Explorer’s of Chult Official Rules & Guidelines

Explorers of Chult

Official Rules & Guidelines

Explorers of Chult is a server based upon the idea of equal collaboration among players. This server is intended for players with the desire to equally contribute to the successful development of adventures, and the continuous development of the living world they play in. The ultimate goal of the server is to create a fun environment for all. 

By joining this server, you agree to abide by the following rules & guidelines.

Explorers of Chult is a small private west march styled roleplaying server. All members must be referred by a current member or be selected based on their application. The server is loosely based on the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, but does not strictly adhere to any of it’s established concepts. More or less, it uses the setting as inspiration. The server’s current setting is a small group of explorers who have established a base camp on the newly discovered island of Chult. They currently don't have any supplies other than what they have brought with them, and ships providing transport are few and far between. Where the world and the story goes from there is up to the members of the server, and the adventures they develop. 

Server Social Contract

  • All participants on the server will join the game with the attitude of, “Whatever happens, we are all going to have fun.”

    • If the Game Master doesn’t have fun, then they can stop running the game, and now you don’t get to play.

    • If the players are not having fun, then they could stop playing, and now you don’t get to play. 

    • If you are the reason why everyone is not having fun, then they might decide to keep playing without you, and, once again, you don’t get to play. 

  • This server cannot survive if a majority of members only play in adventures, and a minority of members are willing to develop & run games to play in. 

    • Everyone will make an equal effort to develop & run games, as they do to play in games. 

    • If you want to play in an adventure, but one is not available, that’s a sign that you need to develop & run an adventure. 

    • The server’s environment is only as strong as those willing to develop it, and the game is only as strong as those willing to run it. 

  • Every member of the server will make an effort to contribute to the server at the same rate or more then they are consuming the server’s resources.

    •  If everyone is continuously contributing to the server’s development, everyone will have fun. 

      • Contributing to the server takes many forms. 

        • You can develop, and run an adventure.

        • You can help someone develop their adventure, and help them run the adventure.

        • You can help develop something for the server.

        • You can build a community for the server.

        • You can build resources for the server.

        • You can create and manage, or help create and help at managing a server event.

        • You can contribute to the server’s map making and art process.

        • You can develop server NPC’s and roleplay as the server’s NPC’s. 

        • You can help manage the background administrative work for the server.

        • Be creative. There are many more ways to contribute.

  • With this being a Play by Post / Play by Chat server, (& with the possibility of voice play) active participation in the game is required to maintain the adventure’s momentum and energy.

  • Because of this, as a member, you are required to participate in the game at least once per the adventure's desired inactivity grace period.

Inactivity Grace Period

  • Prior to an adventure being submitted for public advertisement, a minimum time frame of activity shall be established by the Game Master running the adventure. 

    • With the nature of this server environment, generally this time period will be every 12 to 24 hours, but may differ depending on the Game Master's discretion. 

      • 1st Violation: After the first violation of the established Inactivity Grace Period, the Game Master shall attempt to contact the inactive player via direct message. For the benefit of the other players participating in the adventure, the Game Master may play the inactive player’s character, while keeping that character’s best interests in mind. 

      • 2nd Violation: If the inactive player has not resumed participating in the game, or re-established contact with the Game Master, after the second violation of the established Inactivity Grace Period, the Game Master may contact Server Admin regarding this issue, and play of that inactive player’s character may be passed to the active players in the adventure, if the Game Master wishes to do so. Server Admin shall discuss any action needed to be addressed with the violating player. 

Inactivity & Server Etiquette

  • As members of the server, we all understand that players have lives outside of the game, and real-life commitments, and game commitments will clash at times. 

    • If a player knows they will have an issue that will cause them to violate the established Inactivity Grace Period, they should reach out to the Game Master running that adventure as soon as possible. 

    • It is server etiquette to make others participating in an adventure aware of any planned inactive periods ahead of time, so plans can be made for that player’s absence. 

    • For unplanned inactive periods, it is server etiquette to make others participating in the adventure aware of the situation as soon as possible, so they may continue to play in your absence. 

