FFPF (2.0) by Erik R.

This system is largely based on Pathfinder’s core rules. However, we have replaced races, weapons, magic items, alchemical items, and added a slew of our own feats. We also entirely replaced all classes. Also read carefully regarding our hero points and limit break rules. See the character creation guide below if you need a step-by-step on how to make a character in this system.

Rules Overview

Character Creation Guide

All frontline classes are capable of surviving in the thick of melee combat one way or another and have a high base attack bonus.

  • Defender (Frontline)

These classes have a high number of defensive options and tend to be very durable. They also tend to have more abilities to defend their allies.

  • Dark Knight: A martial combatant who can use dark magic and heals himself by stealing the life force of his enemies.

  • Shadow of Odin: An archetype of Dark Knight who worships Odin and executes his enemies with his own justice.

  • Dragoner: A martial combatant who emulates the traits and abilities of dragons and transforms into a dragon for short times by imbibing the blood of dragons.

  • Fighter: A general martial combatant who can bear the brunt of enemy attacks and relies on his weapons and his training above all else.

  • Chocobo Knight: An archetype of fighter that fights alongside a loyal chocobo.

  • Gladiator: An archetype of fighter who relies on showy, but unreliable, attacks to defeat his enemies.

  • Knight of Bahamut: An archetype of fighter who worships Bahamut and seeks to emulate the Father of Dragons with his abilities.

  • Viking: An archetype of fighter who wields two shields and draws his enemies attacks to protect his allies.

  • Gunbreaker: A martial combatant that deals high damage and specializes in using gunblades.

  • Legionnaire: This archetype of Gunbreaker eschews the skill, finesse, and techniques of Gunbreaker in favor of heavy armor, heavy firepower, and overwhelming force.

  • Holy Knight: A martial combatant with strong will and holy powers to defend and heal or harm other creatures.

  • Onion Knight: A martial combatant who melds magic, sword, and skills, and provides a bit of all three to his party.

  • Utility (Frontline)

These classes provide a unique utility to the battlefield when present in a group, such as a companion or teleportation.

  • Armiger: A martial combatant who uses a wide variety of weapons and teleports around the battlefield.

  • Beastmaster: A martial combatant who fights in tandem with a powerful beast.

  • Huntmaster: An archetype of beastmaster who has an array of animal companions.

  • Blitzer: A martial ranged combatant who specializes in using the blitzball and can use dirty tactics to undermine his enemies and apply status effects.

  • Ghost: A melee combatant who is terrifying to face and manipulates his enemies.

  • Magitek Knight: A frontline combatant that later receives an extremely durable magitek armor to pilot against his enemies and to defend his allies.

  • Vanguard (Frontline)

These classes are aggressive and expect to be in the thick of melee at almost all times. They also tend to deal high damage.

  • Berserker: A martial combatant who is fueled by tremendous strength and rage and uses them to annihilate his foes.

  • Feral Rager (WIP): An archetype of berserker who is a potent crowd controller and disabler, but has difficult changing strategies mid-combat due to his feral rage.

  • Infernal Warrior: An archetype of berserker who worships Ifrit and annihilates enemies with fire and weapons.

  • Warrior: An archetype of berserker who uses his rage as a tool for surviving deadly attacks, performing powerful techniques, and destroying his enemies.

  • Dragoon: A mobile martial combatant who delivers powerful jump attacks and wields polearms.

  • Dragon Knight: The dragoon foregoes much of his normal abilities with his archetype to train and fight side by side with a dragon partner.

  • Esperkin: A martial class that uses his natural traits inherited from espers that grant him natural attacks and spell-like abilities; a versatile martial combatant.

  • Monk: An unarmored martial combatant who specializes in unarmed attacks and techniques and has unparalleled natural toughness.

  • Drunken Master: An archetype of monk who is wild and unpredictable and uses ki and alcohol for special effects.

  • Weapon Master: An archetype for monks that specializes in martial mastery of weapons. 

  • Samurai: A martial combatant who deals high damage with powerful sword techniques and critical hits.

  • Soldier: A martial combatant who utilizes mako and materia to grant himself extraordinary physical prowess.

  • Sword Saint: A martial combatant who uses magic-like sword techniques in combat.

All mage classes are built around spells or supernatural abilities that consume MP and make up the majority of their capabilities throughout a campaign. 

  • Specialist (Mage)

These classes specialize in one particular field of magic and receive powerful boons to enhance their spells beyond their limits.

  • Astrologian: A mage who uses divination and support magic and provides supernatural benefits to her party through her cards.

  • Black Mage: A mage class with strong damage and debuff spells.

  • Archmage: An archetype of black mage who can draw from all spell lists, but lacks most class features.

  • Jester: An archetype of black mage who is sporadic and adds random effects to spells and uses painful insults against his enemy.

  • Storm Mage: An archetype of black mage who worships Ramuh and specializes in lightning spells.

  • Blue Mage: A mage class with a wide array of battle magic and area of effect spells.

  • Azure Dragoon: An archetype of blue mage that receives greater martial ability and dragoon class features.

  • Gourmand: An archetype of blue mage that creates delicious and dangerous meals.

  • Illusionist: A mage who specializes in trickery and deception.

  • Howler: An archetype of Illusionist who worships Garuda and supplements his illusion magic with wind magic and flight.

  • Trickster: An archetype of illusionist who excels up close in deceiving his enemies.

  • Metal Mage: A mage who manipulates metal and fights in close quarters combat.

  • Oracle: A mage class who is cursed with a disability and great power and his spells are randomly cast with additional effects.

