DW Fairy the Unseelie


Race: Fae

Names: Blud, Boggart, Dullahan, Gancanagh, Peru-ha, Pooka

Alignment: Evil


Beautiful, Faceless, Wicked eyes

Long flowing Hair, Punky Hair, No Hair

Regal Clothing, No Clothes, Primitive Attire

Boney body, Pale Body, Plump Body

Assign these scores to your stats: 16 (+2), 15 (+1), 13 (+1), 12 (+0), 9 (+0), 8 (-1)


Weak -1



Shaky -1



Sick -1



Stunned -1



Confused -1



Scarred -1


18 = +3, 16 = +2, 13 = +1, 9 = +0.

Damage: D4


HP Current: 


Your Max HP is Constitution +6


[   ] It’s me

Find someone that escaped you as a child that is now an adult, and take them To a Secret Place.

[   ] Pikaboo 

Scare people someone for your amusement.

[   ] Quid Pro Quo

Offer someone a gift for the exchange of a favor.


 [   ] Faceless

You have no face and communicate to those around you telepathically. You can choose to allow 1 person you see to communicate with you at a time. 

 [   ] The Dark Forests

You came from the darkest depths of forests that man has never travelled or dared setting eyes upon. You can choose to trap those you see within the forest. As long as you maintain sight, they will somehow always find themselves walking in a circle, even when going a perfect straight line. 

[   ] Where no light has reach

Far far away, in the hills and under caves, to where only darkness lurks. You can see in perfect darkness and take +1 ongoing during night and when in true darkness, and -1 ongoing when in sunlight. 


Fill in the name of one of your companions in at least one:

_________ understands the necessity of death.

_________ and I share a view and we must carry it through. 

_________ has what I want. I must have it. 

_________ defiles the forests and I must teach them better.

Magic Points (MP)                                                Maximum 8

[   ]   [   ]   [   ]   [   ]  [   ]   [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Emotion Strength (GM reference): None, Mild, Strong, Intense

Starting Moves

To a Secret Place

Choose a location; Caves, Cellar, Abandoned Building, Forests, etc. Locations matching this type that you’ve secured and rested within are considered home. You can open a portal from your home to the Hedge, a place of smoke and darkness. Only you and willing children can enter. If a child is too young to speak, an adult may give consent in their place. Adults you met as a child and suffering intense emotions count as a child. Gain 1d4 MP for each child to enter this door or lose 1d6MP for each that leaves.

Forest Speak

When you spend time, you can find and communicate with spirits of the land, and to the trees and plants themselves. Even non sentient life can communicate through feelings and desires.

Healing Magic

Heal yourself 1d4 HP per 1MP, or use 3MP for 1 Debility. 

I Feel You

You always know the emotions a person is feeling. When you spark a strong emotion from someone, gain 1 MP

Magic Points

You begin with 0 Magic Points and can only ever have a maximum of 8MP at a time. You cannot use a Move that requires more MP than you have. If any forced MP loss brings you below your MP, you take the MP loss in HP.  

Metal Allergy

Fairies cannot touch nor wear metal, armor or shield made of metal, and are Sick while in close contact with any form of metal.

Otherworldly Strength

You can spend up to 3 MP. For each MP you spend, you can make an attack give you a +1 Forward, OR deal +1d4 damage. You are always considered to have a weapon from your claws and teeth.

The Fairy Unseelie                                              Twitter @14thLord




Your Load is 3+STR. You start with Dungeon Rations (5 uses 1 weight), Adventure Gear (1 weight) and gems worth 25 coin. 

Weapons, Choose One.:

[  ] Sharpened Claws (+1 Damage, Touch, Close, 0 weight)

[  ] Razor Teeth (+2 Piercing, Touch, Close, 0 weight)

[  ] Acidic Spit (Touch, Close, Reach, Near, Far, 3 ammo, 0 weight)

Accessories. Choose One.

[  ] Begin with 3 MP. 

