Fargo's Souls Emode Guide


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Fargo's server invite: https://discord.gg/Rgen4Vv

Read rules and info. If you have a glitch, read pins in #bugs-read-pins.

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The main prerequisite for playing Fargo’s souls eternity mode is having finished an expert/master 1.4 playthrough at least ONCE, and having some knowledge of the base game will also help a lot. 

This guide and this mod are NOT designed around playing with multiple content mods (Calamity, Split, Spirit, Thorium, etc.), other content mods WILL ruin balance. Only do this after playing Fargo alone.

Eternity mode is a challenge mode. Expect to make mistakes and die. This is a normal part of the learning process. This mod is designed to be hard, you will die a lot so don’t give up just because you can’t beat a boss, pattern recognition is a more important skill in this mod than reaction time. Persevere, identify patterns, and experiment to find a working solution. You'll get it eventually.

This doc won't discuss weapon/accessory loadouts or boss patterns in great detail, half the fun is EXPERIMENTING and TRYING THINGS YOURSELF. Use the Eternity Advisor (part of starter gift or bought from Deviantt) or ask in #fargo-mods if you need help. 

This guide can change with time depending on mod updates. We will update this guide as soon as possible.

Keep in mind emode is very challenging; there is no substitute for practice and perseverance.

What about mods?

First of all Do not try to use other Difficulty mods with Eternity mode.

Don't use Mods that change:

  • Enemies And Bosses Behaviors

  • Progression

  • Mechanics involving drastic changes in gameplay

A good example of this would be the Calamity mod which changes all of the above . DOING THIS ANYWAY COMPROMISES BALANCE AND DESIGN OF BOTH MODS.

NEVER mix content mods unless you've already finished the mods separately.

Also do not use cheat mods for obvious reasons:

  • Imksushi (can allow sequence breaking)

  • Wingslot (mods aren't balanced around +1 accessory, especially significant in this mod)

  • Antisocial

Recommended mods to play with:

  • Recipe Browser

  • Boss Checklist

  • Magic Storage

  • Ore Excavator

  • Census

  • AutoReforge

  • Better Boss Health Bars

QOL Advice

Mutant and Souls mod add a lot of quality of life. These will make Eternity Mode flow much better:

  • Unlimited Ammos/Consumables

    • When in hardmode and stacked to 3996 or more.

  • Buffs

    • Stack 30 or more to gain an unlimited buff. These work from your piggy bank too!

    • Tim's Concoction makes enemies drop potions. See the drop table here (TODO: ADD LINK TO TABLE).

  • Buff stations

    • If you're not in love with honey, you don't know what it does

    • Always use Campfires for bosses, easy to craft and set up

    • After King Slime, you can farm Life Crystals for Heart Lanterns

    • Keeping one honey bucket is enough to splash yourself mid-fight (smart cursor helps to drop and scoop it)

    • Make Omnistation ASAP

  • Town NPCs

    • Instahouse

    • Regal Statue (near-instant town NPC respawns)

    • Bug Net (catch, store, and relocate town NPCs)

    • Net any traveling merchants that show up

    • Netting Painter is very helpful for Enchantment crafting

  • Critters

    • Lumberjack will give free critters once per day

    • Squirrel town NPC can sell dupes (expensive)

  • Time

    • Acquire Enchanted Sundial

    • Craft into Portable Sundial

    • Time control 

  • Money

    • Farm a boss (especially Brain of Cthulhu)

    • Golden Slime

      • Spawner can be crafted in hardmode!

      • Deviantt will sell spawner after killing one. To maximize profit:

        • Deviantt in Jungle with Abominationn, Mutant, and Princess nearby (happiness = lower prices)

        • Wood Enchantment reduces shop price

        • Gold Enchantment or Flask of Gold

        • Platinum Enchantment

      • Can also spawn randomly but rates are ABYSMAL, farm King Slime if you want to force one

  • Building

    • Instabridge (for boss arenas)

    • Instavator (instant hellevator)

    • Double Obsidian Instabridge (instant WOF arena)

  • Getting Items

    • Don't trash anything you don't already have

    • There are MANY recipes added, always look up the item you want in Recipe Browser

    • Crates and banners are very often craftable into helpful items

    • Bosses drop crates and other items too! Trojan Squirrel drops Herb Bag, King Slime drops Life Crystal, etc.

  • Mining

    • Boom Shuriken (borrows its mining power from your pickaxe, can effectively replace a pickaxe in hardmode)

    • City Buster (perfect for QB and Plantera)

  • Enemy farming

    • Battle Cry

    • Vanilla biome fountains (now actually influence biome)

  • Bosses

    • When Emode is ON, you will have infinite retries for bosses until you kill them

    • Each Emode bosses can drop a weapon for a specific class and will always drop an accessory that grants immunity to the debuffs they inflict, so farming them will become easier. Keep that in mind if you want to farm a boss you struggle at

    • If you don’t feel confident in your 3P1C G4MER5 SK1LLS, overgearing is not a bad thing to do.

