access to a Mobile Data. IMPORTANT TO TURN THIS MOBILE DATA ON NOW


First go to: https://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/gb/ 


→ This will lead you to the free trial website which will greet you with a big shiny SIGN UP NOW button.


Go ahead and press the big shiny SIGN UP NOW button. You should then be redirected to a screen similar to this.


→ For the region part, this will determine the currency that you will be paying in if ever you decide to purchase the full game and subscribe. This generally doesn’t matter for us since this only ties our Square Enix account to a region but if you prefer paying one currency over another due to exchange rates or are just more comfortable seeing USD instead of GBP on your credit card statements, go ahead and choose whatever you prefer. I personally prefer signing up for NA just because I prefer paying in USD.



→ Next, we’ll be filling up the email portion with the email you want to use for your FFXIV account. This is where all receipts and newsletters will be sent to.



→ After this, go ahead and fill up the box asking for your Square Enix ID. This will not be your username ingame and will simply be for signing in purposes so feel free to use whatever degenerate/cringe username you have in mind.



→ After this, type in your wanted password. (Make sure you type it slowly since there’s no confirm password in this step)



→ Fill in your Date of Birth (Month-Day-Year) and your security question



→ Right below the security answer box, remember to choose the platform in which you want to play the game on. (For this guide, we’ll be choosing the Window PC option.)



→ Then tick the boxes to accept the Terms of Use, User Agreement and Square Enix Privacy Policy (and optional newsletter promotions, which I highly recommend as this is where you get informed if the game goes on sale or if there are time limited sales on the online store)



→ After clicking and completing the CAPTCHA, press the shiny submit button and then you should be greeted by a screen looking like this

→ Just go to your email that you entered and ENTER THE 8 DIGIT CODE FOUND IN THE EMAIL.


→ After which, you should be greeted by a screen like this, except with an error message saying that you cannot install/download FFXIV client on this device (which is fine considering we’re just using your phone as a way to make the account itself.)


→ If you reach this screen, that means your account has been created! Congratulations~ You’re done with step 1!

STEP 2 – Downloading the FREE TRIAL Client

Okay we’re now at the second headache. Downloading the FREE TRIAL Client. For some reason, Square Enix doesn’t openly give out the link until you actually file a ticket (which is annoying) so instead, you can use this link provided by reddit user u/KryssaXIV.


INSTANT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://gdl.square-enix.com/ffxiv/inst/ffxivsetup_ft.exe


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/9znjye/cant_get_free_trial_to_workregistration_code/


→ You should be downloading a file named ffxivsetup_ft. (reference below)


→ After downloading, go ahead and open up the .exe file and follow through the steps. The following pictures will be a (almost) step-by-step gallery of the installation process.


Installation Language

Press Next


Some antiviruses block .exe files so if it errors, that’s probably what’s causing it

Set your directory here in case you want to put it on a different drive.

Confirmation screen for the drive you just selected

After installing the base files, it should ask you to create a shortcut. Tick the box just for ease of access then press FINISH.


→ If you see this icon on your desktop, CONGRATULATIONS, the headache is done.


STEP 3 – Logging in to the Client

You’ve made it this far poggers! Go ahead and open up the FFXIV shortcut that was placed on your desktop and you should be greeted by a window like so.



→ Go ahead and fill up the account details you made earlier into their respective boxes. (The one time password box is to be left unfilled since that uses the square enix authenticator which is buggy as hell and can actually lock you out of your account. I strongly recommend not doing this.)


EDIT: If you do want to secure your account more, using other well-known authenticator apps work with the FFXIV One-Time Password Feature. 


Instructions on how to do this can be found here!


Thank you u/roxas_leonhart for this!


→ If your account worked, you should then be greeted by this screen showing the installation percentage and files being installed. There’s about 35 GB worth of files to be installed so just be patient and wait for this to finish.



→ When finished you should then see this giant green play button to launch the game itself!





I recommend watching the cinematic that will be shown if you afk for 30 seconds just for some cool ingame lore and all, but you can skip that if it ain’t your cup of tea~


Everything else past this point is a guide on what to do in character creation like which servers to play in specifically for SEA players since we’ll be playing on the Japanese servers due to better ping.


