Eternal Tyranny: Hook

Eternal Tyranny

Endless and undying servitude awaits those foolish enough to displease the undead Red King of Ashenrend. Monstrous minions, listless zombies and ghosts of fallen heroes prowl a nation state that encompases all of the known world. Outlying realms have been conquered or destroyed and the only threats to the Red King’s rule for the last thousand years have come not from without, but within. The now rare living population lives in constant fear of death and a fate far worse than death, to not only die but to be risen and enslaved for all eternity. 

The Red King’s most powerful servants, elder liches, undead dragons and cruel monstrous creatures rule over huge tracts of the realm in his name. Many of them plot and scheme to one day take his place but none have ever succeeded. Those that fail in the great game lie imprisoned within the Red Citadel within the capital of Ash. 

As the dry winds howl and the land becomes more barren and choked with dust there is little hope left for the living and the undead are everywhere. But this broken and dying land stands on a knife edge with the rule of the Red King finally been questioned. Less than six months ago the western mountains imploded in an unnatural super eruption of titanic proportions, the earthquakes, raining ash and intense wildfires left a crumbling realm of death and despair completely devastated. During this time of chaos, the Red King has disappeared and his great undead armies are leaderless or completely incapacitated. But the eruption was only the beginning and not long after the land was torn apart, a ravenous demonic horde burst forth from the shattered mountains and began devouring everything in their path, both the living and the dead. 

Cities of the undead, savage monsters and the few living races are falling one by one, even the most powerful creatures of Ashenrend can do little to stop the spread of the demons. In desperation only reforming the once legendary shardblade knights can the realm hope to stand against the onslaught. The shardblades and armours of the knightly order were destroyed or hidden away by the Red King nearly a thousand years ago so that none might challenge his absolute dominion. But they  are now the only thing that can combat the demon host before they swallow the world. The party must find a way to stop the demons and make a choice, put an end to centuries of darkness or continue the tyranny with a new king of the ash sitting on the throne.. 


You must take this feature alongside your other background features. The realm of Ashenrend has left you ragged and half-mad. You gain one indefinite madness effect from the Indefinite Madness table. In addition, if you are undead, when you die, you return to life 1d4 hours later, so long as your body is mostly intact. All your hit points are restored, but diseases, poisons, and curses you were previously affected by still persist as normal. If you are a monstrous race you can die as normal. 

Undead & Monsters

The realm of Ashenrend is filled with different kinds of undead that make up entire cities, towns and villages. Monstrous creatures are also widely represented but are often rarer and less likely to make up large populations. When picking a race, class, background combination to play in Eternal Tyranny you should consider playing something untraditional. Ghosts, skeletons, zombies, wights etc are all perfectly suitable for an adventure in Eternal Tyranny. Monsters like trolls, harpies, hags and golems are also a good choice. 

When choosing an alignment for a character, you do not have to pick something evil, this is not an evil campaign, but evil acts are very common. Mortality and ethics in Ashenrend are very different to the real world and a normal D&D adventure. Obedience to more powerful undead, the overloads and the Red King himself is absolute and failure to complete tasks or questioning authority is often a reason for living individuals to be killed and turned into undead or if already undead, years of relentless torture. However the realm itself is built upon a very strict set of laws, things like theft, blackmail or even murder without cause are a high crimes punishable by one hundred years of torture and the rule of law is maintained across the realm without any deviations. 

While it is certainly possible to play a normal human, dwarf or elf such peoples are all but extinct, living in remotes regions of the world, kept as livestock or hunted, depending on the overlord controlling each region. 

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