  • Multiplayer

    • The Squirrel town NPC exists for this

Quick game start progression

  • Activate christmas and halloween in Fargo’s Mutant mod config, this option will change enemy spawn and enemy drops to the chosen season.

    • Gifts can be crafted into items (especially Red Ryder for arms dealer)

    • Goodie bags can be sold for 1 gold or crafted too

  • Break mutant statue, use mutant’s gift and boom emode is on

  • Speak to Deviantt! You will get a very useful starter pack

  • Place Instahouses, pop the Half Instavator, and go exploring

  • Pylons

    • They're good

    • Invest in setting them up

    • Instahouse helps

  • After getting a Life Crystal and some town NPCs, breaking shadow orbs will force goblins. Beat them to unlock Abominationn

  • Abominationn will sell spawner for Slime Rain. Beat Slime Rain to fight King Slime

    • Wow! You're already fighting a boss!

    • You can also choose to go after Trojan Squirrel (its summon is very easy to craft and it can be beaten as early as day 1)

Pre-Bosses Eternity Mode Accessories


General accessories

Getting better boots and a horseshoe balloon aren't necessary yet, so you can postpone.

  • Fargo's Mod/Nymph's PerfumeNymph's Perfume

    • Note that nymph summon items can be crafted.

  • Fargo's Mod/Tim's ConcoctionTim's Concoction

    • This single handedly carries potion farming

    • Tim will most often spawn when wearing a gem robe at his normal spawn layer (caverns), as it will significantly increase its spawn rate.

  • Fargo's Mod/Skull CharmSkull Charm

    • Doctor Bones spawns in the surface jungle at night (increased spawn rate if Eye of Cthulhu ded).

  • Fargo's Mod/Squeaky ToySqueaky Toy

    • Evil critters will always spawn during night time in eternity mode, however a blood moon still boosts their spawn rate.

    • Easiest to get in pre-hardmode blood moon

    • Becomes much harder to farm in hardmode

  • Amphibian boots

    • Annoying to obtain but extremely good with Spectre Boots or Wings

  • Spectre Boots (and upgrades)

  • Any Balloon

  • Fledgling Wings

  • Shark Tooth Necklace 

    • Best for minishark

Remember there's a LOT of accessory variety. Generally best to balance survivability, mobility, and damage. However, feel free to experiment and find combos that work for you.


Your arena should be a classic arena with a single or multiple layers of platforms, Mini-instabridges should be enough to make a simple one.

Placing a instabridge will allow for a platform that goes through the whole world, useful for an arena and traveling through it

Trojan squirrel

  • You should have your Mini Instabridges deployed and arena set up

  • Can be fought with literally no accessories beyond the starter gift with like, Shurikens

  • Has 3 hitboxes with separate health pools, so piercing is preferred

  • A layer of platform above the boss will be helpful

  • Attacks should all be simple and intuitive

  • Remember you can use your hook to dodge attacks!

  • After defeat:

    • Mutant unlocked

    • Squirrel unlocked

    • Box of Gizmos (universal autofire!)

    • Herb Bags to craft potions

    • Crates are useful for crafting

King Slime

Fargo’s Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #1: King Slime

Video Guide credit to Bat Mox.

  • You should have your Mini Instabridges deployed and arena set up

  • Phase 2 begins at 50% HP. Fight becomes much harder. Don't run around blindly. Pay attention to what's happening on screen.

  • Try to avoid getting above King Slime, this triggers an aimed spike spray.

  • After defeat:

    • Life Crystals top up your max life and make Heart Lanterns

    • Ninja enchantment available

Eye of Cthulhu

Fargo’s Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #2: The Eye of Cthulhu

Credit to Bat Mox for the video guide.

  • You should have:

    • Tsunami in Bottle

    • Sailfish Boots or better

    • Both can be gotten from wooden crate recipes

  • Piercing weapons disable servants

  • When he begins to chain dash, literally just run in a straight line, jump if you see a scythe fly along the platform you’re running on.

  • Turn around when he teleports

  • Desperation phase at 6%

    • Move slowly, don’t panic

    • Your best chance to kill him is before he starts to dash


    • Dryad moves in, make a 30 stack of pumpkin pie for well fed buff


    • Eye drops fallen stars so you can make infrastructure such as instabridges.

Eater of Worlds

Fargo’s Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #4: The Eater of Worlds

Credit to Bat Mox for the video guide.

  • You should have

    • Spectre boots

    • A horseshoe balloon and/or fledgling wings

  • piercing weapons are good, nothing changed just like vanilla

    • Lead and Copper enchantments are good for AOE

  • This fight is unique in that it starts easy, reaches its most difficult point near the middle, and gets easier as you kill off the worms

  • Watch out for vile spit, they’re bigger so you can clearly see them

  • Try to weave through the worms as they dive you; take full advantage of your grapple hook.

