NOTE: Anything mentioned as “configurable” probably has different values in server, given balance changes over time. Fly to a territory with a jump drive to see costs and info.

Important Notes: 

  • If you do not own a territory, you will not get offline safezone protection in it; and safezone generators will not work. This includes all three moons!!!

  • No safezones, friend or foe, work within 10KM of a territory marker!!!

  • FSZ zones will only work if more than 10KM from a territory marker in an unclaimed territory; and will go away if the territory is claimed while you are asleep!!! They also re-initialize on server restart. DO NOT expect to get FSZ offline safezone protection when inside a faction territory, including all three moons.

  • Rule: A faction that owns a moon or 0G territory can not also own the Galados territory. 

  • Rule: Rule: A faction that owns a moon or 0G territory may not bring combat grids to a Galados territory siege or use any grid to interfere in the siege. However, they may provide financial support to other factions; and may send their own engineers on foot with rifles and sidearms, etc, to support allies.

  • Rule: No faction may own more than two territories


Summary/Description: This mod will bring Faction Territories (FTs), which are strategic zones that provide tactical, strategic, and production gameplay bonuses to factions that manage to capture and hold a FT. Factions and their allies must work together to Siege, Claim, and Maintain their hold on a territory. Each FT will provide protection for players and their grids, as well as unique production boosts within the FT. Opposing factions will attempt to contest and capture a desired FT, while defenders must plan, prep, and repel threats, or risk losing their hold if the attackers succeed. The goal of the FT mod is to generate player engagement and fun through a multifaceted gameplay loop requiring PVP combat, Faction and Allied coordination, supply logistics, mining and trade, and multi-day planning and operations. This gameplay mechanic has been substantively based and demonstrably proven by the EVE-Online Player Operated Station siege mechanics.

CLAIM BLOCK description and territory benefits:

  • Placeable by admin only. 

  • One on each of the three moons, covering the entire moon (and the moons rare, proprietary ores). One in space, in the asteroid belt, 30KM radius, in 0 gravity. And one on Galados starter planet, 20KM radius, which uniquely will require magnesium instead of zone tokens. 

  • Admin can config zone size per claim block

  • It cannot be destroyed, grinded, or converted to ship OR hackable. 

  • Uses no power; the player can not build onto it directly but can build around it. 

  • Always broadcasts location instance-wide even if unowned (gps /signal instead of antenna signal)

  • Uses craftable zone chips per hour, like vanilla zone generators. But not power. Zone tokens require all ingot types to craft.

  • If it runs out of zone token, 1KM safezone turns off AND the territory goes neutral.

  • “Zone Tokens Low” warning for owning faction every 5 minutes, if only 1 zone token in the territory block’s inventory.

  • Once it is initialized, deploys 1KM safezone

  • Prevents all other safezone within 10KM, hostile or friendly.

  • Projects a 1KM safezone around itself 

  • This 1km safezone ALLOWS friendly tools to work inside, but not hostile. Friendly landing gear will work inside. Stuff inside is invuln and hostiles can't enter.

  • When active, the Claim Block prevents ALL TOOLS belonging to any faction but the owning faction from working, within the territory zone radius [Note: Now disabled for balance]

  • When active, no hostile safezone will work within territory claim radius (zone generator or FSZ mod zones). Friendly zones work within the territory, but no zones at all other than the territory free 1KM zone itself,  within 10KM of territory claim block. 

  • When active or inactive, any enemy entering a territory will get a message alert that they are entering territory [Faction Name] or [Unclaimed]. This will be in public chat, and broadcast in Discord to anyone who tags themselves with the role for that territory.

  • Hostile grids and players of any size within the zone will be shown as GPS for owning faction, updated once a minute (similar to radar, but no stealth). 

  • GPS Signal changes colors depending on status:

    • Offline = Red

    • Online/Unclaimed = Green

    • Claimed = Aqua

    • Sieged = Orange

TO CLAIM an unclaimed/neutral territory:

  • faction must have grid, player and jump drive (with at least 50 tokens in inventory)) within 3KM. 

