DW Fairy Seelie


Race: Fairy (Size ranges from tiny to human)

Fairy Names: Buttercup, Juniper, Saturnglimmer, Yewdancer


Sizes: Small (Adult Forearm) Chibi (Child Sized) Human Size. 


Big Eyes, Heterochromia Eyes, Regal Eyes

Long flowing Hair, Punky Hair, Wild Poofy Hair

Cloak and Hood, Regal Clothes, Wild Leathers

Chibi Body, Lanky Body, Well Fed Body

Assign these scores to your stats: 16 (+2), 15 (+1), 13 (+1), 12 (+0), 9 (+0), 8 (-1)


Weak -1



Shaky -1



Sick -1



Stunned -1



Confused -1



Scarred -1


18 = +3, 16 = +2, 13 = +1, 9 = +0.

Damage: D6


HP Current: 


Your Max HP is Constitution +6


[   ] Friendship is Magic!

Gain a new friend!

[   ] Sugar and Sweet!

Make someone you don’t know REALLY happy.

[   ] Princess searching for Knight PST

Put yourself in position to be taken cared of and rescued, and achieve it!


[   ] Chibi for Chibi’s!

You’re young and really small! Smaller than an adult forearm! +1 to Defy Danger when you’re using your size to your advantage.

[   ] Guardian of the Forest

You were tasked to leave the forest to find and defeat any corruption that threatens it. You can smell evil and pinpoint its origin. +1 Ongoing against anything you smell as evil!

[   ] Prince or Princess

A human sized fairy. You carry your royal seal proving your stature. Nobles and those that respect nobility will take note and treat you to fine dinners and a stay in their guest rooms. 

[   ] Wild

You come from the great forests and have not met humanity and other sentient life until recently. Begin with Animal Speak.


Fill in the name of one of your companions in at least one:

_________ is one with nature and I can trust them. 

_________ and I share a view and must carry it through. 

_________ defiles the forests and I must teach them better.

_________ does not respect life the way they should. 

_________ believes in me and wont let me down when I need them! 

Starting Moves

Fairy Magic

Whenever you have a wand, you can roll Volley with it to use your Fairy Magic. If you use a common stick, roll at -1.  You use a Handful of Dust in place of ammo. 

Forest Speak

When you spend time, you can find and communicate with spirits of the land, and to the trees and plants themselves. Even non sentient life can communicate through feelings and desires.

Gather Dust

When you have time and resources, you can use any sort of grainy dust to create a Handful of Dust

Metal Allergy

Fairies cannot touch nor wear metal, armor or shield made of metal, and are Sick while in close contact with any form of metal.

Star Shine Bright

Use a Handful of Dust. When you consult the stars for the future, roll+WIS. On 10+ you receive a vision that’s helpful to your questions, but it’s up to you to figure out what to make of it. On 7-9 you receive a vision, but it’s vague. Gain +1 Forward when you act on this vision.

Wings of Flight

Use a Handful of Dust when attempting to fly over dangerous obstacles or long distances, and Roll+CHA. On 10+ you take flight and make it there effortlessly. On 7-9 your GM chooses 1 issue.  You can carry up to one person in your arms as you fly. 

    You’re exhausted by the journey, Take -1 ongoing until you rest.

    You arrive but not without gathering attention.

    You arrive, but there’s a complication. 

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Your Load is 6+STR. You start with Dungeon Rations (5 uses 1 weight), a Bundle of Dust and 25 coin worth of gems. (wt.=weight)

Weapons, Choose One.:

[  ] Spiked Staff (+1 Damage, Close, Reach,  Two Handed, 1 weight) 

[  ] Wand (near, far, 0 weight) and 3 Handfuls of Dust (1 weight)

Defenses, Choose One.

[  ] Leather Tunic (1 Armor 1 wt.), Wood Shield (+1 armor, 2 wt.)

[  ] Fancy Tunic (0 Armor, Worn, 0 weight) and Adventure Gear

Accessories. Choose Two.