Brain of Cthulhu

Eternity Mode - Receiving Deviantt's Gift WITHOUT TAKING DAMAGE

Bat Mox credit again

  • Just the same equipment as EoW, piercing weapons are critical

  • USE A DASH as dodging ichor is a pain without it.

  • Use agitating lens, makes clone dash trivial.

  • You are inflicted with bleeding for the whole fight and you can be poisoned, so medicated bandage can be good (piranhas drop bandage)


  • The boss toggles the confusion debuff on you; PAY ATTENTION to your debuff indicator to see if you have it or not.

  • Phase 2 attacks occur whenever confusion toggles on/off

  • The clones are intangible until they charge at you; they die really easily so Agitating Lens is invaluable here.

  • Don't aim at the fake Brain that follows you in phase 2. You will not deal damage to the real boss.

  • Aim for the teleporting Brain, he is always the real one.


Post-Evil Bosses Accessories


General Accessories

  • Worm Scarf

  • Brain of confusion

  • Shield of Cthulhu

  • Any Balloons

  • Amphibian Boots

  • Spectre Boots (and upgrades)

  • Nymph’s Perfume

  • Skull Charm

  • Squeaky Toy

  • Tim’s Concoction

  • Shark Tooth Necklace

Nothing much for general accs during this progression, and Fargo's Mod/Jungle Enchantment are still a solid choice for mobility. For balloons you have a choice between or both are good on their own so up to you. is somewhat viable but you have better options.

Go to hell

  • Instavator to it if you haven't reached it already

  • Obsidian Skull prevents you from immolating in underworld

  • Look for Obsidian Skin Potion, just a few is enough to mine a lot of Hellstone

  • If you get Unlimited Obsidian Skin buff, you can enter underworld freely without Obsidian Skull occupying a slot

  • Tim's Concoction helps to get the potion

Queen Bee

Fargo’s Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #5: Queen Bee

Credit is again to Bat Mox.

  • 22


  • Won't enrage underground, only on surface


    • City Buster makes underground jungle arena easy

  • Upon reaching 66% health, she will spawn a Royal Subject.

    • Queen Bee will not dash at you and gains 50% damage reduction, so take down the subject first.

  • Agitating lenses are good for QB dash attack and taking care of royal subjects.

  • To help with small bees/hornets:

    • Inferno Potion (use Tim's Concoction to get from Fire Imp)

    • Agitating Lens

    • Jungle Enchantment

  • After kill

    • Bee enchantment becomes available

    • Stinger Necklace becomes available for bee enjoyers

    • Witch Doctor spawns

    • 22

Fishing Time 

  • Do not forget that rain boosts fishing power, Abom helps

  • Now is a good time to get fishing gear and start angler quests

  • With Mutant mod, these actually change your biome.

  • Note: mob spawns often need specific blocks to spawn on, not just to be in the right biome (e.g. most crimson mobs only spawn on crimson blocks, but Crimson Mimic can spawn on any block in a crimson biome)

  • You can fish in any biome by putting water fountains around your fishing pond and toggling them on/off

    • Exceptions: Mushroom, Ocean

  • To get bait:

    • Open boss crates

    • Seriously just farm bosses

    • Really, open some crates

    • Alternatives:

      • Worms dig rocks, plenty of them spawn during rain (25% fishing pp)

      • Fireflies surface during night, easy to spot near npc town (20% fishing pp)

      • Maggot found in graveyard mini-biome, drop from maggot zombies (22% fishing pp)

      • Any Dragonfly directly spawn if there is cattails nearby, solid preboss bait that you can get efficiently (20% fishing pp)

      • Buggy destroy every jungle bush you find NOW !! don’t forget to make a jungle bait farm if you want to (40% fishing pp)

  • Angler Enchantment

    • Carries fishing for the whole game and not too hard to get.

This wraps up the pre-hm fishing routine you want to do, you certainly can do this at anypoint but it’s better to start here since a lot of stuff is open for you to make the process more manageable.


Fargo’s Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #6: Skeletron

Credit to Bat Mox.

  • Good items:

    • Queen Bee’s weapon drops

    • Queen’s Stinger

    • Bee Enchantment (only works with piercing weapons)

  • Both Skeletron and its hands will spray gravity-affected bones periodically. Try not to stay directly below any body part.

  • Phase 2 at 75% health

    • Shoots baby guardians

      • Attack type depends on whether it is spinning

      • Both attacks get stronger as life goes down

  • Beware of dungeon guardian phase at 50 HP, fast/multi hit weapons are most effective (only takes 1 damage)

  • After kill:


  • Passively inflicts low ground, so platforms (or anything similar) won’t work.