    • With that being said, if a player feels that they may not be able to commit the time required by the Game Master, it is best to not join that adventure.

Server Points & Going on an Adventure

  • In order to participate in an adventure being played on the server, players must spend Server Points to be able to participate.

  • This is to promote members running adventures and contributing to the server. 

  • Server Points can be earned by running successful adventures, and making contributions to the server.

    • Server Points shall be awarded per Server Admin's discretion. 

  • New members will start out with 3 Server Points, once they are promoted to the player status of Explorer.

  • It costs 1 server point to participate in an adventure. 

Server Rules

  • Players are to format their server nickname by the following format:

    • “Server Nickname”(Player Timezone in GMT Format)

  • The server maintains a content rating of PG-13. Players are to keep that rating in mind with their content, behavior, and play. 

    • Violence: Depiction of intense violence is permitted, violence that is overly extreme, realistic, and persistent is not permitted. 

    • Language: Use of language up to harsher “sexually-derived words” as an expletive is permitted, but multiple occurrences will usually not be permitted. Nevertheless, this language may be permitted if the language is justified by the context, and in a manner used to accurately describe the intention of the scene being described. The word “fuck” is permitted.

    • Substance Abuse: Scenes and descriptions of substance abuse are permitted.

    • Nudity: Scenes and descriptions of nudity that is sexually oriented is generally not permitted. 

  • No abusive, intimidating, or threatening behavior.

  • No acts of rape, or sexual assault.

  • No public displays of consensual sex or explicit sexual behavior.

  • No disrespect towards any member of Server Admin.

  • Frequent and repeated complaining will not be tolerated.

  • Poor attitude, being overly demanding, lack of enthusiasm, or failing to actively contribute to the server’s resources will not be tolerated.

  • Excessive drama will not be tolerated.

  • No advertising of outside content.

If you witness such behavior, please inform Server Admin.

Player Status Roles

  • Newcomer: A player who is interested in joining the server.

  • Explorer: A player with an approved character that is traveling in this part of the world, and are currently just passing through.

  • Citizen: A player who has gained citizenship, and the benefits that come with it.

  • Council Member: A citizen who serves as Server Admin.

Character Creation Guide

  • All players must create, record, & maintain their characters using the D&D Beyond or Dice Cloud system.

  • All new characters must start out as a level 1 character. 

  • A player may use any of the approved published races & sub-races.

  • A player may use any of the approved published classes / multiclasses, & use any variation of that class as long as it’s officially sourced Wizards of the Coast material.

  • Players shall use milestone-based character progression, but shall keep track of the character’s awarded experience point details in the Other section located in the Notes section of the character sheet.

  • Players can publicly roll their characters hit points or use the fixed HP value for their chosen class, whichever is greater.

  • Players shall use the standard encumbrance rules.

  • Players shall not ignore coin weight. 

  • A player may use any backgrounds, feats, & spells as long as it’s officially sourced Wizards of the Coast material.

    • Concerning the 5e background system, a player may use any background as long as it’s officially sourced Wizards of the Coast material.

    • The background selected by the player can be used solely for benefits that background provides for their character, and does not have to reflect the characters actual background described in the character backstory section of the character sheet.

    • Players may feel free to be creative with their character’s background and backstory, but cannot gain any additional benefits from their custom background and backstory. 

  • When generating numbers to use for a character’s ability scores, a player may choose to use any of the 3 following options:

    • Use the official standard array.

    • Use the official 27 point buy system.

    • Role the scores publicly with the server’s dice rolling bot using the roll 6 4d6 & keep the highest 3 function.

      • If a player chooses to roll their character’s ability scores, they may only roll one time.

      • After rolling, players may choose to take the role, or use one of the other options. 

  • A player may choose to use any of the standard character alignments as described on pages 33-34 of the Player’s Basic Rules v0.3.

  • A player may choose to use feats and multiclassing as described on page 56 of the Player’s Basic Rules v0.3.

  • A player may use 1 of the 2 following options when selecting equipment for their character: 

    • A player may select a starting equipment package per official Wizards of the Coast guidelines for their selected starting class found on D&D Beyond.