[  ] Gems of various sizes and cuts, worth 100 coin. (1 weight)

[  ] Health Potion (0 weight)

[  ] Wood Heart Necklace (0 weight) and 7 Candy Pieces (0 weight)

Advanced Moves

When you gain a level from 2-5, choose one of these moves.

[   ] A deal, let’s make a deal

You make a deal and your target that willingly lets you drink a drop of their blood to seal it. If they do not honor their end, the next time they sleep without being watched over, they awake within your Hedge and you gain 3 MP. 

[   ] Blood Charm

Half your MP counts as armor (Round down).

[   ] Fae’s Kiss

Upon a kiss of the lips, the target instantly knows your true nature and will act in accordance to this newfound knowledge. They will from now on and forever after see you as your True Form. 

[   ] I Have Candy

1MP: You can curse a piece of candy. Those that willingly eat it shall be cursed into a slumber for 1 day, or until you choose to awaken them. You can spend +1MP to increase it to a month, +3MP to increase it into a year, or +5 MP for indefinitely. 

[   ] Legends and Folklore

When you Spout Lore on mythical creatures or magic, roll at +1. 

[   ] Our little secret!

When you make a secret agreement with someone, gain +2 MP.

[   ] Remember me?

1MP: Create an illusion around yourself. You appear in a form of an otherworldly cat, dog etc, or something the viewer recognizes, feels as safe, or fears;  the form will be different for each viewer. 

[   ] The better to hold you with my dear

1 MP per Tendril: You can create a tendril(‘s) that form from shadows Near you. Tendrils can grab anything of your desire, work as extra hands and have a reach up to Near distance of where it originates from. Tendrils last while you’re Near them. 

[   ] Want to see something fun?

2 MP: You can weave your magic to bring an inanimate object to life. It has 1 HP, and deals 1d4 damage. Roll 2d6+CHA, on a 10+ you pick 1 positive and your GM picks up to 1 negative. On 7-9 your GM picks 1 negative. 

  • It has +7 HP. 

  • It deals +1d4 damage. 

  • It has no intelligence

  • It’ll cost +1 MP.

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose one of these moves, or from the level 2-5 moves.

[   ] Blood Shield

Requires: Blood Charm

Gain additional armor equal to half your MP (Round down).

[   ] Come away with me

Requires: Legends and Folklore

1MP: When attempting to fly over dangerous obstacles or long distances,and  Roll+CHA. You can carry up to one person in your arms as you fly. On 10+ Choose 1. On 7-9 GM chooses 1.  

   Your energy is exhausted, you must use +2 MP to take flight.

   You arrive, but there’s a complication. 

[   ] Darkest Night

You can cause sources of light in the night to begin to fail and extinguish. Roll + CHA. 10+ it’s a success, 7-9 it’s only for a moment. 

[   ] Do you see me? 

You can teleport instantly to someone suffering Intense emotion that you’ve met, somewhere you can see, or Home. You cannot teleport in or out of someone's vision. 

[   ] I Can Smell You

You grew to adapt and deal with humans that incurs upon your homes and chases your kind deeper into the darkness. You can smell humans and know what direction the smell is coming from.

[   ] Play with me!

If you lure a person to a place that’s the same location type as your home, you don’t need permission to use To a Secret Place.

[   ] Shhh, they wouldn’t understand

When you take a person into the Hedge without being seen by anyone since you first contacted them, gain +1d6 MP. 

[   ] Stay with me forever and ever

Do not lose mana for releasing someone you’ve sent to the Hedge. They will obey you and forget their true life for as long as you desire.

[   ] True Form

3MP: Your true form is incorporeal and naturally should not exist in this world. Seeing you in this form can break even the most hardened of warriors. Roll CHA. On 10+ GM picks 2, or 1 on a 7-9: 

    Immune to all physical damage until you’ve rested.

    Deal your damage dice to all that sees your true form. 

    Those that see you, are stricken with Intense fear.

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