  • You don’t have to fight it in the snow biome.

  • Enrages if you're out of reach for too long, so stay close

  • The boss is learnable and its pattern stays mostly consistent between phases.

  • When the shadow hands hold you in place, mash your movement keys (WASD) to break free.

  • After kill:

    • Deer Sinew

      • This is a dash with no accessory slot! Effectively, taking advantage of this gives you an additional accessory slot at a price

      • Adverse effects are removed by having another dash enabled, so you can safely consume it.


Fargo’s Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #7: Deviantt

Credit to Bat Mox.

  • Cute and funny also deadly

  • Good items:

  • EVERY ATTACK IS TELEGRAPHED; pay attention to the screen and learn what each tell means so you know what’s coming.

  • Upon reaching half health, Deviantt will enter phase 2

  • Some attacks create a seal that keeps you close. Later bosses have similar mechanics, now’s a good time to get used to it.

  • To avoid getting the petrification attack, make your character look away from her. When the Medusa head appears it’s safe to turn back.

  • Purified removes all your buffs. You should have 30 of any potion for infinite buffs at this point, so the buffs will come back when purified ends

  • After kill:

Wall of Flesh

Fargo's Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #8: The Wall of Flesh

Credit to Bat Mox.

  • Use a Double Obsidian Instabridge for the Wall of Flesh arena, 

    • Don’t worry about breaking chests, you won’t lose anything you can't get anyway (crate recipe)

  • The mouth takes less damage and one eye is always invincibleThe vulnerable eye will shoot a telegraphed deathray, DODGE IT as it inflicts Confused.

  • For handling hungries, Supreme Deathbringer Fairy’s Skeletron limbs are great. Piercing is also preferred because the hungries shield the boss and respawn forever.

  • Phase 2 at 75% life

    • Mouth will now start using world evil attacks.

      • For cursed flame, move close, for ichor, go far.

  • Phase 3 at 50% life

    • Reticles appear between deathrays, these call in Hungry barrages

    • The chains that remain afterwards are intangible and deal no contact damage, only the Hungry at the tip hurts you.

  • Desperation at 10% life

    • Loses its vanilla laser attack

    • All new attacks fire off extremely fast

    • You will probably have to move in advance to avoid ichor!

    • Remain calm and move deliberately

    • If you can’t keep up with the vulnerability switching, it may be an idea to stick to targeting one of the eyes.


  • A LOT just unlocked:


      • These drop hardmode ores!

      • To get Fishing/Crate Potions, use Tim's Concoction and kill Crabs

      • Souls drop from respective biome crates too

    • Battle Cry, multiplies spawn rates by 10

    • Omnistation

      • GET THIS, it acts as every station buff at once.

    • Sands of Time (drops from Sand Elemental)

      • GET THIS

  • Reminder: Deviantt sells summons for rare mobs

    • You’ll know if you see a message in chat that says Deviantt has a new item to sell.

  • Bionomic Cluster is amazing but has a massive recipe

    • Note that almost every material will drop from an enemy whose spawner is sold by Deviantt.

    • The accessory itself is post 3 mechs, but all of it’s quality of life effects are active with it’s components in your inventory.

  • Get the Omnistation, and spam it across your arenas for any future bosses. It grants incredible life regeneration at almost no cost.

  • The Mech bosses can be fought in any order just like in vanilla, so go for the one that boosts your class the most.

Pre-Mechanical Bosses Eternity Mode Accessories

(includes any previously available but still viable accs)

You should test out any gear yourself and find something that works for you.

  • Accessories from before may still be viable! Particular shoutouts:

    • Iron Enchantment

    • Tungsten Enchantment

    • Molten Enchantment

    • Sparkling Adoration

    • Tin Enchantment

  • Palladium Enchantment

    • haha free life regen

  • Orichalcum Enchantment

    • Makes DOT builds real and viable

  • Adamantite Enchantment

  • Ancient Shadow Enchantment

  • Pearlwood Enchantment

    • better gladiator ench

  • Bee Enchantment

    • 22

  • Wizard Enchantment

    • Buffs all other Enchantments to their Force (post-Moon Lord) variants

    • Synergy city

  • Supreme Deathbringer Fairy - still good lol

  • Zephyr Boots

    • actual mobility

  • Frozen/Fairy/Fin/Harpy Wings

    • self explanatory I hope

  • Shield of Cthulhu

    • dash

  • Class Emblems - …obviously

Queen Slime

  • Stay close to the boss. You will most likely get hit otherwise.

  • For the stomps, you’ll want to be airborne constantly.

  • Sometimes spawns flying subjects that shield her from damage like Queen Bee

    • Crystal darts or other piercing is preferred

    • Can use minions (even if not a summoner!) just for crowd control, inflict knockback and keep them at bay

  • This should go without saying by now, but watch out for telegraphs and try to learn them.

