Extreme Experimental (Artificer subclass) [Ver. 1.1]

Artificer Subclass- Extreme Experimental

Short Description: Wild Magic equivalent

Description: With any innovation, there will always be those one step ahead of the others, trying new, and more advanced designs before anyone else. They are and always will be the first innovators of any idea, no matter how dangerous at first. For Artificers, these people are known as Extreme Experimentals, those that push the limits of innovation to their max, and occasionally blowing everything up in the process.


Lv. 3: Experimental Innovation

You have learned to experiment with your inventions leading to…   varying results. Choose an infusion you have. Whenever you use an ability of the infusion (not the item itself, or any passive ability, like avoiding an attack with a deflector shield’s AC bonus, but pushing the attacker back does), roll a D8 and reference the following “Experimental Results” Table

Experimental Results:


The ability’s effects are doubled


The ability’s effects don’t happen this time you use it, and any charges that would be expended to cause only this ability to happen are not used.


The ability’s effects occur as normal


The infused item loses all effects of the infusion until the start of your next turn


The infusion explodes off the item! Everything within 15 feet of the item (including you) must make a dex saving throw, taking 3d6 fire damage on a failed save or half on a success.

You can have another experimental infusion at Level 10

Lv. 5: Advanced experimental Item:

You have learned to augment your experimental infusions to have special effects, however they do become a bit more unstable. Whenever you use the experimental ability of an item, roll a D10 instead of a D8. The following Results are added to the table:


The ability’s effects occur as normal


Flip a coin. On heads, The ability’s effects don’t happen this time you use it. On tails, The infusion explodes violently off the item! Everything within 30 feet of the item (including you) must make a dex saving throw, taking 4d6 fire damage on a failed save or half of that on a success.

In addition, choose one of the following options for each experimental infusion that you have

Experimental Infusion Options:

Explosive Infusion: Before you roll on the experimental results table, you may choose the result to be the infusion exploding as if you had rolled an 8

Overloaded Infusion: Whenever you roll a result on the experimental result table, you may choose to reroll the die once. You must take the second result if you choose to do so, and you take 1D8 of damage

Chaotic Infusion: Once per long rest, when you roll on the experimental result table, you may also roll on the Wild Magic Sorcerer’s Wild Magic Surge Table.

Lv. 9: Advanced Creations

You have managed to create some advanced, if unstable, creations. Pick one special Infusion from the following list. You can create this infusion when you finish a long rest, and it counts as one of your infusions, including counting against your maximum infused items. They count as experimental infusions but don’t count against your experimental items.

Mechanical Suit:

You bind various artificial inventions to a suit of armor, enhancing it such that it can enhance your abilities. Choose two of the following modules when you create the suit (You can’t choose the same module more than once):

  • Durable: Whenever you take non-magical bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage, reduce that damage by 2

  • Assistive Motors: You gain +1 to your strength score while wearing the suit and your strength score maximum increases by 1

  • Nimble Fingers: You gain +2 to dexterity checks made using your hands while wearing the suit

  • Spell Battery: Once per long rest while wearing the suit you can use a bonus action to regain 1 spell slot of level 2 or lower

  • Self-Destruct: While within 30 feet of the suit you can have it explode instantly, dealing 3d6 bludgeoning, and 5d6 fire damage to everything within 15 feet of the suit including its wearer 

For every 25 damage you take while wearing the suit without a long rest one module fails and stops working. At level 15 you gain 1 more module.


You have created a device called the “Trigger Activated Zapping Electric Repulsion Device”, or TAZERD for shot. As an action you can fire the TAZERD at a creature within 15 feet of you, or at 30 ft for long range. Make a ranged weapon attack roll. If you hit the target 2 metal prongs stick into the target. As long as the prongs remain in the target you can use a Bonus Action to activate it, dealing 4d6 lightning damage to the target and they must make a DC15 constitution save or drop anything they are holding and fall prone. The prongs are removed if the target moves more than 35 feet from you or uses an action to pull them out. This is considered to be a magic weapon, and can only be fired once per long rest.

At level 15 the damage increases to 4d8 and the DC for the constitution save increases to 20

Explosive Device Launcher:

You have created a wonderful device that lets you launch explosive devices at enemies! The device is considered to be a magical firearm with a misfire score of 3, a reload of 1, a range of 30/45, and is considered magical. You can fire it 3 times per long rest. When fired, everything within 15 feet of the target (including the target) must make dexterity saves with a DC of 15. On a fail, they take 4d6 fire damage on a failed save and half of that on a success, with the target taking double damage.

Lv. 15: Experimental Tinkering

Your experiments in Artifice have led to some amazing discoveries. You can now use your replicate Magic Item Infusion to replicate any uncommon non-consumable magical item from basic rules. Any infused item created in this way is considered experimental but doesn’t count against your experimental items.


Level 1

Chaos Bolt

Hideous Laughter

Level 2

Dragon’s Breath

Snowball Swarm

Level 3

Stinking Cloud

Thunder Step

Level 4


Vitriolic Sphere

Level 5

Destructive Wave


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