  • Takes 5 minutes to claim and enable the safezone and territory after activating the ‘siege’ button on Jump Drive. Claim cost is 50 tokens for most territories but may vary (config option)

  • Player would use a jump drive button to start the claim and remove/spend the zone tokens.

  • Claiming player and grid must stay within 3KM of the claim block for 5 minutes or the claim fails. 

  • Claim Block will not enable if hostile powered large enemy grid 30+ blocks or larger within 10KM

  • Costs zone tokens to claim unclaimed zone. 

  • 60 second public chat alerts that ‘claim is in progress’ w/ coordinates. 

  • Claim fails if player exits 3km radius more than 60 seconds or is not in the radius when 5min timer elapses. 

  • FSZ Zones already within the territory when it is activated remain, but once they go down they can not be re-initialized. 

  • Safezone generator zones will turn off 24 hours after zone is claimed


Step 1: Siege Initialization:

  • Button on Jump drive added: Siege

  • If hostile/attacking grid with this JD block is within 3KM of a claimed territory claim block, visual laser beam between jump drive and claim block.[like foogs Server Jump]

  • Button will not activate unless there are X zone chips (config option, probably 500) in attacking grids inventory. These are deleted after it's turned on. 

  • Grid must stay within 3KM of the claim block for 30 minutes after beginning siege initialization. 

  • Leaving that radius for more than 60 seconds results in siege failing. 

  • During this 30 min time, alerts every 5 min with coordinates for the Claim Block in chat, warning all players and the owning faction that hostile is sieging the zone.

  • During the siege initialization, owning factions tools no longer work in their 1KM safezone.

  • After 30 minutes, the siege initialization is complete. Tools of the owning faction return to normal in the 1KM zone. 

  • 24 hour countdown starts

Step 2: Siege:

  • 24Hour countdown starts once siege initialization is complete, as stated above.

  • Every hour, announcement in server chat that [Faction name] Zone #X [Coords] is under siege: X hours remain until siege begins.

  • Owning faction may spend siege tokens to delay the siege for 6hrs. They may do this up to three times.

  • 24 (or more, if delayed by owners) hour countdown ends

  • Attacker faction has 30 minutes to get within 3KM of the territory marker and once again activate siege on their jump drive, spending similar tokens/same process as siege initialization above 

  • Attacker with the jump drive that was activated must stay within 3KM for 30 minutes to successfully siege. The Jump Drive must survive. 

  • Leaving that radius for more than 60 seconds results in siege failing. 

  • During this 30 min time, alerts every 5 min with coordinates for the Claim Block in chat, warning all players and the owning faction that hostile is sieging the zone.

  • During the siege, territory factions' tools no longer work in their 1KM safezone.

  • After 30 minutes, the siege is complete, the shield goes down and the zone is set to unclaimed.

  • It can not be reclaimed for 30 minutes. 

  • If the final siege is unsuccessful, then a 72 hour cooldown will be in effect until another siege can be started to prevent rapid siege trolling and reduce territory ownership burnout.


Other Features:

  • Discord integration: Each zone will get a designation, such as Territory1, Territory2, etc. All public chat messages for that zone will end with @Territory1, etc. Individuals in discord will be able to use a discord bot to give themselves (or remove) the Territory1, Territory 2, etc roles. In this manner, they can opt-in or opt-out of getting pinged in the Discord Ingame Chat Channel when the zone is sending a public chat alert. 

  • Each territory is upgradeable by the owning faction; perks are gotten by spending more zone tokens per hour. Upgrades will vary, and will include things like buffed refinery efficiency, faster production, etc.

  • Owning faction will later have the ability to spend 500 tokens (configurable by admin) to delay the siege by 6 hours; adding 6 hours to the 24 hour time mentioned above. They may do this up to three times. 

  • Safezone disable/enable button: allows faction territory owners to disable their own 1km safezone shield (its protection and features) at any time to allow use of tools and PBs. If done during a siege the ability to re-enable will be disabled until the siege expires. Weapons and tools would work for the territory owners inside the 1KM shield area once the zone was down.

