Dungeoneering Items Rework QoL

Tome of Frost ** New Pocket Slot Use **

Cost: 43,000 Tokens

Current use: Infinite Water Runes 

New use: Niche Hybrid Pocket Slot Item vs God Books

New Stats: 

Prayer: +5

Melee: +8

Ranged: +8

Magic: +8

** There will be a Toggle to change this to either Pocket Slot or Off-Hand, Similar to Anti-Poison Totem**

Niche Effect: Continues to give infinite water runes + activate to freeze your opponent, immobilizing them for 10 seconds (similar to Ice Burst). This is a SINGLE target effect. Cooldown is 1 minute and each use uses up a charge from 100% (Degrade-to-Dust)

Rational Analysis: Infinite Water Runes was a main niche of this item to survive the desert heat in regards to refilling either waterskins or other uses that utilize water runes. Now that Staffs are 2-handed items and the Small/Large Rune Pouches, it makes this almost as useless. The Menaphos quest that gives infinite protection from desert heat pretty much rules this further useless. Thus by giving it a new pocket slot with nice stats, making it a rewarding Dungeoneering item from the shop.

Spirit Cape

Cost: 45,000 Tokens

New Feature: Can pay 180,000 Tokens to Rewards Trader to add Spirit Cape to Max Cape.

Rational Analysis: Only Completionist capes utilize this automatically, but it would be nice for those who own the Max Cape only to get this reward as a price. Can easily be removed from the cape and refunded 90,000 Tokens once Completionist cape is unlocked.

Coal Bag Upgrade → Mining Bag **NEW**

Cost: 40,000 Dungeoneering Tokens

New Feature: Stores up to 100 of each ore, up to Aetherium

Rationale Analysis: After the Mining & Smithing Rework, this item will pretty much become obsolete. Why not make it useful and let it store up to 100 of each ore? Seems like a reasonable use.

Anti-Poison Totem ** New Pocket Slot Use **

Cost: 44,000 Tokens

Current use: Immunity from Poison while wielded

New use: Activate (Like a Scrimshaw and God Book) to protect from poison for utilizing charges from different varieties of antipoison potions. The rate is 1 charge per minute. All antipoisons will have a right-click option to add to Totem once OWNED.

  • Antipoison/Sanfew Serum: 5 charges/dose

  • Super Antipoison: 10 charges/dose

  • Antipoison+: 15 charges/dose

  • Antipoison++: 20 charges/dose

Can be added to Slayer Toolbelt at the cost of 750 Slayer Points from Morvran

** All Players will get 44K Tokens refunded and the old anti-poison totem removed **

Rational Analysis: The Venomblood Perk along with other viable shield-slot items makes this item useless as a shield slot. Changing it to a Pocket Slot item brings life back to it and makes it a viable option for slayer tasks and other small niche uses that the pocket slot can utilize. The charges are based on how many minutes each potion gives rounded to the NEXT nearest multiple of 5.

Scroll of Renewal

Cost: 38,000 Tokens

Current Use: Normal Prayer

New Use: ANY Prayer

Rational Analysis: Again it’s now useless once purchased if players are on other prayers. This would benefit its use overall with the tokens spent.

Advanced Shieldbow Sight

Cost: 100,000 Dungeoneering Tokens

Use: Can be added to the following:

  • Dark Bow

  • Strykebow

  • Augmented Dark Bow

  • Augmented Strykebow

Effect: Increases the Damage, Accuracy, Armour, PvM Damage Reduction, and Life Points (Strykebow) along with extending the range by a value of 1 (similar to regular Shieldbow Sight).

Rational Analysis: Again this would be a superior form of the Shieldbow Sight that can be rewarding for Dungeoneers and advance the use/utilization of a Shieldbow/Strykebow.

Dungeoneering Shields

Cost: 200,000 Tokens


Chaotic Kiteshield

Eagle-Eye Kiteshield

Farseer Kiteshield

Current Use

Melee Shield Only

Range Shield Only

Mage Shield Only

Added Use

Has a 25% chance to reduce damage (Including typeless damage) by 10%

Rational Analysis: While the Attuned Crystal Shields have an advantage due to their added effect of EXTRA damage, these shields would gain an added effect to REDUCE damage. Otherwise, they are just T80 stat shields with no extra effects. The second effect utilizes the current Absorbative perk so players can use other armour gizmos on this shield besides that.

Death Staff 

Cost: 75,000 Tokens

Requirement: 60 Dungeoneering, 60 Magic

Use: Stores up to 5,000 Death Runes. When wielded, there is a 1/10 chance that the death rune amount required is not spent when casting a spell that requires such runes.

Blood Staff

Cost: 100,000 Tokens

Requirement: 65 Dungeoneering, 60 Magic

Use: Stores up to 5,000 Blood Runes. When wielded, there is a 1/10 chance that the blood rune amount required is not spent when casting a spell that requires such runes.

Soul Staff

Cost: 150,000 Tokens

Requirement: 70 Dungeoneering, 70 Magic

Use: Stores up to 5,000 Soul Runes. When wielded, there is a 1/10 chance that the soul rune amount required is not spent when casting a spell that requires such runes.

This item is also augmentable.

Mini Kal-ger **New Pet Unlock**

Requirements: 120 Dungeoneering and must have defeated Kal’Ger the Warmonger at least once. Also must complete every Hard Floor Mode and own all Kal’Gerion Demon Titles.

Cost: 2,500,000 Dungeoneering Tokens

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