Efficient Pure Guide by Jay

F2P – Items needed


  1. Lumby bank, trade over supplies

  • Take bead set, egg, flour, bucket of milk

  1. Rune Mysteries (start)

  2. Cook’s Assistant

  • Leave Lumby to the south, not north

  1. Restless Ghost

  • Grab ghostspeak amulet

  1. Imp Catcher

  2. Buy Goblin Staff from Diango

  3. Vampire Slayer (start, next step should be going to varrock)

  4. Walk to Draynor Manor & finish Ernest the Chicken, home teleport

  5. Restless Ghost, talk with the ghost then finish quest and begin skilling

    • Do not finish the quest if you want to stay 1 prayer

  6. 36 WC powerchopping trees, oaks, willows w/ best axe. Make your way to Draynor, once you have 36 go grab the skull for restless ghost and home tele.

  • Training length will vary a lot depending on how many bots you’re competing against

  1. Get 21/37 Magic (21 for true speedrun, 37 for slow/cheap/AFK)

  • 2334 mind, 4564 air, 6690 fire, 91 earth, 13 water 8-37 splashing AFK

    • 8-9 water strike, 9-13 earth strike, 13-37 fire strike

  • 32 mind/air, 162 body, 758+ nature, 462 water, 380 earth

    • 8-9 water strike, 9-11 earth strike, 11-19 weaken, 19-21 curse, 21-37 low alch while questing/walking

      • If you choose this route, you can also low/high alch while doing P2P quests and save time training mage later on

Varrock/Al Kharid:

  1. Demon Slayer (start, get first two keys)

  2. Rune Mysteries (varrock steps)

  3. 50 FM @ GE/west bank

  • 60 Logs, 183 Oak Logs, 535 Willow Logs, 295 Maple Logs

  1. 40 Cooking (either edgeville range or GE fires)

  • ~110 shrimp, ~135 trout, ~280 salmon, ~150 wine

  1. 31 Crafting making armor

  • 448 Leather, 115 Hard Leather


  1. Falador Tele (or walk to Falador while low alching)

  • Grab 2 iron/4 copper/6 clay, 3 goblin mail, orange/blue dye, bronze med helm, iron chainbody, cabbage, some food, & falador teleports

  1. Doric's Quest

  2. Goblin Diplomacy

  3. Start Black Knight Fortress & Knight’s Sword

  • Tele to varrock and go to library

  1. Black Knight Fortress (finish)

  • Bank & grab pickaxe, varrock/fally teleports, redberry pie, 2 iron bars

  1. Knight's Sword – go see Thurgo


  • Tele to falador, get the picture, go back to Thurgo & finish



  1. Duel arena tele to buy rotten tomato, start RFD

  2. Grab 25 bones, an axe, and “notes” for rune mysteries, lumby tele, and wear a necklace of passage

  3. Teleport to Wizard Tower

  4. Rune Mysteries (finish)

  5. Demon Slayer (3rd key)

  6. Lost City (start, so you can fight tree spirit later)

  • Home/Lumbridge Tele

  1. RFD (start Goblin/Pirate)

  • Make sure you talk to the cook about how to save the Pirate so Murphy will take you out on the boat later

  1. Lost Tribe (stop when you need 17 mining)


  1. Pest control tele, take boats to Ardy

  • Grab 2 stamina pots, Dwellberries, 1 rope, spade, 4 buckets of water, 1 bucket of milk, chocolate dust, snape grass, and your arrow shafts/feathers

  1. Get 10 Fletching (while running around questing)

  • 1154 Arrow shaft/Feather

  1. Plague City

  • Buy a house on the way to starting Plague City

  • Bank and grab pest control tele/varrock teles/ardy teles, priest clothes, and ge/pidgeon feed on the way back to next quest

  1. Biohazard (XP = 10 Thieving)

  2. 25 Thieving @ stalls

  • Bank and grab swamp paste, hammer, skills necklace, 3 stamina pots. Equip a glory

  1. Sea Slug (XP = 24 Fishing)

  2. Dwarf Cannon (Complete up to needing ammo mould)

Al Kharid/Desert1

  1. Tele to Al Kharid & go to shanty pass to buy items for Tourist Trap

  2. Tourist Trap (XP = 26 Agil)

  • Bank at shanty pass – grab digsite teleport, necklace of passage, combat bracelet, and necessary items for the golem quest + 2 stamina pots.

