FFXIV The Epic of Alexander Raid Strategy Guide

The Epic of Alexander is the third Ultimate to be released in FFXIV, and tests endurance, mechanical proficiency, and DPS. It can be unlocked by speaking to the Wandering Minstrel in Kugane (X:11.6 Y:12.6) after completing Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (Savage).


This guide is updated for Patch 5.4. With the current state of FFXIV being in a content lull, many players are now attempting Ultimates. This guide started as a Living Liquid only document and expanded into a full guide as I progressed through it. This guide goes in-depth on one or more strategies – primarily the strategy that my group used to clear, as I’m the most familiar with that. I will also go into detail why that strategy should be used, as well as any bad things about that strategy if there are. Other strategies will be mentioned, and if they have a write-up of any sort I will link to them. This Ultimate is very flexible in terms of strategy, and while that makes it more difficult (you need multiple spots for different mechanics), it means that your group can combine strategies in order to find what works the best for you. Remember, Ultimate is a slog, and you’ll be wiping hundreds of times to Living Liquid, then Brute Justice + Cruise Chaser, then Wormhole Formation, then Fate a/b, then enrage (then LL/BJ+CC again). Make sure you are using an optimal strategy for your group.


This guide is currently optimized for desktop and not for mobile. I am in the process of migrating the full guide to another host that will increase the amount of features, but for now please access it on desktop browsers. My strong suit is text-based explanations that are rigid and easy to understand – my weakness is making diagrams. I may default to MSPaint diagrams eventually that are slightly more difficult to understand, but for now I’m using Google Slides based diagrams with Levi’s blobs with Toolbox diagrams. There’s a bunch of shitposts in this document. Lighten the mood! It’s extremely important to keep morale up when doing TEA.




All strats used in videos are explained in this guide.

Living Liquid

(original introduction)

Hey everyone. As a response to FrostyTV’s tweet I’ve made this write-up on Living Liquid’s mechanics (so far). This is more of a write-up than a complete guide, as I will go over some strategies that can be used, while giving a spotlight to strategies that I think are superior to others. This is a fight that says “there are several ways that you can solve a mechanic”, rather than previous methods of puzzle mechanics that can only be solved one or two ways. I’ll probably add more, but Clees will likely make a detailed guide once he gets to it, and by then I’ll probably have lost motivation.


While Living Liquid is not much harder than Twintania or Garuda at first glance and having progressed through it, its difficulty while learning comes from precise positioning requirements and requirement of high degree of damage control, both from add HP and cleaving. These are mechanics not seen since the Alexander raid tier, and newer players may find consistency difficult.


The Living Liquid phase has you fight both the Living Liquid and the Liquid Hand while performing precise dance-like positional mechanics involving the tornadoes and AoEs. Living Liquid has a rough pure DPS check of about 88k DPS assuming both the Living Liquid and Liquid Hand are brought to 0%, but in practice it is a bit lower as you only need to kill Living Liquid while doing Hand of Pain.

Living Liquid Mechanics

Fluid Swing / Fluid Strike

A heavy physical tank cleave that originates from both the Liquid Hand (Fluid Strike) and Living Liquid (Fluid Swing). Inflicts a water vulnerability down, meaning tanks who take this cannot bait Protean Wave.



A heavy magical raidwide AoE. This will also spawn three tornadoes – Liquid Rage – in the intercardinal or cardinal spots of the arena, with one area being open.


Liquid Hand

Living Liquid will split its HP and form the Liquid Hand with the HP lost during the first Cascade. While you only need to defeat the Living Liquid, the Liquid Hand must be damaged as well due to Hand of Pain.


Hand of Prayer / Hand of Parting

The hand will glow and form either a fist or an open hand. If it forms a fist, the boss and hand must be far apart. If it forms an open hand, the boss and hand must be close together. Failure to do so will result in an instant wipe. If the boss is far from the hand at the time of casting, it will form an open hand, and vice-versa.


Hand of Pain

The Liquid Hand needs to be within 4% of Living Liquid’s HP when the castbar resolves, or it is an instant wipe.


