Event 1 - Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions - D&D 5e


Welcome to the Contest of Champions! This world renowned contest pits the best against the best. The one and only Grandmaster is the mastermind behind this event. The one rule that he has in place is that there are no rules. Go crazy, go wild, go lore bard. This contest is sure to go off the rails.

Part 1: Character Prize

Make a 6th level character, official only. That means no DMs Guild, Unearthed Arcana, etc. Do not roll for stats, use point buy or standard array. All equipment is available to pick up except for Half-Plate and Plate armor. Half-Plate and Plate armor becomes available on the final day of the contest. If you have an idea for a weapon that’s not official, ask the DMs!

When making your character, keep the following in mind:

  1. Your character is going to have to do more than fight, so making a power build //is ill-advised. On the other hand, creative use of abilities and/or spells are advised, not only to win contests but the character prize itself.

  2. The character prize is based off, well, character. Character being a person in a narrative piece, and character being a person’s qualities. There will be 3 winners.

    1. The former “character” has two parts: build and backstory. Build is judged by less so stats, damage, and numbers than the creativity behind    the stats. For example, if you were to make a wizard that failed at his studies and turned to make a pact with a devil, while a Wizard 1/Warlock 5 isn’t optimal, it is creative and ties into the next piece: backstory. Backstory isn’t nuanced, it’s just your backstory, and while partly how you apply it to your character, is more so judged in the latter “character”.

    2. The latter “character” also has two parts: roleplaying and uniqueness. Roleplaying is both roleplaying your character and sticking to how your character is supposed to be played. Uniqueness is certainly not on a 50-50 field with roleplaying in terms of importance, but is important. Uniqueness represents having unique character traits, but also not reusing them too much. For example, the same Wizard/Warlock has a  stutter. After all, he didn’t spend too much time outside of his study. While it's fine to show the stutter to demonstrate nervousness or other emotions, it shouldn’t be prevalent constantly, then it just loses its flair, or worse, becomes annoying to both players and DMs alike.

  3. Yes, your actual features and abilities only account for less than 25% of the overall judgement, due to it being shared with your backstory. While they may not be just themselves important to the prize, you will of course be able to use them in the actual contests. So, while it might not be very important to the character prize, it is certainly important to the contest one.

  4. If you can tell, creativity and uniqueness are extremely important. Both in making your character and playing your character. The more descriptive you are, the better. We don’t want this to be a boring experience, and therefore want people to be motivated to make interesting characters and not “Mr. Pickpocket the Thief Rogue who steals from other PCs”.

Part 2: Contest Prize

There are eight in-game days of contest. They are as follows:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8








Anything Goes

As you can see, besides the “Anything Goes” day, each day represents a different ability score. While it isn’t binding, it is the theme of that day, and a character with their highest ability score on that day should excel. That being said, here’s a very general, non-binding suggestion of what each day would be like, for both the RPers and the contest go-ers:

  1. On the first day, people will be vying for a lead, competing against each other in the different events. A chaotic yet fun time to be had by all, this is when people learn the ropes of the system of events and get used to their characters in general.

  2. On the second day, Barbarians and melee Fighters alike rejoice. All kinds of fighting, both against other PCs and monsters, are common, as well as strongman competitions for those who prefer to be pure, pacifistic muscle. Stands lineup with protein, protein, and more protein to supplement the barbaric nature of the second day. Orc warbands have been known to come to the event on this day to eat said proteins, as well as show off ritual music that a non-orc would otherwise not hear.

  3. On the third day, competitions from “who can steal the largest thing” to borderline trapeze artistry are common sights. Rogues prank others, taking their money and placing it on a different part of their person, as well as real pickpockets disguised as contestants who take the money. Thieves in honor of the contest pull off massive heists on this day. Archery competitions and obstacle courses are not uncommon either.

  4. On the fourth day, the most amount of death and/or injuries take place than any other. From vicious death traps to drinking contests (I mean poison, not alcohol), many people have protested against the day’s existence due to the dangers. Chefs from all over travel to serve the oddest of odd dishes, from fried beholder stalks to illithid tentacles.

  5. On the fifth day, contestants enter the library. Quizzing about a myriad of topics, deciphering the most difficult scrolls, or defeating others in a show of quick recall are all activities you may find in the sixth day.On the sixth day, the contest moves from the library and into the woods, such as tracking rare creatures or plants. Others try to see through the lies of infamous deceptors, traverse obstacles with limited senses, or make medicinal balms. 

  6. On the seventh day, contestants will try to seduce, charm, or serenade their way to victory. Players will attempt to gain as much favor from the people as possible through role playing alone.

  7. On the eighth day, the contestants will be at the mercy of the gods. The combatants will split into parties (the splitting up part is up to the players) and enter separatem identical dungeons. Whichever team acquires the most treasures/the most heads will be victorious and points will be allotted by {totalgpGained + totalExpGained}/number of people in the party

Part 3: DM Prize

DMs will be responsible for running the many events in hopes of elusive prizes. There are 2 kinds of prizes involved: The Staff Vote Prize and the Player Vote Prize. However, the top three of each get rewards. 

  1. The Staff Vote Prize is given to whichever DM(s) meets the Staff’s criteria. It will be rated on two things: Amount of contests completed and quality of contests completed.

    1. The more contests a DM does, the more likely that some will be of high quality. Not rated as highly as quality, but the amount of quality games would greatly help someone get the Staff Vote Prize. Note that having a bad average contest is detrimental.

    2. The most important part, quality. While having one amazing contest is nice, having multiple great contests is better. Quality would be measured by the enjoyment people got out of the contest, the quality of the rules behind the contest, and the fairness of the contest. We don’t want a contest that is particularly favored toward a kind of playstyle, class, etc. The only exception to this are the days that are centered around an ability score.

  2. The Player Vote Prize will mostly be akin to the Staff Vote Prize, asking the same kinds of questions. Example questions include, but are not limited to, “Who was your favorite DM?” “What was your favorite contest?”, etc.

Part 4: Rewards

Sorry for everyone who wants money, but the prize is merely some minor privileges on the server and a role. Because each game has its own category and role, a DM winner has the option of putting a game at the top of the category list, as well as lift their role up appropriately. As well, both Player and DM winners will get a ‘winner’ role until the end of the next event. Player winners can also choose a game they are a part of to become the top spot. You may save them for later. The order of games (assuming all winners choose a game) would be this:

  1. 1st Place DM Player Vote

  2. 1st Place DM Staff Vote

  3. 1st Place Character Prize

  4. 1st Place Contest Winner

  5. 2nd Place DM Player Vote

  6. 2nd Place DM Staff Vote

  7. 2nd Place Character Prize

  8. 2nd Place Contest Winner

  9. 3rd Place DM Player Vote

  10. 3rd Place DM Staff Vote

  11. 3rd Place Character Prize

  12. 3rd Place Contest Winner

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