  1. The Golem

  • When going to the dig site, begin the quest so you can get your letter signed at the museum


  1. Bank at castle wars, grab items for Goblin RFD/Witch’s House/Druidic Ritual + 2 stamina pots

  2. Teleport to the Monastery

  3. Dwarf Cannon (obtain ammo mould, then do not go back to finish quest)

  4. RFD Goblin

  5. Witch's House

  6. Fishing Contest (start)

  7. Druidic Ritual

  8. Bank at rogue’s den and get items for Death Plateau + falador teleport

  9. Death Plateau

  10. (Optional – Do this now if you want 52+ prayer) Bank and withdraw gp and noted dragon bones, tele to house and get 43 prayer using w330 @ Remmington

    • ~200-205 dragon bones depending on misclicks/host failures

    • ~100 bones at high wilderness altar


  1. Games necklace -> Barb assault, bank and get a rope/ammo mould/fishing contest items

  2. Barcrawl Miniquest (start)

  3. Waterfall (start, get to the point where you need pebble)

  4. Dwarf Cannon (finish)

  5. Fishing Contest (middle part, do not turn in trophy)

  6. Minigame teleport to fishing trawler

  7. Pirate Pete RFD (just make raw fishcake, don’t go back to lumby yet)

  8. Fight Arena

  • Kill the General so you can do the miniquest later

  1. Dragon Inn (Barcrawl)

  2. Tree Gnome Village

  3. Waterfall (get Glarial’s Pebble)

  4. Grand Tree

  5. Blurberrys Bar (Barcrawl)

  6. Start MM, get to Ape Atoll & Stop

  • Can complete quest if you never plan on chinning/bursting in tunnels

  1. Waterfall (finish)


  1. Tele to seers, grab 4 stamina pots and all items for Mountain Daughter + duel ring/pest control tele or house tele

  • If you do not want 26/31+ prayer, skip all mountain daughter steps

  1. Camelot Barcrawl

  • Run to Relleka area, unless there’s a better way (not using POH)?

  1. Mountain Daughter (do everything up to needing to go to WWM)

  2. Giant Dwarf (up to the point where you must go to port sarim)

  3. Duel Arena -> Glider -> WWM for white pearl plant (for MtD)

  4. Pest Control/House tele to see Thurgo, accept his teleport back

  5. Finish Giant Dwarf

  6. Finish Mountain Daughter


  1. Troll Stronghold

  2. Fishing Contest (hand in trophy)

  3. Troll Romance (STR + Agil XP, also unlocks better xp/hr in NMZ)

Misc (Finishing Barcrawl): 

  1. Withdraw 1k GP, glory, ring of wealth, games necklace, and runes for teleports/combat

  2. Glory -> Karajma (Musa Point) -> Port Sarim for Barcrawl

  3. Port Sarim -> Lost City (kill tree spirit)

  4. Lumbridge -> Dwarf RFD (start) & finish lost city

  5. Falador -> start Recruitment Drive, Dwarf RFD (rock cake) + Barcrawl

  • If you do not want 26/31+ prayer, skip Recruitment Drive and train 3-10 herblore

  1. Fally Park tele, complete Recruitment Drive (1k agil xp, 3-10 herblore for digsite)

  2. Ardy -> Barcrawl -> Brimhaven -> Barcrawl


  1. Bank at castle wars, grab varrock teles, glory, ring of wealth, all 3 keys for demon slayer/broach for lost tribe & stamina pots

  2. Varrock tele

  3. Grab silverlight

  4. Lost tribe (varrock library, do not go back to lumbridge)

  5. Blue Moon Inn (Barcrawl) on the way to finish Demon Slayer

  6. GE teleport -> Gertrude’s Cat (start) – during later quests, grow kitten into cat

  • Don’t forget to grab the doogle leaves, bank at west bank to get items for upcoming quests

  1. Varrock teleport -> bribe Shilop (cat quest) -> Start Priest in Peril -> Varrock Museum

    • If you are staying 1 prayer, can ignore Priest in Peril and ALL steps involving Canifis 

  • Varrock museum miniquest (XP = 9 slayer)

  • Get letter signed (Dig Site quest)

  1. Lumberyard teleport -> Jolly Boar Inn (Barcrawl) -> Get fluffs in lumberyard

  2. Priest in Peril, kill the guardian

  • GE tele & finish gertrudes cat, varrock tele and talk to king

  1. Bank and get a bucket, 24 pure ess, varrock tele, stamina pot, and lumberyard tele, finish PiP

  • Talk to Dreezel and start nature spirit so you have access to the swamp

  1. Optional – Creature of Fenkenstrain (1k thieving xp, required for anchor)

  2. Digsite teleport and finish the quest

HFTD/Al Kharid/Desert2:

  1. BA tele -> Finish Barcrawl + Horror from the Deep (Range XP)

  2. 30 Thieving at Al Kharid Warriors (if you don’t have it already from other quests)

  3. Shadow of the Storm (XP = Range, should be 30 now)

  • Use necklace of passage & glory for teleports

  1. The Feud (30-37 thieving)

  2. Icth’s Little Helper (start, unlock pyramid plunder OR optionally finish quest for 4.5k thieving xp and 4k agility xp)

  • Train from 37/39 to 42/45 Thieving at PP (NEED 42 MINIMUM FOR A QUEST, recommended to go all the way to 53 now to save time later)

    • 45-53 Thieving blackjacking or slower at PP (optional, will have to do this later if not now)

      • OPTIONAL – Zeah fruit stalls are another way to train theiving. Less xp/hr but also less click intensive than either PP or Blackjacking. Will need to get 15% Hosidius favor. The Hosidius favor will come in handy later.