  • After kill:

    • Crystal Assassin armor is also a dash that costs no acc slot

    • Gelic Wings have slightly lower stats than Frozen but intrinsic double jump.


The Twins 

Fargo's Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #9: The Twins

Credit to Bat Mox.

  • Make sure to use at least 2 instabridges.

  • Both twins start in their vanilla phase 2.

  • Retinazer’s attacks now inflict Ichor.

  • Both enter Emode phase 2 at 50% life.

    • Retinazer can spin while shooting a very powerful deathray.

    • During this, Spazmatism shoots spirals of dark stars.

  • Note: Phase 2 Retinazer gains a reverse aura of burning. STAY INSIDE, LEAVING ISN'T WORTH IT.

  • You should constantly misdirect Spazmatism’s flame dashes. A good strategy is circling close to Retinazer as the stars he shoots start off slow.

  • Don't fly too high off the ground, Retinazer might start ray spin in a place you can't circle it.

  • Once one of the twins reaches 1hp, they’ll become invincible and shoot out dark stars until the other one dies.

  • Good items

    • Frog Leg allows you to dodge Spazmatism more effectively.

    • Boots and Dash are also required

    • Frost enchantment helps too

Skeletron Prime

Fargo's Soul Mod Eternity Mode Guide - Episode #11: Skeletron Prime

Credit to Bat Mox.

  • Skeletron Prime doesn't change much in phase 1. Just mind the prime walls on spin

  • Limbs cannot be destroyed until phase 2

  • Phase 2 starts at 75% life

    • Alternates between attacking with only melee limbs or only ranged limbs

  • For the spin attack, he shoots one wave of stars directly at you (manipulate this)

  • Has a last stand Dungeon Guardian phase like Skeletron

    • This is especially fast so be ready!

    • Again fast weapons and multihit helps

The Destroyer

  • Phase 2 (the entire real fight) begins at 75%


  • Don’t run blindly, watch and react

  • Avoid getting hit by the body. It inflicts Lightning Rod, which spawns lightning portals around you and complicates dodging

  • Dark Stars during the coil attack move identically to BoC's Ichor

  • Laser hitboxes are a lot smaller than they look

  • Probes (meat shields) will not shoot lasers for most of the fight, and when they do they will telegraph it by emitting red particles.

  • Don’t panic for the final coil. It actually takes damage during this coil, so it won’t last long if you have actually good weapons.

    • Circling will work for the dark stars, and you don’t even have to do large circles.


  • Use City Busters underground for the arena. Plantera no longer enrages outside of the jungle, only on the surface.

  • Good items

    • Aeolus Boots are available!

    • Chlorophyte enchantment: adds DPS and a better dash.

    • Ankh Shield!

    • Omnistations counter DOT too

  • The Crystal Leaves destroy most projectiles, piercing included.

    • Some weapons like yoyos are ok

    • All minions are fine

    • Projectile spam is most effective otherwise

    • Don't use homing weapons.

  • SLOW DOWN AND THINK. This fight is more about precision than speed. Pay attention to the screen and learn the telegraphs.

  • The Dicer Mines are intangible until they explode.

  • You will have to weave in and out of the outer ring of Crystal Leaves in phase 2.

  • Plantera will alternate between using Crystal Leaf tosses and Dicer Mines in phase 2.

  • After kill

    • Drops Chlorophyte and Life fruits, you can farm her for those

Events (moons)

Like in vanilla, crowd control is nearly necessary for the festive moons. However, you may want a good single target weapon for the minibosses too.

Crowd control

  • Chlorophyte Repeater with Chlorophyte/Holy Arrows

Single target

  • Sniper Rifle with Adamantite Enchantment and Crystal bullets

  • Morningstar, sanguine staff, desert tiger


  • The Twinrangs

  • Terra Blade

  • Top Hat Squirrel (weapon) is godly crowd control


  • For the Frost Moon, use Warmth Potions (drops from lava slimes with Tim's Conc) and Hand Warmer.

  • Pumpking

    • Inflicts Rotting and Living Wasteland, both are DOT

    • Living Wasteland also DOTs nearby NPCs, friendly or not!

  • Ice Queen attacks can freeze you, counter by equipping Hand Warmer.

  • Remember that trophies can be crafted into their respective drops (check via Guide/Recipe Browser)

  • [IMPORTANT] If you die during the event, the wave progression will be reduced so keep watching your hp. Best way to deal with this is abusing Battle/Calming Cry to manage a group of enemies so you can progress through waves safely.


  • SANS

    • HOW

  • Use Lizhard instactuation bomb (free arena)

  • Patterns are telegraphed and you have plenty of options at this stage.

    • He alternates between head death beam and bouncing spike balls in phase 2.