Territory Bonuses

Production bonuses use the same mechanics as SE production modules. Each module gives the following,

  • Speed Module = +100% speed, and +100% power consumption (GV modded)

  • Yield Module = +12.5% ingot output, and no power change

  • Power Module = +25% power efficiency (in other words -25% power consumption)

These amounts are additive to a base of 100% on refineries and assemblers. Speed stands out because it has a power compromise, whereas the other 2 bonuses have no compromise. In the GV Admin team’s opinion, FT boosts should either all have a tradeoff, or none should have a tradeoff. The simplest method is to add an extra power bonus to the speed bonus to offset the power compromise. Additionally, the power bonus in general is very weak, and rarely utilized, so its effect will be doubled.

In a desire to make each FT unique, each one will receive different production bonuses

  1. Europa: 

    1. 400% Speed = 4 speed modules

    2. 450% Power to offset speed power increase (because 400% was not enough)

  2. Pertam:

    1.  50% Yield = 4 yield modules

  3. Luna: 

    1. 200% Power = 8 power modules

  4. 0G Territory: 

    1. 400% Speed = 4 speed modules

    2. 50% Yield = 4 yield modules

    3. 500% Power = 4 power modules

    4. Additionally, hostile Jump Drives do not function in the 0G territory if its owned.

  5. Galados Territory: 

    1. 100% Speed = 1 speed module

    2. 12.5% Yield = 1 yield module

    3. 100% Power to offset speed power increase

Moon Territories Settings

Below are the unique settings for the all Moon Territories (as of 23 Apr)

  • Tokens/Fuel: Zone Chips

  • Territory Size: Varies, centered on attached moon

  • Hourly Maintain Cost: 1

  • Claim Cost: 50

  • Init/Final Siege Cost: 300/0

  • Delay Siege Cost/Uses/Hours: 100/3/6

  • Production Bonuses: See Territory Bonuses section above.

New Galados Territory Settings

Below are the unique settings for the Galados Territory (as of 23 Apr)

  • Tokens/Fuel: Magnesium Ingots

  • Territory Size: 15km centered on Territory block

  • Hourly Maintain Cost: 10

  • Claim Cost: 500

  • Init/Final Siege Cost: 3000/0

  • Delay Siege Cost/Uses/Hours: 1000/3/6

  • Production Bonuses: See Territory Bonuses section above.


1) Allow territory owners to pay more tokens to extend all territory benefits to Allies. Allies would still be unable to enter the actual 1KM force field. Zone token cost for maintenance, and for delaying siege, would be 1? Token more expensive for each faction they are allied to; even if that faction is not using the territory.

2) Some way to allow allied factions to contribute zone tokens to the owner faction for maintenance….quantum “drop box” cargo container that tenant faction builds, puts zone tokens (or magnesium if its galados) inside, where it gets deducted for zone maintenance directly or just deletes and stores on faction owner grid, or in the territory marker. Some method for rent :p or for groups of allies to contribute to maintaining zone together as equal partners

3)  If territory neutral, trigger MES spawning. 

4) Currently landing gear causes client crashes if allowed in the safezone. Due to this bug, landing gears cannot be permitted to be used as much as we’d like to allow it. If this gets fixed in the future then we’ll allow landing gear.

Kharak Specific Settings

Safezone Radius: 500m

Territory Radius: 2500m

Tokens to claim unowned Territory: 50

Claim/Siege max distance:2500m

Claim duration: 30 mins

Tokens for initial siege: 300

Initial Siege duration: 1 hour

Wait until final siege upon successful initial siege: 24 hours

Tokens to delay final siege: 100

Siege delay time: 6 hours

Max allowed siege delays: 3 (up to 18 hours total)

Tokens for final siege: 0

Final Siege duration: 1 hour

Token upkeep cost: 1 per hour


  • 400% Speed = 4 speed modules

  • 50% Yield = 4 yield modules

  • 500% Power = approx 4 power modules

Perks Cost: 0, all free with ownership

Enemy territory GPS update interval: 30 seconds

Safezone access: owning faction only

Territory access: Allies optional (does not announce to chat)

Tools permitted: All

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