Protean Wave

The famous mechanic known to all callouts as Protean is back with a vengeance. There are several variations of the mechanic, but it mostly boils down to either a visible or non-visible thin conal AoE that deals moderate magical damage and inflicts a vulnerability to water. This is aimed at the closest person to the three Liquid Rages or four closest players to Living Liquid. All boss Proteans are accompanied with a phantom wave shooting directly in front of the boss, meaning players cannot stand there.


Jagd Doll

Four Jagd Dolls will spawn in the middle of the arena, at NESW adjusted slightly counterclockwise. Jagd Dolls will tether to the first person who damages them and casts Exhaust every once in a while, inflicting a stack of Luminous Aetheroplasm. These must be “fed” (brought inside the hitbox) to either the Liquid Hand or Living Liquid when their HP is below 25%, casting Reducible Complexity, dealing ~15k-20k raidwide magic damage. If they are killed, or they are fed at a higher HP, Reducible Complexity will instantly wipe the party. If players get 2 or more stacks of Luminous Aetheroplasm, they will explode and instantly die. This is considered the trickiest mechanic in the first phase, and requires a high degree of control.


Pressurize / Embolus

Two Embolus orbs spawn from two random Liquid Rages and move slowly towards where the boss and hand were when they spawned. If any party member or boss touches the Embolus, it will explode and instantly wipe the party.



AoE markers appear under the four furthest players away from Living Liquid.



A non-telegraphed series of six medium raidwide magical hits, dealing around roughly 25k per Splash for a total of 150k.



Tethers appear from two Liquid Rages on tanks. Tanks will need to pick them up and mitigate them, as they deal roughly 120k magic damage unmitigated.



Six random party members are afflicted with the Throttle debuff, which must be Esuna’d before it resolves or they instantly die.

Living Liquid Timeline

Cast Resolves If there is only cast, it is instant / no marker.

0:10 Fluid Swing

0:14 0:18 Cascade

0:30 0:35 Hand of Parting / Hand of Prayer

0:32 0:35 Visible Liquid Rage Protean Wave

0:35 Jagd Dolls spawn

0:37 Fluid Swing + Fluid Strike

0:38 Nonvisible Liquid Rage Protean Wave

0:39 Exhaust

0:39 0:42 Hand of Pain

0:40 Pressurize / Embolus

0:49 Exhaust

0:55 Fluid Swing + Fluid Strike

1:06 1:09 Visible Living Liquid Protean Wave

1:06 1:09 Hand of Pain

1:11 Sluice

1:11 Nonvisible Living Liquid Protean Wave

1:14 Nonvisible Living Liquid Protean Wave

1:20 Splash

1:21 1:25 Drainage

1:27 1:31 Cascade

1:35 Throttle

1:43 1:46 Visible Living Liquid Protean Wave

1:45 1:48 Hand of Pain

1:48 Nonvisible Living Liquid Protean Wave + Visible Liquid Rage Protean Wave

1:48 Sluice

1:51 Nonvisible Living Liquid Protean Wave

1:54 Nonvisible Liquid Rage Protean Wave

1:58 Pressurize / Embolus

1:59 2:03 Hand of Prayer / Hand of Parting

2:05 2:08 Hand of Pain

2:07 Splash

2:15 Fluid Swing

2:17 2:23 Cascade (Enrage)


There’s a lot to unpack here! As you’ll see, Living Liquid has no downtime compared to Twintania and Garuda, making awareness very important. There are several periods of back-to-back mechanics that require precise positioning. Having good strategies and making sure all party members understand them is key to beating the first phase.

Living Liquid Strategy

A full clip of P1 can be found here.


0:00 – 0:18

MT pulls boss to near middle. Mitigate Fluid Swing with a minor CD, then mitigate Cascade. You need at least 1 10% mitigation to survive, and it is highly recommended to have 2 + a Succor/Noct Asp. Helios. A tank shield used prior to Cascade’s castbar will be up for the final Protean Wave set.


0:18 – 1:06


There are multiple ways to do this phase. The main condition is that all four Jagd Dolls need to be fed to the boss or hand prior to the next set of mechanics. All other mechanics have to be done correctly as well. There are four main schools of thought to executing this mechanic with respect to the Hand of Prayer/Hand of Parting:


Boss and Hand together in open area

Boss and Hand together in closed area

Boss and Hand separate in open area

Boss and Hand separate in closed area


Boss and Hand together is a no brainer here. You want as much cleave damage as possible to both even out the Hand/Boss HP as well as do as much damage to the boss.


