Executive summary – Another Way (EN)

Executive summary

Nonlinear Action/RPG from third person’s view with interactive movie elements, crafted in the best traditions of medieval fantasy

Table of contents:

  • About the project (2 pages.)

  • Games’ features (3 pages.)

  • Platforms (4 pages.)

  • Competitors (5 pages.)

  • Finances/Business model (6 pages.)

  • Technology (6 pages.)

  • About our team (6 pages.)

  • Risks (7 pages.)

  • Budget and delivery time (7 pages.)

  • A problem (8 pages.)

  • Additional info (8 pages.)

About the project

Another way is a nonlinear Action/RPG from third person’s view with interactive movie elements, crafted in the best traditions of the medieval Fantasy.

Game’s setting takes it’s beginning in classic fantasy books and legends. It is as close to european medieval culture as it’s possible, and actually goes beyond it.

It’s a brand new world, with it’s own unique bestiary, ethnicities which have their own customs and traditions. This is a game about courage and cowardness, joy and pain, feast and famine, loyalty and treason….

Plot summary

The main protagonist is a regular peasant, who has to hunt to put food on his table. As years pass, his favorite activity, hunting, turned into a boring routine. During yet another hunt, a whole set of accidents changes the life of an unlucky hunter forever. 

Games’ features

  • Every action has a direct impact on in-game events and on what happens with the characters and the world. Every choice has a meaning. This is true not only for dialogues, but player’s actions too. Some decisions, which can look unimportant, can actually have global consequences.  

  • NPCs act nonlinearly. You can’t ignore the fact that every hero of this story has his own motivation and can make his own choice at every moment.

  • A unique bestiary. This universe includes many creatures and plants, and every single one of them has it’s own features which depend on what area they inhabit.

  • Unique living world. The continent contains ten different bioms, ranging from tundras to deserts. In every area there are unique inhabitants with their own customs and traditions.

  • Build your own story. Surely, two players who simultaneously play through the game, will get different plots and finales. 

  • Multiple plot developments and protagonists. Full-fledged stories from different person’s points of view, who in turn are closely tied in a web of events.


  • Windows

  • Playstation 4

  • Xbox One


Fantasy genre is really big, and every medieval Action/RPG game is considered to be our competitor. But if we look closely, the game that matches ours the most is Detroit Become The Human with bigger variety in a setting of the Witcher 3.

Competitors’ advantages:

  • Cinematic trailers with motion capture

  • Big and loyal fanbase, whose trust was gained thanks to previous projects

  • AAA budget, which lets to implement and feature or idea ranging from difficult animations to little details which help to build up the atmosphere

“Another way” advantages:

  • Plot’s unlineariness. Every single decision leads to a different result..

  • Unique world with it’s own history and bestiary

Finances/Business model

Game is planned to be distributed on Paid basis. Player has to pay once to get a full game without any necessity for additional payments in order to unlock content or finish the game,

The price of a single copy will depend on the current market situation and distribution platform.

After the release we will launch some DLCs which will offer brand new plotlines. Every DLC will be sold separately and in a bundles with the main game (Gold/Deluxe bundles)


We use Unreal Engine 4 (4.25) to develop our game. Thanks to using this instrument we can easily support our project on all platforms simultaneously.

About our team

As of now we position ourselves as a group of like-minded people. We call ourselves STF Games (See The Future Games). Our portfolio consists of multiple commercial projects in the field of game development for big and popular brands in the formal of BTL promotions which utilized kinect sensor, which allowed to control the game with gestures, and arcade casual games for mobile platforms, commercial apps for both Android and iOS, and many more projects.\


Marketing risk.

Risk of underselling at start after releasing full-fledged beta. Reason for this can be insufficient graphics and/or system errors which may lead to game being unplayable.

For diminishing said risk, we’re planning to use focus groups to properly estimate the quality of our visuals. We’re also planning to put together a testing group, which will let us find and deal with the most of the problems on the earliest stage before going to market.

Risk of falling behind the schedule and overrunning the budget

As of now our project doesn’t include consoles, but there are plans in place for that. In case of optimizing our project for any kind of a console there is a risk to fall behind the schedule, and, hence, overrun out budget.

For diminishing this risk, we will plan such activities accordingly and will have everything scheduled properly.

Delivery time

Approximate delivery time is 20 months. This time mark doesn’t include DLCs and optimizing our game for consoles. More detailed development schedule is provided in a different document, organized by periods.

Initial marketing campaign should start after 6 or 7 months after we start working on our project. It will include SMM, live sessions with potential fanbase and blogs. Such approach will help us to have a necessary material to unveil periodically, for example every week.

The problem and it’s solution

As of now, the market is plagued by pay to win content. Daily, each marketplace (Steam, EGS, independent projects) is filled by hundreds of new projects, but there is a huge percentage of poorly designed games. With the addition of high speed internet to our daily lives, “service games” literally conquered the market, and good single player games with carefully thought-out plot faded out of the view.

We would very much like to fix that and deliver well-designed and carefully put together product with it’s own story, bestiary and universe. We want to let our player dive in this magnificent and cruel world head first and tell a brand new story to the world.

Additional info

Another Way early gameplay cut teaser – https://youtu.be/TYy3KBGIOfQ 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/GamesStf

ArtStation (screens and media) – https://www.artstation.com/stfgames

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