  • The hands are functionally immortal and nullify projectiles like Plantera's Crystal Leaves

    • Don't use homing

    • Focus on the head

  • Low Ground = Platforms are disabled, not omnistations

  • Obsidian potion is actually useful for debuffs immunity

  • After kill

    • Craft Elemental Assembler if you haven't already

    • Martians

    • OOA tier 3

Old One's Army

  • You don’t have to finish the event! Betsy will give you a spawner when she spawns, so you just have to get to wave 7 once.

  • To farm medals:

    • Abominationn will sell spawners for Ogre even if you haven’t done T2 OOA.

  • Crowd control is best for event, you can probably reuse whatever you used for the moons.

  • Mobility doesn’t matter too much for most of the event, so you can equip more damage.


  • Contact damage from Betsy will inflict Mutant Nibble, disabling all healing INCLUDING HEALTH POTIONS.

  • The Phantom Phoenixes requires quite a bit of vertical mobility.

  • All of Betsy’s fire breaths will start shooting weakly homing Fireballs in phase 2.

  • Especially for phase 2, try to dodge the electrospheres without flying. Makes things a lot simpler.

    • All 3 electrosphere waves are the same, you can sit in one place.

  • This boss isn’t particularly difficult compared to Duke or Cultist, so it’s an easy way to get a gear upgrade for them.

  • Betsy’s Heart is a godly dash accessory that also provides some damage output from the debuff it inflicts. USE IT.

Duke Fishron

  • This boss is absolutely notorious so be prepared

    • Space your platform layers one full screen height apart. A good way to ensure this:

      • Stand on one layer and fire ice rod as high as your screen allows

      • Fly up to stand on that block

      • Place the instabridge as high as your screen allows

    • Have instabridges all the way up from ocean to space (don't fight in space though)

    • Line your bridges with Omnistations

  • Good items

    • Aeolus Jump

    • Betsy's Heart

    • Rabies Vaccine!

    • Dubious circuitry

    • Lump of Flesh

    • Iron Enchantment

    • You can use Deer Sinew's dash to free up a slot

  • Lump of Flesh immunity to anticoagulation is very useful. Parry is very hard to use, but relatively easy on Fishron's dashes. Successful parry deals massive damage and gives you temporary +30% damage.

  • Has a life regen on both phase transitions, heals to 100% for phase 2 and to 33% for phase 3

  • Phase 3

    • It's hard

    • Learn the pattern

    • Your saviors are Betsy's Heart dash, Iron Enchantment parry, Lump of Flesh parry

  • After kill

    • You have proven you can beat the rest of the game

    • Great weapons

    • Mutant Antibodies, huge 20% damage increase

    • Fishron Wings, huge mobility increase

    • Any fishing gear you didn't get already, good for making Trawler Soul later

Empress of Light

  • Some attacks require mobility while others require precision. Consider a mount for those precise attacks to avoid misinputting a dash or double jump:

    • Cute Fishron

    • Witch's Broom

    • Cosmic Car Key

      • Hover from Betsy Wings is a good option.

  • You may want to disable Aeolus Boots double jump

  • Empress only has contact damage when dashing, remember that

  • Most attacks are fairly intuitive and she has a pattern, so it shouldn’t be too hard to learn.

    • Wing time management is key.

  • Gains significant DR in phase 2.

  • Sparkling Adoration is very good, Empress gives huge graze in phase 2.

Lunatic Cultist

  • Use Betsy, Fishron, or Empress Wings for this fight.

  • Ritual

    • You really don't want to mess this up


    • For summoners, you may have to use whip to stop ritual

  • Phase 1:

    • The clones fire various support attacks depending on which attack the boss is doing. Pay attention to the screen and you shouldn't have trouble

  • Phase 2:

    • Entering phase 2 forces a ritual

    • Each ritual throws a pillar that explodes into long-lasting rings of fragments. The pillar and fragments will disable your class on hit.

    • Accuracy and precision of movement is key.

  • Once you defeat him you get Mutant’s Pact Which is an extra accessory slot.


  • Make Gaia armor right now.

  • Funny trick: The Chalice of the Moon (gives you immunity to class sealing debuffs) is available post-3 pillars by crafting the 3 fragments into the other one, meaning you can use any weapons on the one pillar you don’t like.

  • Solar Pillar:

    • You can only use melee weapons on this pillar. Good options are:

      • Flairon

      • Flying Dragon

      • Sky Dragon’s Fury

      • Influx Waver

      • Use the Lihzahrd Treasure Box to make you immune to the Burning debuff.

  • Vortex Pillar:

    • You can only use ranged weapons against this pillar. Good options are:

      • Dragon’s Breath

      • Aerial Bane

      • Tsunami

      • Fish Stick

      • Xenopopper

      • Eventide

      • Use the Bionomic Cluster to make you immune to the debuffs that the Vortex enemies inflict.