Open area (where tornadoes don’t spawn) vs closed area (in between two tornadoes) is up for debate, but imo having it in a closed area is better, as the positioning then falls on the tanks, as well as Embolus is immediately solved (balls will head towards the closed area). If the boss is in the open area, the Embolus has a chance to go through the middle if it spawns in the middle tornado, which can easily cause a wipe due to inattentiveness. That being said, if DPS is hurting, boss in open area allows both melee to easily cleave their add along with the boss + hand. Open area strat has tanks pull bosses NWish in the diagram. It’s up to you. I am explaining my Boss and Hand together in closed area strat below, but the theory of the open strat is the same, just that the ranged have to go inbetween tornadoes instead of the tanks to bait Protean.



The OT should immediately pick up the hand and tanks drag the boss and hand away from each other. Depending on where you go (open or closed area), the boss should be dragged to the hand or vice-versa. The initial positioning for the Jagd Dolls and Tornado Proteans should thus be like this, with the blue lines representing the Protean Waves:



Before running out, both healers should put up shields on everyone and a ticking Regen for the Protean Wave. The blue arrow represents where the protean wave should go. All DPS essentially pick up the Jagd Doll closest to them. There can be two orientations of Jagd Doll spawns with respect to tornado spawns, so make sure each DPS knows which Doll they pick up.


The Fluid Swing should be mitigated with cooldowns. A common strategy is to have one tank take both bosses for the Fluid Swing only and use an invuln on it. Living Dead and Holmgang will be back up for the first Chastening Heat in Alexander Prime, while Superbolide and Hallowed Ground will be up for the second. The tanks should start to slowly move the boss back to the middle once the Embolus spawns. The healers are free to move in as soon as the Jagd Dolls do their first Exhaust. Heal through the raidwide damage that comes from Jagd Doll feeds. Once Proteans are baited, ranged should move in slightly. Tanks should then face the boss away for Fluid Swing / Fluid Strike, and mitigate accordingly.


Jagd Doll feeding order is something that needs to be decided based on your healer comfort and class composition. Generally, Melee Jagd Dolls should be fed first, as soon as the healers come back in and top everyone off from Protean. After everyone is topped off ranged should come in and feed their Jagd Doll. You can do a 1-2-1 order, a 2-2 order, or a 2-1-1 order, depending on the level of healing available and the damage that can be dealt to the dolls.



1:06 – 1:31


Boss faces middle tornado as that sets up the tanks easily to pick up Drainage tethers, and gives the party a big open spot to avoid them.



Tanks should face the boss towards the middle tornado. This mechanic is simple – everyone starts by baiting the visible Protean Waves together. Four ranged go out to bait Sluice, while four melee take the first set of Protean Wave. The melee then go to max melee range while ranged run back inside the boss hitbox to bait the second set of Protean Waves. Nobody can be standing in front of the boss at this time.



Afterwards, there are six Splashes plus two Drainage tethers. Tanks pick up Drainage tethers while everyone stacks south. Drainage explodes in a small AoE, so tanks should not be standing on anyone else unless they are both invulning it. Healers should mitigate and heal through Splashes, with ranged Troub/Tac/Samba recommended. After that, top everyone off and mitigate Cascade.


1:31 – 2:23


There are multiple strategies for this too. I like boss facing tornado, but boss can face away too – if he is pulled away, there is plenty of space. The Embolus glitch that was present in 5.1 was fixed, meaning Embolus won’t stay into the Limit Cut phase. Most groups also kill LL prior to the Splashes, meaning Embolus isn’t a factor. Therefore, either strategy is fine.



Face the boss towards the middle tornado again. Healers must Esuna all Throttles, though they can both get one GCD of healing before Throttle is cast. Shields from both tank and shield healer should be cast before players go out to bait Proteans.


Essentially, this is the same as the first one – HOWEVER, three players in each set of Protean Waves must also go out and bait the tornado Protean Waves. This creates another set of positional requirements.