Lumbridge 2+Mith Gloves:

  1. Feldip Hills tele -> Big Chompy Bird Hunting

  2. Lumbridge Tele & finish up 3x RFD subquests (Goblin, Dwarf, Pirate), start Evil Dave & Ogre

  3. Finish Lost Tribe

  4. Death to Dorgeshuun

  5. Another Slice of Ham

    • Do not need to complete to use the Ancient Mace if you do not want the prayer XP.

  6. Ogre RFD

  • Use feldip hills tele + brimhaven boat to get around

  1. Evil Dave RFD (should have fully grown cat by now, if it isn’t move on to doing agility)

  2. Lumbridge Tele and finish mith gloves

Varrock/Canifis2 (optional, just for crystal bow and/or additional xp):

  1. 40 Agility at Varrock rooftop (will be 36-38 if following the guide thus far)

  • Optional: up to 50 Agility at Canifis (will get graceful pieces, crystal bow)

    • At 47 you can move to Wildy course for much better xp rates but you shouldn’t alch there and won’t be working toward full graceful.

  • If you’ve been alching while questing, you can easily reach 60-65 magic if you continue to alch while training to 50

  1. Ghosts Ahoy (optional – ectophial + prayer XP)

  2. Haunted Mine (optional – 22k strength xp + salve amulet [for killing Revs if this is your only account])

  • Use Morton teleports, don’t walk through swamp/maze


  1. Cannon 40/43+ Range at Ogres (will be 33 if following guide thus far)

  • 40 minimum for quests, 43 if you wish to chin after temple of ikov

  • ~1100 cballs to 40,  ~1800 cballs to 43

  1. Temple of Ikov

  2. Underground pass (40 agility will be fine but higher = better, if you trained to 50+ thieving earlier you can save some time on a shortcut)

Finishing Up: 

  1. Finish 53 thieving @ PP/Blackjacking/Fruit Stalls if you didn’t yet

  2. Train to 50 mage (camelot tele or splash) if you're not 50 yet

  3. Desert Treasure

  • Curse of Empty Lord miniquest (ghostly robes + 10k xp lamp toward agility)

    • General’s Shadow miniquest (2k slayer xp, will get you 18 for ava’s)

  1. Animal Magnetism

  2. Vampire Slayer (finish boss fight)

  3. Use xp lamp from varrock museum to go from 50-51 Agility

  • Finish training to 50 agility first if you haven’t yet

  1. Optional: Regicide & Roving Elves (10k str xp, dragon halberd/crystal bow, increased xp/hr in NMZ, access to Zulrah)

Misc Questing (OPTIONAL):

  1. Scorpian Catcher (6.6k str xp, 10-15 minutes)

  2. Elemental Workshop 1&2 

  • 5k/7.5k smithing & crafting xp – DO IF YOU WANT ANCHOR

  1. Rag & Bone Man, Making History, Spirits of the Elid for additional QP

  • Making History gives 5 Kudos for fossil island access (Ammonite Crabs)

  • Spirits of the Elid is required for desert medium diary

  • Can also complete Rag & Bone Man 2 if you’re getting 42 slayer for anchor

  1.  Great Brain Robbery/Rum Deal – DO IF YOU WANT 52 PRAYER (See below)

  • Barrelchest Anchor/Holy Wrench

  1. Swan Song (req 58 fishing/cooking, 45 smithing, 40 crafting)

  • Ability to fish monkfish

  • One Small Favor 

    • Guthix rest for PvP (no delay food)

    • 20k worth of XP lamps

  • Garden of Tranquility

    • Farming XP for Anchor quest line

  1. Family Crest (req 40 mining/smithing/crafting, 56 magic)

  • Goldsmith/Cooking gauntlets

  1. Bone Voyage

  • Clean finds for remaining kudos

  • Complete quest using skills necklace, 2x lumberyard teles, pest control tele, and digsite teles/pendants

  • Access to Ammonite Crabs & Birdhouses

  1. Depths of Despair

    • Access to less crowded 3x and 4x spawns of Sand Crabs

    • Client of Kourend (2x 500XP Lamps)