  • Nebula Pillar:

    • You can only use magic weapons against this pillar. Good options are:

      • Betsy’s Wrath

      • Bubble Gun

      • Razorblade Typhoon

      • Laser Machinegun

      • Use the Supreme Deathbringer Fairy to make you immune to the Berserked Debuff.

  • Stardust Pillar:

    • You can only use summon weapons against this pillar. Good options are:

      • Bat Scepter Summon

      • Xeno Staff

      • Tempest Staff

      • Terraprisma

  • Each pillar only takes 50 kills to destroy its shield.

  • When shields down, the pillars fight back

Moon Lord

  • Use Gaia armor!

  • Moon Lord cycles through 5 different damage vulnerabilities. In order, you can only damage him with:

    • Melee

    • Ranged

    • Magic

    • Summon

    • Any class

  • Use pillar or Empress weapons

  • He does different attacks depending on his weakness in phase 1 and 2

  • The key to dodging all these attacks is, as always, I cannot stress this enough, PRECISE, SLOW MOVEMENT.

  • True Eyes are slowed in phase 1 and always synchronized to do the same attack

    • They have an attack pattern, learn it

Post-Moon Lord

There's a lot to do so here's the order:

Crucible of the Cosmos

  • Needs the previous crafted compressed stations (Multitask Center, Elemental Assembler), plus Luminite Bars and more

  • Hopefully you crafted those throughout the playthrough

Energizer weapons

  • Do 10-swarms for this

    • Craft 1 swarm spawner with an Overloader (from Mutant NPC) and the Mutant shop spawner of that boss. Using a stack of swarm spawners consumes them all at once to make a bigger swarm.

    • To get an Energizer, use a stack of 10 overloaded spawners and beat the swarm of 100 bosses

    • DO NOT DO SWARMS IN MULTIPLAYER. Instead, briefly leave the server to do the swarm in singleplayer. Swarms are buggy in multiplayer

  • Use Energizer to craft the weapon


  • Heart of the Master

    • Gives immunity to Moon Lord's Nullification Curse so all classes work on him at all times

    • You can craft it now

  • Souls

    • Flight Mastery Soul is first priority

    • Your class soul (Berserker, Sniper, Arch Wizard, Conjurist’s)

    • Colossus Soul

  • Forces

    • You can kill Champions to get Enchantments without crafting them too

    • Explore these however you like

  • Squirrel

    • Don't worry if you crafted away your Zenith, you can get it back through Squirrel

    • In multiplayer, one person having a soul/force makes it available to others in Squirrel town NPC's shop

    • You can craft a Top Hat Squirrel or beat Trojan Squirrel to make the town NPC spawn

Item Acquisition

If you need an item and dread the grind, check these places first:

  • Recipe Browser

  • Squirrel

  • Boss drops (especially Duke Fishron for fishing gear)

  • Town NPC shops (Mutant mod may have added what you're looking for to a vanilla NPC's shop!)

Remember, Battle Cry speeds up grinding enemies

Minimal Effects Preset

  • Turns off a lot of toggles

    • Reduces lag

    • Reduces screen clutter

    • If you can't see the boss attacks because of your own attacks, try this

  • Open your inventory

  • Open the soul toggles menu (the wrench icon)

  • There's three square buttons near the bottom left corner

  • One of them is Minimal Effects Preset

  • Click it


  • Champions are mini/bosses that will drop enchantments used to craft their Force.

  • Only Eridanus is strictly mandatory but fighting all at least once on-tier is recommended

  • No Champion will enrage outside their spawning biome

Champion of Timber

  • Don’t run too fast, its attacks speed scales with your speed.

  • Phase 2 won't actively try to ram you, even if it looks like it.

  • Phase 2 has a fixed pattern.

  • The head blocks a lot of attacks so you can hide behind it.

Champion of Terra

  • Use more City Busters if you need more space

  • Target the head, the body takes no real damage

  • Coils up before every attack, so watch out for that

  • Map overlay helps

Champion of Earth

  • Do NOT run in a straight line

  • Seriously, don't do it

  • Your WOF arena is probably good enough

    • If you blow up all of Hell to make space, make sure to have a layer of blocks on the bottom.

  • Flight Mastery Soul can hover.

  • The hands block damage like Golem's fists

Champion of Nature

  • Heads take damage, use piercing.

  • Each head only knows one attack. Attacks with 2 heads at a time aside from deathray

  • Do not leave its aura or it will go berserk

  • Body has no contact damage, but heads do

Champion of Life

  • Weak to DOT builds, but immune to Celled and Daybroken

  • Watch the deathray telegraphs carefully and plan your movement in phase 3

Champion of Shadow

  • The boss only takes damage once all of the shadow orbs surrounding it have been hit.

    • Summoners will need their own weapon for this.

  • Most of its attacks are pretty intuitive and telegraphed, learning the pattern is useful.