Our strategy was as follows:


Sluice: DRG, SMN, BRD, SCH

Visible Tornado Protean Wave 1: SMN, BRD, SCH

Nonvisible Boss Protean Wave 1: WAR, PLD, WHM, SAM


Nonvisible Boss Protean Wave 2: DRG, SMN, BRD, SCH

Nonvisible Tornado Protean Wave 2: WAR, PLD, WHM



Afterwards, the boss should be baited for Hand of Parting / Hand of Prayer. However, since the MT and OT are far apart, it should default to close. Both tanks can come back to the middle and drag the boss + hand to the open spot as the Embolus is baited in between the tornadoes. Everyone should stack in the middle to heal through Splashes and DPS the boss down before Enrage.


Another way to handle 2nd Protean Party is as follows, courtesy of Illidra Ethorn/Ali Kelly:


Hand of Pain

One player (probably a tank) should keep the boss HP and hand HP in check in order to not wipe to Hand of Pain. If your group has enough DPS, you can burn the boss after the 01:48 Hand of Pain – the boss should be sub 12% at that point. Otherwise, play it safe. Jobs with high amounts of cleave/multidotting (DRG, BRD, SMN) are king here.



These are the mechanics I see streams/players are the most prone to wiping to:

    • Improper Jagd Doll control

  • This can be fixed by players greeding less or changing the strat up to accommodate healers (1 > 2 > 1 feeds, or 2 > 1 > 1 feeds)

  • Avoid long AoEs that can cleave multiple adds, such as Apex Arrow or Nastrond. Position so that it hits your doll + boss + hand.

  • If something you use would kill the Doll if you DHC it…don’t do it.

  • Keep pulling until DPS get a feel of how much they should damage their Jagd Doll, and what GCDs they can put into it.

  • Sometimes you just gotta restart your combo to do a 200p vs a 500p.

    • HP deaths

  • On tanks, cooldown better. With a DRK/WAR it becomes easier as TBN should be up for all major hits/WAR can heal through them. PLD and GNB have a much more difficult time if not using invulns, and you should request extra from healers.

  • On healers/DPS, make sure you come in for heals ASAP. Don’t be out of heal range for too long, only until the mechanic you need to be out for (usually Protean bait) is resolved.

  • For things like Cascade and Splash, make sure you have a party mitigation plan. Addle and Troub/Tac/Samba should be coordinated with the healer GCDs.

    • Embolus

  • Just don’t get hit 4Head

    • Improper Protean Positioning

  • If the strat is sub-par, you may want to change early instead of sticking to it and losing many pulls to it.

  • If the strat is a good strat, simply keep pulling – it may take people a while to get used to the strict positional requirements.


Limit Cut + Optical Sight

The next stonewall in progression. Players must perform the Limit Cut mechanic from A11S (Cruise Chaser), while dodging Optical Sight (Shiva circles) in the transition between Living Liquid and Brute Justice + Cruise Chaser. This is perhaps the trickiest mechanic of the fight so far (notice how I say that about every mechanic?). While Living Liquid may take a few hours to defeat, consistently executing this transition will take much longer.


Limit Cut

Players are marked with one to eight dots above their head, indicating what order Cruise Chaser will strike in. Odd numbers will be indicated by blue dots, and even numbers will be indicated by red dots. Cruise Chaser will spawn directly behind where the odd number is facing, and cleave and knockback in that direction. From there, he will then dash towards the even number – if the player is not facing Cruise Chaser, they will get knocked back extremely far. He will repeat this with every set of 2 numbers. All hits deal moderate damage and apply a vulnerability debuff, meaning players cannot get hit by more than one dash.


Optical Sight

Large AoE circles strike at an intercardinal or cardinal position on opposite sides of the arena. These will strike four times in total, rotating clockwise from the original locations. It will then strike in the middle, then repeat four more strikes on the outside, rotating clockwise again from where the outside strikes left off.


Simply put, players have to ensure they are not knocked into the wall, place Cruise Chaser correctly so it does not hit anyone else except the even number pair, and do this sequence four times while dodging Optical Sight. It’s as hard as it sounds. There are MANY different strategies for this mechanic, and all of them do work. Some require more movement than others, and some are easier. It’s up to your group to determine what strategy you wish to use.


