EDMP Compilation Guidelines

EDMP Compilation Album Ground Rules

  1. In order to be considered for the compilation / mega mix you must submit a 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz WAV file to the compilation shared folder by the date (TBD) for consideration. The shared folder will be hosted privately on Google Drive, so if you haven’t signed up for a free account, do so now.

  2. You may submit 1 track and 1 track only. (If we decide to break up the album into separate parts for old and new/exclusive songs, then 1 for each).

  3. Your submission will be ineligible/disqualified:

    1. If your submission contains any samples from commercially available songs, samples from youtube videos, samples from movies, samples from TV shows, samples from any media that has now or ever been sold and/or has now or ever been copyrighted. (Excluding Sample/Loop Packs).

    2. If your submission is an authorized/unauthorized remix of any kind.

    3. If your submission has ever been distributed, is being distributed, or is signed on TO BE distributed through any profit-generating music stores (physical or digital). Including Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Amazon, Google Play, Walmart, Target, you get the idea.

    4. If your submission has ever been knowingly used in any form of media (advertising campaign, television show, movie, video game, pornographic film, tea party rally).

    5. If your submission is incomplete.

    6. If your submission is mixed in an incredibly poor manner (as determined during the voting phase).

    7. If you have now or have ever been named Justin Beiber, Red Fu, Sky Blue, Will.i.am, or Lars Ulrich.

  4. Your submission may be any dance sub-genre listed under the r/EDMP flair bot.

  5. Your submission may be any length in duration, under 15 minutes.

  6. Your submission must contain at least a 4 bar dj-friendly, intro and outro loop to be included in the Mega Mix.

  7. By participating, you agree to have your track either distributed by us for free, or through the agreed upon sales plan, as voted on by the participant majority. (This means any royalties generated through the sales of your submission may be subject to dispersal through whatever means the participant majority agrees upon).

Common Questions:

  • What if the shared folder gets larger than your free 5 GB Google Drive account?

    • If the folder gets too large as the submissions roll in, I will switch it to read only and post a link. You’ll still be able to listen and download others’ tracks, but you’ll have to send me a link to your track to put in the folder after that point. I will also explore other options of hosting the shared folder, like Mega or something else.

  • When can I submit my track? 

  • Track submissions will start once you accept my invite to the shared Google Drive folder called "EDMP Compilation Submissions", sent out to you after registration closes, and voting ends Sunday night.

  • When does voting on the tracks start? 

  • As of right now, the last day to TURN IN tracks is being voted on. After that date, they will either be sent to mastering or to the third party judge. If a majority wants a public judging session on Plug.dj or soundcloud, that will probably happen before the 3rd party judge ranks them (while we're waiting on mastering). Unless we decide to have everyone master their own track, the 3rd party judge will not start judging until all the tracks are mastered, hopefully, second week in April. To be fair to everyone, the 3rd party judge should rank the mastered tracks only. Please add [mastered] or [pre-master] to the end of your file depending on what you decide to do.

  • Can I post my submission to any other sites during the competition? 

  • Yes you can, as long as you aren't charging for downloads or signing up for distribution through a label or a company. If you want to try and have your track signed AFTER the album is released (and your track in the top 15-20), please inform me before it goes live on other stores, and I'll have to remove it from the compilation.

  • Are there any restrictions on genre? 

  • No, as long as it's in the dance genres listed as options for the/r/EDMP flair bot.

  • How can I share my work in progress submission with other subredditors? 

  • Once the shared folder is created and you've accepted my invite to join it, you will have access to the reference of the folder on the Google Group to browse whenever you want. Feel free to upload WIP's to get feedback or collaborate. If you upload stems, please make your own folder. The folder will be locked when the clock strikes midnight and it becomes April 2nd. If you have multiple tracks in the folder, delete them before then, and make sure you have the right VERSION of your track in the folder before then. If there are two tracks from the same artist, I will not bother to hunt you down and ask which one you really meant to submit. I will just pull your songs from the folder. If the rule vote decides that we're going to do both new and old releases as separate albums, there will be two shared folders.

  • If I don't leave enough headroom in my mix (-6 – 8 dB) or if I realized I screwed something up in the mix after April 1st, can I fix it?

  • No. Your track must be completely ready to go by April 1st. If you need help with either of those things, please use the group or post to the subreddit BEFORE the deadline.

  • What if we don't find an engineer to volunteer and everyone submits unmastered tracks? 

    • If we can't find a volunteer after the next two weeks, we will discuss this further, (possibly requiring everyone to master their own tracks). We could split up the work, if need be, between the most experienced / willing members of the sub reddit. If that proves to be too time consuming, the judging will start with the pre-masters, with exceptions made for mastering-based problems, and then the top ranked songs will be gathered and sent to a volunteer, or I'll attempt to do it myself (not really). If we do find a volunteer soon, and you finish your track early, please let me know, and I will send it to him early.

  • Why are there so many damn restrictions on what I can include in my track for submission?

    • Great question! Since I (at least at first), will be maintaining and hosting the compilation album (i.e. my email and some name will be on record), I have designed the rules in what I see as the best way to protect myself from a lawsuit. I don't have the money to defend myself, or the time, and I devised these rules to get the best uncopyrighted originals possible, so that we should never be flagged, taken down, or sued. Sorry if your workflow finds them inconvenient, but I honestly believe the restrictions will also help showcase our unique talents at building music from scratch.

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