    • Roll starting gold as described by their character’s starting class.

  • Once a character is used on this server, they will need to convert their currency to the server’s currency. The server uses a simple single coin currency system called “coinage”, “coin”, or “cp.” 

    • The exchange rate is as follows:

      • 1 Platinum Piece (pp) = 1,000 Coinage Pieces

      • 1 Gold Piece (gp) = 100 Coinage Pieces

      • 1 Electrum Piece (ep) = 50 Coinage Pieces

      • 1 Silver Piece (sp) = 10 Coinage Pieces

      • 1 Copper Piece (cp) = 1 Coinage Piece

Approved Published Races & Sub-Races

To be determined.

  • At this time, homebrew races and sub-races are not allowed.

Approved Published Classes

To be determined.

  • At this time, homebrew classes are not allowed.

Submitting a Character for Review

  • All players must create, record, & maintain their characters using the D&D Beyond or Dice Cloud system.

  • When a player is ready to submit a character for review by Server Admin, players must submit their character using the following format, and submit to #character-submissions.

    • Character Name:

    • Race:

    • Class:

    • Sheet Link:

Rules for Character Usage

  • A player may only use one character per game session, unless the Game Master needs additional characters and cannot fill those player slots on their own.

  • Players who have characters that aren’t currently in a game session shall take priority over players who have a character that are currently already in another game session.

  • Characters who are currently in a game session shall not join additional games, participate in other server activities, use server vendors, occupy or visit an area outside of their game session, unless while in game it would make complete sense for that character to be able to do such things, and have Game Master permission to do so. 

Character Level Advancement Guidelines

  • Before a character may advance in their character level, that character must go through training to gain the benefits of the level advancement. 

  • When determining additional hit points for a character, players can publicly role their characters hit points or use the fixed HP value for their chosen class, whichever is greater.

Dealing with Character Death

  • When a character has been killed permanently in game and is unable to be recovered through resurrection, the player of the deceased character may create a new character following the Character Creation Guide.

Player Citizenship

  • Players are encouraged to gain citizenship on the server. 

  • Becoming a citizen gives a player the following abilities:

    • Have additional characters (once approved). 

    • Vote in any publicly held votes. 

    • Own property in the server’s world.

    • Gain spectator view of all the games that are currently active on the server.

  • Apply to become a member of Server Admin, if a position is available.

  • Submit Server Improvement Proposals to Server Admin.

Path to Server Citizenship

  • New players join the server with the player status role of Newcomer and must create a character per the Character Creation Guide.

  • If a Newcomer’s character is approved, that player’s status role is now upgraded to Explorer, giving that player the ability to play on the server.

  • Once a player has completed the following, they qualify to gain server citizenship:

    • Been active on the server for over 1 month (32 days in real life time).

    • Have advanced to the player status role of Explorer.

    • Achieved at least 500 experience points.

    • Has successfully completed running an adventure.

  • Has successfully completed playing in an adventure with their character.

  • Has actively contributed to the server.

  • Be able to submit proof of the 6 above requirements.

  • Once a player is ready to become a citizen of the server, they may contact Server Admin via direct message, and submit all proof needed to apply for citizenship. 

  • If the player meets all citizenship requirements, and is approved by Server Admin, that player will be granted the player role status of citizen.

Rules for Additional Characters

  • Once a player has gained server citizenship, that player may have additional characters, if they choose to do so.

  • Approval for additional characters will be determined by server demand, and Server Admin.

  • Additional characters must follow the Character Creation Guide.


  • Once a player has gained server citizenship, they are allowed to vote in any publicly held votes.

  • In order for a vote to pass, the intended goal of the proposal must gain support of 66% (?) of votes cast to be approved. 

Adventure Proposals & Hosting an Adventure

  • To ensure an adventure adheres to server cannon, before a game will be permitted, and publicly advertised, an Adventure Proposal must be completed.