  • Big flaming scythes will split and home in after a while, stay close to dodge them.

Champion of Spirit

  • Hands take damage, use piercing.

  • Heals when it grabs you

    • You can mash out of a grab!

  • The boss will reflect most projectiles when it creates the hallowed shield aura.

    • If you got killed by your own weapon, this is why

    • Stop attacking during this time

    • Minions aren’t reflected

Champion of Will

  • Always tries to ram you from diagonally above

  • Invincible during phase transitions, so focus on dodging

  • The golden razorblades have a smaller hitbox than they look

Eridanus, Champion of the Cosmos

  • Eridanus drops Eridanium, which are used for Force of Cosmos and a good armor set, so you should definitely kill him before Abominationn.

  • Meteor shower reticle moves based on your horizontal speed, juke it.

  • For the punch + vertical phantasmal spheres attack, you only need to adjust your position slightly.

  • Phase 3

    • Stay still to dodge lightning + Nebula Blazes

    • Know your position relative to the moons because of this! You need to give yourself enough time to stay still without a moon catching up to you

  • After kill

    • Eridanium

    • Force of Cosmos (USE IT)

    • Eridanus armor blessing mode is hard to use and distracting, you may want to stick with simple mode: reward for blessing mode is very high though.


  • Use Force of the Cosmos.

    • Dash is helpful

    • Nebulas are extremely helpful

    • Timestop DOES work

    • It synergizes REALLY well with Terra Force.

  • USE UNIVERSE CORE. 4x crits is massive.

  • Again, Gaia armor is recommended over Eridanus armor if this is your first run

  • Scythe + saucers attack can be mostly evaded by simply falling or flying up.

    • The Mini Saucers becomes destructible after a while

  • A large portion of the attacks are telegraphed. Pay attention to the screen. You should be comfortable with this by now

  • In phase 2, the big flaming scythes in phase 2 are easier to dodge if you start close to Abom.

  • You can actually move a lot slower during the deathray wall than your max horizontal speed, don't have to go full tilt

  • The final Styx Gazer is most easily dodged by going to the top or bottom of the seal arena.

  • If using Sparkling Adoration, DON’T greed for graze. It's generally not worth it. Just dodge


  • Good job on killing Abominationn

  • For most players, the final grind begins

  • Get a new Energizer weapon


  • Soul of the Master

    • You probably crafted almost all of its materials over the course of the run

    • Kill Dungeon Guardian for Sinister Icon

  • Soul of Terraria

    • Iconic

    • Grind Champions for Enchantments

  • Soul of the Universe

  • Soul of Dimensions

    • Craft this last

Accessory Skipping

  • These accessories are "optional"

  • You can beat Mutant without getting them (but you probably shouldn't)

  • In order of most to least important to have

    • Soul of the Master

    • Soul of Terraria

    • Soul of the Universe

    • Soul of Dimensions

  • If you skip, use these instead

    • Don't skip Soul of the Master

    • Force of Cosmos (substituting Soul of Terraria)

    • Universe Core (substituting Soul of the Universe)

    • Flight Mastery Soul (substituting Soul of Dimensions)


  • Use Sparkling Adoration + Abominable Wand

  • Moving preemptively gets you killed. Watch and react. Learn the patterns

  • Dying 10 times to p2 will make future attempts start at p2

  • Immune to timestop

  • Has a final phase at 0 life, expect it

  • Don't get hit by his final attack

  • Take breaks if you get tilted. You'll do better the next day

  • After kill

    • Congratulations!

    • Craft whatever you want with Eternal Energy

    • Soul of Eternity time

    • Go wild

    • You've also unlocked Masochist Mode.

Masochist Mode

  • Note: Masochist Mode is incomplete at time of writing. Editor's note, remove this point after it's more balanced

  • Activate by turning on Eternity and Master mode simultaneously

  • Inaccessible until Eternity Mutant is defeated

  • Buffs Eternity boss AI

  • No other changes

  • No rewards

  • This isn't a mode for your first time

  • This isn't a mode if you haven't played in months either

  • Play Emode first. Don't skip. You won't have fun


Well, here on the final page of the guide I thank all those who took the time to write this to help future players who will try Fargo’s Souls Mod. From my own experience I know that everyone will have difficulty at some point and will search for help in guides, videos, etc.

        That was the objective here, if you don't think it's enough, let us       know your suggestions by talking with the editors of this document.

Hope we helped you get through that part of the game where you got confused or didn't know how to act.

Again I sincerely thank you Editors who helped me in this goal. I also wanna give a big thanks to the Wiki editors and No-hitters who helped us in this journey.

You all are awesome! Btw Stigma is my favorite Music.

Stay tuned for future updates

~Ricyez, the man who creates monstrosities

~smh my head, who doesn't mind being pinged if you have a question 🙂

~kagamino yoshida, who dislikes all carbonated drinks

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