Here are some various strats courtesy of The Balance (Levi).



As of 5.25, I highly recommend the Haru Glory strat (1256). It consists of two groups (1256 and 3478) running to opposite sides of the arena where the explosions first hit. The groups then all follow the explosions, with the numbers getting struck on the inside ring and the other players on the outside ring. After the strikes, they swap. This allows players to simply run through and follow the circles without needing to think about where they are facing. Here is an animation of this strategy, courtesy of /u/megidonglaon. 



One thing to keep in mind about this phase is that while it is usually not necessary to use knockback prevention skills here, doing so is extremely good practice for Wormhole Formation, as most strats require you to use them there, and the timing is the exact same.

Brute Justice + Cruise Chaser (Bruce Chustice?? Idk man there was a poll)

Here is a video of the whole phase.

The 2nd phase of the fight revolves around handling both Cruise Chaser and Brute Justice (but really only Brute Justice) mechanics simultaneously. Both bosses are targetable, making cleave DPS very good here as well. Unlike the first phase, both bosses must be killed at roughly the same time; one begins their enrage cast as the other is killed.


The main mechanic of the phase revolves around passing Judgment Nisi debuffs around in order to satisfy the Verdict/Gavel mechanic around ⅔ through the phase. While Nisi is not as threatening to player health bars as the A4S version, there are eight Nisis active as opposed to four, and contact between players with different Nisis is still an instant wipe. This creates an extremely challenging positioning puzzle as you attempt to satisfy Vortexer’s Compressed Lightning and Compressed Water debuffs, with different obstacles throughout. Cruise Chaser is really only there to be annoying and cast Whirlwinds.


BJCC phase has a DPS check of roughly 86.5k DPS.

Brute Justice + Cruise Chaser Mechanics

J Kick

Extremely heavy raidwide damage that happens right after Limit Cut + Optical Sight.



Moderate raidwide magic damage originating from Cruise Chaser.


Judgment Nisi

Brute Justice will inflicts four Decree Nisi debuffs (α, β, δ, and γ) on either the tanks and healers or the four DPS. Players must pass these debuffs around in order to satisfy the condition set by Verdict when the castbar of Gavel resolves. Each debuff inflicts a light DoT to the player, and Nisi is passed by touching another player. If a player has two different Nisi debuffs (aka they run into someone with another debuff) both players will instantly die.



Inflicts Compressed Water on a random healer and Compressed Lightning on a random DPS. These two debuffs last for 30 seconds and explode when they expire.

  • Compressed Water is a stack mechanic between multiple players: damage is split between all players in a large AoE when the debuff expires. The debuff then passes to a random player. The player with the debuff will then gain a debuff – Water Vulnerability Up – that prevents them from being the next Water stack. Additionally, Compressed Water will leave behind a water tornado. Any player too close to this tornado will get knocked back and take massive damage from Drainage, likely dying. This tornado can be frozen with Ice Earth Missile to hide behind Propeller Wind. In addition, the water tornado can be eliminated with Flarethrower. Any water tornado that stays for too long will enrage, wiping the party.

  • Compressed Lightning is a stack mechanic between two players: damage is split between players in a large AoE when the debuff expires. The debuff then passes to the other player in the stack. The player with the debuff will then gain a debuff – Lightning Vulnerability Up – that prevents them from being in another Lightning stack.

If any player with either debuff dies, it will explode, wiping the raid. This also occurs if the same player gets both debuffs.

Link Up also spawns two Chakrams at random intercardinal or cardinal positions around the arena, opposite of each other. These Chakrams cast Eye of the Chakram at a random player, firing quickly across the arena at their position when the cast starts.


Optical Sight

For this Optical Sight, Cruise Chaser casts AoEs a few seconds later on players where they were when the castbar resolves. Players must bait these AoEs and then dodge them.


Reduces party members HP to 1. On the first cast, it will reduce everyone’s HP – on the second, only the tanks.


Spin Crusher

An untelegraphed frontal cleave originating from Cruise Chaser. This can be baited and dodged.