      • Use Favor Certificate on Hosidius Favor

Barrelchest Anchor:

  1. Jungle Potion(get 30 fletching while completing)

  2. Zogre Flesh Eaters

  3. 45 Fishing @ fly fishing

  4. 37 Farming @ Bagged plants

  5. 42 Crafting @ cutting gems > glass blowing

  6. Rum Deal

  7. 50 Smithing @ blast furnace steel bars OR iron knives OR blast furnace gold w/ gauntlets from family crest

  8. 45 Crafting @ cutting gems > glass blowing

  9. 42 Slayer @ cannoning + MSB (rune arrows) on wilderness tasks

  10. Pirates Treasure

  11. Cabin Fever

  12. 30 Construction

  13. 50 Prayer (recommended to do all quests under Misc Questing)

  14. Great Brain Robbery

Training your account NORMALLY (with HP xp gain):

  1. If you have not finished your desired Prayer level, complete the required quests & finish your levels at gilded altar/high altar in wilderness.

  2. If you’ve followed this guide so far, your stats will be

  • 45/46 Attack

  • 44/45 Strength

  • 42-45+ Ranged OR ~60 Ranged if you cannoned 42 Slayer for Anchor

  • 52+ Magic, depending if you alched while questing/training Agility or not

  1. Strength/Attack

    • Train to 50 Attack/Strength at sand/rock crabs/ammonite crabs. [Super Combat > Super Strength > Combat Potions]

    • Train to 70/75 strength (and 60 attack FIRST if you’re not staying 50) at sand/ammonite crabs

      • Xp rate at crabs ~30-55k xp/hr (at 60 attack)

    • At 80+ strength you can switch to NMZ for comparable XP rates and not have to worry about crashers.

    • ALTERNATIVE – Use Viggora’s Chainmace at Elder Chaos Druids for best xp/hr, though dangerous

      • Chainmace ~80-110k xp/hr

        • (scaling with level starting at 80, dependant on gear)

  2. Ranged

    • Mith darts @ sand crabs/ammonite crabs/Chin @ mm tunnels to 75 Ranged

      • Mith Carts @ crabs ~35-60k xp/hr

    • Cannon & Blowpipe Slayer to 55/65 if you plan on weapon upgrades/dust devils

      • 55 Slayer = leaf-bladed battleaxe and sword, broad bolts

      • 65 Slayer = amethyst bolts, dust devils

    • Chin/Blowipe NMZ/Mith darts @ Crabs to 82/85/94 range to match your desired magic level

    • ALTERNATIVE – Use Craw’s Bow at Elder Chaos Druids for comparable xp/hr to NMZ with blowpipe

      • Bow+Cannon ~165-185k xp/hr

        • (scaling with level starting at 80, dependant on gear)

      • Bow alone ~100-115k xp/hr

        • (scaling with level starting at 80, dependant on gear)

  3. Magic

    • Alch (w/ mind bomb boost), curse-alch, splash, enchant bolts, etc. to 65/70 mage

  • If you have an alt, play castle wars games with it and splash on the alt for halo/decorative top (Ranger Boots OR Cursed Goblin Staff are REQUIRED to splash in castle wars)

  • Fire wave NMZ/Ice Burst @ mm tunnels/dust devils to 82/85/94

  • Using super magic potions, you can start fire waving at ~65 magic

  • Fire wave xp rates ~72-78k xp/hr without tome, ~88-92k xp/hr with tome 

    • (dependant on magic damage boosting gear)

  • Ice Burst @ Dust Devils ~85-105k xp/hr

    • (dependant on magic damage boosting gear and banking frequency)

Training your account for LOWER HP BUILDS:

  1. Strength

    1. Pumping at blast furnace with an alt

      1. 12k/hr maximum

    2. 2.5-11k/hr (+ passive agility XP) barbarian fishing

      1. 2.5k-11k/hr

        • (scaling with level starting at ~50, higher rates for tick manipulation)

    3. Balancing barrels @ Warriors Guild

      1. 35-50k xp/hr, requires energy/super energy potions

    4. Pest Control

      1. 20-45k xp/hr, scaling with level

    5. Organized Crime (Gangs) on Zeah 

      1. Up to ~100k xp/hr, scaling with level

        • Heavily dependant on how many people you’re competing with

  2. Ranged

    1. Cannon @ Caged/Castle Wars Ogres or Zeah Hill Giants

      1. 40-45k xp/hr

      2. Passive magic xp via alching

  3. Magic

    1. ~65k xp/hr alching

    2. ~160k xp/hr stun-alching

    3. ~225-235k xp/hr teleport-stun-alching

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