  • Game Masters will submit a completed Adventure Proposal to a member of the server’s Admin with the following information in the following format:

    • Adventure Title: 

    • Mission/Goal: 

    • # of Desired Players:

    • Player Requirements:

    • GM Server Name/Timezone:

    • Adventure Difficulty:

    • Inactivity Grace Period:

    • Desired Start Date/Time:

    • (Blank Space)

    • Detailed Plot:

    • Detailed Objectives/Goals:

    • Estimated Experience Points Gained:

    • Possible Treasure Gained:

  • Additionally, Game Masters hosting an adventure should keep in contact with Server Admin on events during the adventure that could affect the server as a whole.

  • At the conclusion of the adventure, to ensure the goal of an ever changing and evolving world, Game Masters hosting an adventure are required to submit an Adventure Summary Report to a member of Server Admin.

  • When submitting an Adventure Summary Report, please include the following information below in the following format: 

    • Adventure Title:

    • Game Master:

    • Players Involved:

    • Summary of the Adventure/Major Events:

    • Experience Points Gained:

    • Treasure Awarded:

Game Master Reviews

  • In order for the Game Master running an adventure to earn Server Points as a reward for running a successful adventure, players are required to submit a Game Master review survey.

  • Game Masters will be rewarded Server Points based on their average Game Master review rating, or by Server Admin discretion.

Server Economy & Currency

  • Explorer’s of Chult features a unique living economy that changes based on the real time events happening in the server’s world.

  • The currency within Explorer’s of Chult is a simple single coin system called “coinage”, “coin”, or “cp.”

    • For compatibility with the official Dungeon & Dragons character sheets, and encumbrance rules, coinage comes in 5 different value denominations.

      • 1 Coinage piece (placed in cp)

      • 10 Coinage piece (placed in sp)

      • 50 Coinage piece (placed in ep)

      • 100 Coinage piece (placed in gp)

      • 1,000 Coinage piece (placed in pp).

  • All items available at the merchant’s shop and the item's prices can be found on that shop’s  Google Sheet located on a pinned message within that shop’s server channel.

Guidelines for Selling Items to NPC Merchants

  • In order for a player to sell an item to an NPC shopkeeper, the shopkeeper must sell the item in their shop for them to be willing to purchase it.

  • Items that are considered to be in good condition and quality will have a baseline of 50% the current value of the item in the shop. 

  • Items that are considered to be in poor condition and quality will have a baseline of 10% of the current value of the item in the shop. 

    • Items looted after combat are considered to be in poor condition when selling that item to a server NPC.

  • Negotiating a price point further is optional and done at the player’s own discretion. 

    • A player can attempt to persuade the merchant for a better price by making a persuasion check. 

    • A shopkeeper will never pay over 90% of the item's current value, but may decide to refuse to buy the item completely.

      • Example: If a player is attempting to negotiate the price for an item in poor condition, and score a -10% or worse on their persuasion check, the merchant will refuse to purchase the item indefinitely.

The player will use the following as the outcome of the persuasion check. 

  • NAT 1: -40%. 

  • 4/-: -30%. 

  • 5-9: -20%. 

  • 10-14: -10%. 

  • 15-19: +/-0%. 

  • 20-24: +10%. 

  • 25-29: +20%. 

  • 30/+: +30%.

  • NAT 20: +40%

***This check must be done per item.***

Server Improvement Proposals

  • Players are encouraged to take an active role in the server’s development. 

  • Once a player has achieved the player status role of Citizen, they may submit a Server Improvement Proposal via direct message to a member of Server Admin for their review. 

  • Any Citizen may discuss their improvement ideas with other players in the server channel #suggest-ideas.

    • Players are encouraged to discuss and collaborate with other players in that channel or through direct messaging.

  • Server Improvement Proposals need to be a finished project with all editing and proofreading completed before submission. 

    • Server Improvement Proposals are a reflection of you, your ideas, and your work, so take pride in them. 

  • Once a Server Improvement Proposal is submitted to Server Admin will review the proposal and add it to their voting schedule.

    • If passed, with a ? (66%) majority in favor of the proposal, the proposal will be implemented on the server for future use of the community. 

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