[  ] Bundle of Dust (3 Handful of Dusts) (1 weight) 

[  ] +25 coin worth of gems and antitoxin (0 weight)

[  ] Health Potion (0 weight)

[  ] Wooden Heart Amulet (0 weight) & Bag of Books (1 weight)

New Items!

Handful of Dust (x3 = 1 weight)

- A handful of grainy dust, usually sand, though salt and sugars should work and anything with similar texture. This can be mixed and be any color. 

Bundle of Dust (1 Weight)

- Created from 3 Handfuls of Dust. A Bundle of Dust can also be created by using Adventure Gear. 

1 Bundle of Dust = 3 Handfuls of Dust (1 weight)

Advanced Moves

When you gain a level from 2-5, choose one of these moves.

[   ] Animal Speak

When you meet a natural or magical beast, you can openly communicate with them. Whether or not they listen to you depends upon the creature and its intelligence. 

[   ] Blinding Dust

Expend a Handful of Dust. Roll + CHA. On 10+ The target is blinded and pick 1. On 7-9 pick 2.

    The effects are short lived.

    Messy tag. The Dust scatters!

    Accidentally used a Bundle of Dust instead. 

[   ] Clap if you Believe!

When someone claps and proclaims their belief in you, heal for 1d8 HP or from the effects of a debility, poison or curse. Same person cannot do this again until you’ve rested.

[   ] Conjure from Dust

You can create simple non-metallic objects from nothing but a Bundle of Dust, without the need of Adventure Gear.  

[   ] Legends and Folklore 

When you Spout Lore on mythical creatures or magic, roll at +1. 

[   ] Magic Armor

You have +2 natural armor when not wearing armor or shield. 

[   ] Motion to the Motionless

You can weave your magic to bring an inanimate object to life at the cost of a Handful of Dust. Roll 2d6+WIS, on a 10+ your GM can pick up to 1. On 7-9 your GM can pick up to 2. 

    You can bring it to life but it has little intelligence.

    You can do it but you need something first.

    It’ll cost a Bundle of Dust instead. 

[   ] Surprising Strength

When using Strength, use Charisma instead. When you roll + STR, instead roll + CHA. Also deal +1d4 damage with Hack & Slash.

[   ] Talent in Music

When performing in a public place of gathering, Roll + CHA, on 10+ someone gives you a gift! On 7-9 receive your damage dice in coin. You receive -1 ongoing until you’ve rested each time you perform.

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose one of these moves, or from the level 2-5 moves.

[   ] Animal Affinity

Requires: Animal Speak

All creatures of the forest will regard you as friends upon meeting.

[   ] Crafting from Dust

Requires: Conjure from Dust

You can create great objects such as weapons, armor, poisons, even enhance an object with magic and more from nothing but a Bundle of Dust. Your GM picks up to 2 conditions. 

   It’s going to take days/weeks

   First you need ____

   The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable or limited

[   ] Flavored Wands

Not all wands act the same. When you find a wand, ask the GM for its personality. Wands with personalities may try to act against its wielders desires. Beware, do not let the wands know if you’re using others or they may break into fights and give you -1 Forward.

Crafty: GM can only pick up to 1 if you’re Crafting from Dust.

Floaty: You can use it to fly, +1 to Wings of Flight

Grumpy: Deals +1d8 Damage

Hungry: Use 1 Handful of Dusts, and gain +1 Forward.

Lively: +1 Ongoing. This wand may burst into flame if bored.

Wimpy: +1 Forward whenever you attempt to run away.

[   ] Happy Thoughts

Use 1 Bundle of Dust per person to allow them to temporarily use your Starting Move, Wings of Flight

[   ] Power of the Forest

Deal 1 Piercing. When you deal damage in a forest, or in protection of a forest, your damage ignores all armor. 

[   ] Shapeshift Illusion

You can make it so that people see and hear you as a form they recognize and take comfort from, but each person will hear and see you as someone else as long as you keep up your illusion. 

[   ] True Form

Use 1 Handful of Dust to transform into your true form, that of pure magic. While in this form you’re a small ball of bright light, and are able to pass through cracks of any shape and size as long as your light can illuminate the other side.

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