Eugeo Support: Why he is not Worthy of being LE Support in his Current State

Eugeo Support’s Tragedy

This is a quick summary detailing why Eugeo Support is lackluster as a LE support, let alone if he was released as a normal support. Please note the following: i will be comparing all of Eugeo’s Skills at Awaken 3, with 3 stacks as this will represent a situation where his skills are used every turn, and where he can stack 3 stacks of incarnation per turn, but still manages to fall under severely somehow.

Reason 1:

Assuming that the A.Damage label is correct on his Support Skill, then he should be doing a lot more damage than he currently is, despite his frail as a unique Incarnation stacking mechanic. For example, let us compare another 4SP A.Damage skill that also uses a unique frail (with her own Exclusive passive), with the only difference being that it is unremovable. Kimono Asuna’s Skill 2. (At Awaken 0)

Figure 1: Eugeo Support’s Skill compared to Kimono Asuna’s Skill 2 (A0).

421.18% on Kimono Asuna’s S2 vs 184.68% for Eugeo is hardly a competition. Despite the fact that Eugeo can apply a 12.96% frail (3 incarnation stack), Kimono Asuna can outshine that with a small investment in her unique frail talent that is also unremovable (Enemy above 70%) hp. Even then, when the enemy is below this threshold, Kimono Asuna’s Skill 2 clearly acts as a high damage skill regardless when used repeatedly, while Eugeo’s so called A.Damage Skill isn’t very Damaging at all when used repeatedly. It doesn’t deserve the A.Damage title full stop.

Reason 2:

Now let's compare his Support Skill to something else, a 4 SP A.Frail, which I think is the appropriate label for his skill currently. Using Rusian’s Grand Cross Support Skill as our comparison. (At awaken 0)

Figure 2: Eugeo Support’s Skill compared to Rusian Support’s Skil (A0)l.

115.42 + 115.42 = 230.84% for Rusian’s overall Skill Damage.

230.84% vs 184.68% once again, there is no clear competition between the two in terms of Skill DMG, with the frail at 14.42% (A0) vs 12.96% at 3 stacks (A3 used every turn). Rusian despite being A0 still outclasses Eugeo if both their skills are used every turn, despite the A3 and the Status as a Limited Edition Support. Even if we waited every 2 turns AT A3 to apply the full stack bonus of 25.92% frail, having the consistent application of 14.42% frail every turn would still outclass this in many situations, let alone the Rusian frail value being at A0. We won’t even mention Eugeo At A0, where you have to wait 3 turns to have the full stack bonus of 25.92% frail. Rusian’s A3 increases his frail amount to 18%, which leaves a huge gap to be filled by Eugeo Support, a Limited Edition Support, to even compete against a Non Limited Edition Support.

Reason 3:

Now to look at Eugeo Support’s one available Cross Skill “Best Friends”. A 6 SP Single Target Cross Skill from two Limited Edition Characters that supposedly should do very High Damage to the front target considering it’s Cost. Let’s take a look at just a 4 SP Single Target Cross Skill from two Non-limited Edition characters and compare them both.

Figure 3: Dual Blade Kirito and Eugeo’s Cross Skill vs Miyuki and Kuroyukihime SUP’s Cross Skill.

Let's add them all together and make them when all characters are at 6* (10 x the star amount since 1 star of both cross characters is not counted in calculations)

Best Friend’s Cross Overall: 218.09% + 40.89% + ((4.37% + 0.82%) x 10) = 310.88% Skill DMG

Student Union Member’s Cross Overall: 142.50% + 142.50% + ((2.85% + 2.85%) x 10) = 342% Skill DMG overall.

342% 4 SP NON LE Single Target compared to 310.88% 6 SP LE Single Target is quite funny isn’t it? Why would something that costs more do less damage than something that costs less? There is no way to explain this utter tragedy of a 6 SP cross skill that does less damage than a 4 SP cross skill.

Wait Wait, you forgot the Incarnation Bonus O_O.

Oh you are right!

Alright let’s do this, for using the cross every turn (Since you can use the Miyuki Kuroyukihime cross every turn) add 2 stacks of Incarnation bonus damage on top For Awaken 0 Eugeo, and 3 stacks of Incarnation bonus for Awaken 3 Eugeo. And lets assume we can wait 2 or 3 turns for 6 stacks (depending on A0 and A3) for Maximum Damage Cross :D.

A0 2 stacks damage = 310.88% + (2 x 7.80%) = 326.48%

A3 3 stacks damage = 310.88% + (3 x 7.80%) = 334.28%

We waited 2 or 3 turns depending on Awakening Level Damage = 310.88% + (6 x 7.80%) = 357.68%

For easy Referencing, Miyuki and Kuroyukihime’s Overall Skill DMG = 342%

Wait that's it?

Aye Sir, that's it, 326.48% vs 342% is still less than a 4SP, and 334.28% (A3) vs 342% is still less than a 4SP. But Wait! Lets compare the if we WAIT stacks to the 4SP.

357.68% vs 342%. Looks like it finally beats a 4SP! After waiting 2 or 3 turns…

You get the point. Now to put it in perspective.

you can Cast 2 Miyuki Kuroyukihime 4 sps in two turns for 2 x 342% damage or…

You can Cast 1 Kirito Eugeo Cross at 6 sp after waiting 2 or 3 turns depending on Awakening level for 357.68% Damage!

Yeah no, it’s absolutely horrid to see that a 4SP skill outclasses a 6SP skill, and that the 6SP skill only outclasses the 4SP skill After waiting 2/3 turns.


In Conclusion Eugeo gets beaten in every aspect whether its his own Support Skill, or his Cross Skill. He is not even on par with Non Limited Edition Support Skills or Non limited Edition Cross Skills, and can be considered the worst Support at his role in the game at this very moment.

if you have taken the time in reading this please fill out the forms in the link below, though i assume that you have already seen the link in the post that this document was linked to anyway. Thank you for reading. 

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