Character Creation and Server Selection

Since this is a SEA guide, I’m assuming most of us will be speaking in English in game (unless you can speak Japanese, in which case go for any server~)


First click the Data Center tab found on the main menu screen


You will then be redirected to this intimidating looking screen. Don’t fret though as all we want to do here is to make sure we are clicking/highlighting the ELEMENTAL data center which is the Japanese Data Center with the most English speaking population.

After selecting your data center and pressing the check mark on the bottom right corner, you will be redirected to the character selection screen, which should appear as a blank slate for new players.


Go ahead and create your character, you should be asked for things like when you want their birthday to be, and who you want their Diety to be but these are more for “uniqueness” rather than anything that should affect the story so don’t give too much thought into this.


Choose your starting class. You can eventually unlock all the classes in the game so this part will largely just influence your first 15 levels, as well as the city you start in (found in the bottom left).


After this step, you should then be asked to “confirm” the starting world (aka server). Note that certain servers will have stars beside their name meaning they are “preferred” worlds. These preferred world grant an exp buff which means you’ll be levelling up way faster than if you created your character in a non-preferred server/world.


If you have no specific reasons to choose any other server, go ahead and press yes to finish up your character creation. If you have a specific server in mind though due to friends being there or something, go ahead and press “select another”. 



You will then be asked to enter your character name. Be as creative as you want here then press ok to beginning a new game with the new character!


World Recommendations


How to Buy the Game

Purchasing FFXIV is another giant headache to overcome. This part of the guide should help walk you through the necessary parts so you don’t have to go around looking at mixed information which may lead to accidentally buying the wrong game, or buying the game from a different region.


Identify what region your account is from. This is the region you set when you first made your account. If you don’t remember where you made it, go hop on to the Mog Station, login using the account you wish to purchase the game for; click the box on the top of the website  that says “Square Enix Account Settings”, Fill in some confirmation information and you should be able to see the country and region your account is tied to! (In my case I’m based in the UK so my region is in the EU).


Click the Square Enix Account Settings


Your registered region will determine which website you will buy the game from


Going to your region’s square enix store. So this is where a lot of people end up getting confused (and rightfully so). Luckily, I’m here to save your $59.99 (or €39.99 if EU). Just simply click on the respective link below which matches YOUR REGISTERED REGION and follow the following instructions.


Square Enix EU: Square Enix Store EU (square-enix-games.com)

Square Enix NA: Square Enix Store NA (square-enix-games.com)


Purchasing the actual game. Great, now that you’ve made it this far, you will most probably be confused with which version of the game to purchase. I’ll be saving you some time here and briefly annotate what each version of the game offers you.


NA Cover/Thumbnail

EU Cover/Thumbnail


Cost: $59.99 (NA); €39.99 (EU)

  • This is the version you want

  • Includes Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers.

  • This is meant for players who have never purchased the game (free trial users) and want to upgrade their account to a paid subscription.

  • This is the version you want

  • This is the version you want

  • This is the version you want

  • This is the version you want

  • This is the version you want

NA-EU Cover/Thumbnail


Cost: $39.99 (NA); €34.99 (EU)

  • This version is meant as an “upgrade” for previous veterans who purchased the game already until Heavensward.

  • Includes Stormblood and Shadowbringers ONLY

  • You cannot redeem this if your account is a free trial account.



Cost: $39.99 (NA); €34.99 (EU)

  • Currently (July 15, 2020), this is the pre-order for the Endwalker expansion which gives you certain in game items and an early access to the expansion.

  • Buy this if you already have all the previous expansions purchased.


Check your Email for Your Product Key. After purchasing the game, check the email sent to you by Square Enix which will contain the Product Key.


Unfortunately I cannot find the email sent to me when I purchased the game because it’s been over a year now for me.


Go back to Mog Station and Click Transfer to Full Game (If free trial user)


Click Enter Registration Code



Accept User Agreement then Press Next



Enter the registration code sent to your email.


Follow the confirm transfer process and you should be good to go! Thank you for supporting FFXIV


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