Eggy Hatchy Guide

Eggy Hatchy Guide

Ah yes. Eggy Hatchy. The beloved Deca-developed RNG-dependent minigame that can screw you over with a plant/dark egg from plant/lightning + dark/lightning on your last merge when you need a level 4 lightning egg. But if you don’t play it, good luck getting everything you want from an event! Eggy Hatchy may be very luck-dependent, but there IS some skill to it that you can use to put the odds in your favour, which I will detail in this guide.

The Basics

Hopefully you’ve read what the game tells you and you understand the basics of Eggy Hatchy, but to start off I’ll try clarifying some things:

Eggy Hatchy is simply a minigame to earn event currency. You do not get to keep eggs you bank. 

To complete a stage you must meet its goals, which require an amount of points you must achieve and/or an amount of eggs with a certain element at certain levels which you must bank. 

  • The goals in the screenshot to the left mean that you need to bank 4 level 3 eggs with the earth element and reach 24,000 points to complete the stage. 

Stages come in a series of levels called towers. The points you gain to reach the stage’s goals also go toward a point total for the tower. That point total unlocks the next stage(s) in the tower. 

  • The points in black beneath the goal icons don’t go toward completing the stage, but instead toward unlocking the next stage(s) in the tower. For example, completing this stage’s goals would mean you’d get 24,000 + 5,000 + 4,000 points, along with any points you get from banking eggs, to go toward unlocking the next level(s). You can see how many points you need to unlock the next stage in the bottom of each tower on the level-select screen.

Combining eggs in Eggy Hatchy works just like breeding in the breeding cave (except you don’t get to keep the dragon). Combining a plant and fire egg could result in poison, flower, pepper, or smoulderbrush. Epic eggs can be obtained too, like cold+lightning for sun/moon or earth+metal for bronze. Limited dragon eggs can also be obtained if you meet their combos. Rare, epic, and limited eggs often give more points, which can be essential for stage completion. 

Twin eggs give double the points when banked, which can also be essential for stage completion. You can start off with twin eggs or get them from merging eggs through twin power-ups that randomly appear. Treat power-ups can also randomly appear; merging eggs through them will additionally increase their level. 

When merging eggs, their level (shown on the top right) will be added together. Merging two eggs that are the exact same will additionally increase their level by 1 (ex. Level 1 poison + level 1 poison = level 3 poison, level 2 lava + level 2 lava = level 5 lava), which can be helpful for meeting level goals. 

Tips and Tricks

Now for some actual tips and tricks that can help you minimize the randomness of RNG and beat the harder stages.

General tips:

  • If possible, try to fulfill multiple goals in a single egg. If you need level 3 earth and level 3 water, and you notice 3 earth/water eggs on the board, try to merge them together to guarantee the two goals. This isn’t always possible or efficient, so use your judgement. 

  • Try not to isolate eggs. If you can't merge an egg into another, that's a waste of possible points and levels.

  • If you’ve finished a stage’s goals and have eggs left over, try to score as high as possible with rare/epic eggs to make the most of your play and get enough points to unlock the next stage(s). 

If you’re going for points:

  • Try to get high-scoring eggs. You can merge opposite elements together to try and get opposite hybrids. You can merge 4+ elements together to try and get rainbow eggs. Some other good epic eggs to go for are cold+lightning for sun/moon eggs and metal+earth/cold/fire/water/lightning for bronze/silver/gold/platinum/electrum eggs. Those are all good high-scoring epic eggs to go for because they only need two elements, or in the case of rainbow they don’t need any specific elements, making them a bit more reliable to get. 

  • On levels with 3x3 boards, RNG can screw you over if you don’t get enough high-scoring eggs. Usually the strategy is to hope for 1 rare or epic egg then bank the rest of your eggs. It’s okay to bank level 1 common eggs if they score enough. Common dark, light, and metal eggs are usually high-scoring enough to complete these levels. 

  • Try to leave eggs at the border so you can make use of twin or treat power-ups that appear. They randomly appear after you move an egg away from a space, so if a power-up spawns at the very right and you have no eggs left on the rightmost column to merge, it’ll be wasted. 

For level/element goals:

  • If you're aiming for a specific element, try to merge that element last. For example, if you're going for level 4 plant, try to merge to level 3 without plant before merging into plant. If you merge into plant first you have a greater chance of losing that plant element throughout all the merges getting to level 4.

    • This way you will also save on plant eggs in case something goes wrong in the merge. It’s better to merge all your non-plant eggs to level 3 and still have a bunch of plant eggs remaining for that last merge in case something goes wrong than to merge 3 plant eggs together to level 3 and have no plant eggs leftover for that last merge in case it doesn’t turn out to be a plant hybrid. 

  • When aiming for a specific element, try to get rid of its opposite element by merging it away. Opposite elements can be stubborn and decrease your chance of getting a specific element due to how they affect the possible results. For example, if you merge poison with hail to try and get a fire result, you can get plant/fire, plant/cold, plant/lightning, fire/cold, fire/lightning, and cold/lightning results. It seems like you have a 3/6 (or 50% chance) to get a fire result. However, fire/cold hybrids are rarer than other hybrids. If we assume fire/cold has a 5% chance while the remaining 5 possible combos have an 19% chance each, your chance of getting a fire result is 43%, or less than 50%. Meanwhile, if you combine poison with quake to try and get a fire result, since cold isn’t involved, your chances of getting fire aren’t decreased, staying at 50%. 

    • On the other hand, you can also use opposite elements to your advantage. If you’re going for plant while using the previous example and merge poison + hail, the lowered possibility of fire/cold hybrids means you have a 57% chance to get plant as a result. 

  • Check out this post by u/Potassium_15 (we came to similar conclusions): 

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