  • Red Mage: A mage who uses both white and black magic and is also proficient in melee combat.

  • Rune Fencer: An archetype of red mage who focuses on martial aspects and support magic.

  • Winter Guard: An archetype of red mage who worships Shiva and specializes in control effects and ice spells.

  • Time Mage: A mage who specializes in manipulating time and space to support his allies or hamper his enemies.

  • Epoch Gunner: An archetype of time mage who utilizes chronomancy and skill with firearms.

  • White Mage: A mage with powerful healing and support spells.

  • Supernatural (Mage)

These classes rely on supernatural abilities that often function very similarly to spells. However, their lack of versatility means their abilities tend to be more powerful and reliable.

  • Astral: A mage class who does not use spells in the traditional sense and relies on telepathy, telekinesis, and other psychic abilities to hurt his enemies and support his allies.

  • Geomancer: A durable mage character who manipulates the battlefield against the enemy using geomancy rather than spells.

  • Blight Mage: An archetype of geomancer that deals in death magic and often proves to be a bane to the land around him.

  • Cragmaster: An archetype of geomancer that worships Titan, the Lord of Crags, and defends the earth.

  • Green Mage: An archetype of geomancer that focuses on supporting and debuffing magic known as green magic and less on melee combat.

  • Seer: This archetype of Geomancer punishes the faithful or faithless with random elemental attacks.

  • Necromancer: A mage class that uses necromancy to heal or harm living and undead creatures. The necromancer also excels at debilitating martial characters.

  • Death Knight: An archetype of necromancer who wears heavy armor and fights in melee combat with necromantic magic as his aid.

  • Warlock: A mage who receives powers from a demonic patron and takes advantage of battlefield positioning.

  • Versatile (Mage)

These classes receive more than one spell list from different classes and have a larger variety of spells to choose from. Many also have a unique ability to define their role.

  • Arithmetician: A mage class who uses a wide variety of magic and alters them in different ways by using math and science as magic.

  • Scholar: A versatile mage who utilizes a magic tome and ancient fey to empower his variety of spells.

  • Sorcerer: A mage who can use a versatile blast attack and empower herself with the features of the primals.

  • Crystal Sorcerer: This archetype of sorcerer embodies the spirit of heroes past and the soul of crystal knights.

  • Summoner: A mage who specializes in summoning astrals and primals.

  • Avatar: An archetype of summoner who takes primal form as a different form of summoning them.

All skill classes receive at least 8 skill points per level and tend to have more skills as class skills.

  • Jack of All Trades (Skill)

These classes provide a bit of everything and tend to have a large variety of options.

  • Engineer: A skill class who provides utility and combat support through technology and firearms.

  • Weapon Engineer: An archetype of engineer that creates powerful armed hybrids of magic and engineering known as “weapons.”

  • Gambler: A skill character who takes risky and daring actions in and out of combat.

  • Corsair: This archetype of gambler uses a phantom gun that has random effects.

  • Mime: A jack of all trades class who mimics the talents of other members of his group.

  • Paradigm Shifter: A skill class who can change his style and stance to fit the situation.

  • Thief: A skilled combatant who provides utility in and out of combat.

  • Skilled Combatant (Skill)

These classes provide skills and combat prowess as a core part of their abilities.

  • Archer: A skill class who specializes in killing enemies from afar.

  • Ranger: An archetype of archer who specializes in using traps to control the battlefield and bring woe to his enemies.

  • Dancer: A skill class who can use throwing weapons with ease and support his allies with beguiling dances.

  • Wave Dancer: An archetype of dancer who worships Leviathan and has powerful water abilities.

  • Gunner: A skill character who specializes in dealing high damage with firearms.

  • Kaiser: A skill class who uses the esoteric science of alchemy to perform powerful and extraordinary feats.

  • Ninja: A skill character who specializes in stealth and dealing high amounts of damage.

  • Operative: A skill character that draws magic and junctions primals to improve his abilities.

  • Puppetmaster: A skill class who uses close combat and relies on an automaton to fight alongside him.

  • Robot: A skill class that is very durable and can super specialize to fill any role needed in his party.

  • Support (Skill)

These classes tend to support their allies with their skills and unique abilities in and out of combat.

  • Bard: A skill class who uses songs to support his allies.

  • Eternal Rhapsodist: An archetype of bard who worships Althena and seeks to inspire her values and beauty in all things.

  • Magic Minstrel: An archetype of bard who can play magic notes from an instrument to damage his enemies.

  • Blacksmith: A skill class who can craft weapons and armor well and improves the equipment of his party members.

  • Chemist: A support skill class who specializes in item usage and chemical concoctions.

  • Cannoneer: This archetype of chemist specializes in firearms and offensive items, foregoing some of the support abilities of chemists.

  • Farmer: A skill class who is an unorthodox underdog that surprises his enemies.

  • Mediator: A skilled support class who can sow strife and discord and inspire his allies with oratory.

  • Merchant: A skilled support class who can cover a party’s weaknesses and, at times, buy their way through their problems.

Other Classes

  • Freelancer: This class can specialize to fill a desired role and is the most customizable class, but begins weaker than most others. Not recommended for beginners.


Spell Lists*

*Many spells have higher level versions, as noted in their spell descriptions. When you learn cure, you automatically learn the other versions listed in the spell description once your spell level is high enough. However, each version of cure (cure I, cure II, cure III, etc.) is considered a different spell for all other purposes. 

Additional Feats

FFPF Contributions: Pathfinder RPG, D&D, and inspired by FFD20. Made by Erik R., and other community members of the Crystal Chronicles.

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