Fate Stay night game outline

The setup is 7 Masters 7 servants players can be either master or servants

This will be primary PVP but alliances can be made but there's can only be one winner

Masters will be function like regular characters but the only classes that would be available to them are half casters or quarter casters

Servants will have stat blocks similar to monsters and be high CR

Players will be given 10 points to be distributed in these categories

1. Servant rank
2. Master Level
3. Servant class
4. Financial Resources
5. Magical resources
6. Luck

Servant stats go from E- to A+

But they are governed by parameters

E=10 in that stat category D to A gives you five points per rank to put into a ability score of that category

Strength and wisdom is governed by the strength parameter

Constitution and charisma are governed by the endurance parameter

Dexterity and intelligence are governed by the agility parameter

if a parameter is a E- that means you minus five points total from there govern stats

The other parameters are Mana consumption and Mana storage also known as magical power this governs how much Mana the servant needs to be at Peak condition also how much Mana the servant needs to manifest physically lastly how much Mana can be stored into the servant

next is good pluck parameter this governs how high the servants proficiency bonus is and also how many skills the servant is proficient in

Servants have a number skills  governed by a ability score equal to the ability score modifiers X there good pluck rank


your proficiency bonus goes like this
E-=2 E=4 D=5 C=6 B=7 A=8
At rank C B and A pick two skills which you have Proficiency in and gain expertise

Lastly you can forgo picking up a skill to take a feat that's is connected to a skill

A servant's rank affects the parameters like this

E – = all parameters go down one ranked
E= half of the parameters go down one rank players or Master can choose which parameters
D= Base Class parameters for the servant class
C=base servant class parameters but choose one parameter to raise by one rank
B= same as C but now have two rank UPS of your choice
A= same as B but now choose 3 rank UPS of your choice

Each servant starts with a pool servant skill points that equal 10 * your servant rank
E- = 0.5
These skill points can be used to buy  servant personal skills and to increase their ranks in a skill

 bass class parameters

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