Missile Command

Brute Justice will cast Earth Missile on the furthest two players. He will then cast Hidden Minefield on the furthest two players, Earth Missile (ice btw) on a random tank, and Enumeration on two DPS.

  • The earth Earth Missile leaves a pile of sludge on the target.

  • Hidden Minefields must be soaked by a tank or it will explode. This deals heavy magical damage.

  • Enumeration will always be 3 players. Three players must be in the Enumeration stack when it resolves or it kills all players inside the stack.

  • The ice Earth Missile will leave behind an expanding ice puddle that freezes any water tornado it comes in contact with. This is necessary to pass Propeller Wind.



Brute Justice inflicts Final Decree: Judgment Nisi debuffs (α, β, δ, and γ) on all players – one tank/healer and one DPS will have each debuff. Players must have their specified Decree Nisi debuff when Gavel resolves or it is an instant wipe.


Limit Cut

For this Limit Cut, Cruise Chaser becomes invulnerable and creates a Plasma Shield in front of him, which can only be damaged from the frontal positional. If this Plasma Shield is not killed in time (it has 120k HP and lasts for ~6s), Cruise Chaser will gain a damage up buff and wipe the party with the next Whirlwind.



When the castbar resolves, Brute Justice will cast a large conal AoE towards the closest player, dealing heavy magical damage. This is used to destroy the second Compressed Water tornado.


Propeller Wind

Cruise Chaser will confuse any player not standing behind the ice pillar formed with Ice Earth Missile + Compressed Water tornado relative to him.



All players must satisfy the condition of their Final Judgment: Decree Nisi debuff when the castbar resolves or the party will instantly wipe to Final Sentence.


Double Rocket Punch

A heavy shared physical buster on both tanks.


Super Jump

Brute Justice jumps to the farthest player from him, dealing light damage.


Apocalyptic Ray

Brute Justice faces the party with a wide conal AoE that instantly kills players if not outranged. This always occurs after Super Jump.

Brute Justice + Cruise Chaser Timeline

Cast Resolves If there is only cast, it is instant / no marker.

0:00 J Kick

0:08 0:12 Whirlwind

0:11 0:15 Judgment Nisi

0:19 0:21 Link-Up

0:28 0:30 Optical Sight

0:34 0:37 Photon

0:44 0:47 Spin Crusher

0:50 Compressed Water + Compressed Lightning

0:56 0:59 Missile Command

1:00 Earth Missile

1:02 1:07 Enumeration + Hidden Minefield

1:19 1:23 Verdict

1:21 Compressed Water + Compressed Lightning

1:26 1:28 Limit Cut

1:26 1:30 Flarethrower

1:29 Plasma Shield spawns

1:38 1:42 Whirlwind

1:51 Compressed Water + Compressed Lightning

2:03 2:09 Propeller Wind

2:07 2:12 Gavel

2:19 2:22 Photon

2:26 2:30 Double Rocket Punch

2:33 2:37 Super Jump

2:39 Apocalyptic Ray

2:46 2:50 Whirlwind

2:54 2:58 Whirlwind

3:06 3:14 Eternal Darkness + Final Sentence (enrage)


There may not be as many mechanics as you think there are, but with all the Nisi passing, strict positioning requirements, and high auto-attack damage going out at the same time, P2 is a hectic phase that requires precise gameplay.

Brute Justice + Cruise Chaser Strategy


0:00 – 0:37


There are multiple ways to execute Nisi passing, boss positioning, and stacking in the rest of this phase, but there’s one universal superior strat for the first thirty seconds or so.


muicey#3687 put together a diagram comparing various Compressed Water + Compressed Lightning pass positions. This should help understand how many different strategies your group can execute for the entire phase. All of these strategies have their pros and cons. Find one that works for you and your group! Alternate strategies are listed down in the Other Guides Available section.




Pull the bosses together, bait the Chakrams in the middle, spread out towards the edge of the arena dodging the Chakram path to bait the Optical Sight, and come back into the middle to heal up for Photon and do the first Nisi pass. When Judgment Nisi is cast, no player should touch another player except their designated passer, which will be explained in the next section. It will be either on tanks/healers, or DPS.


One tank should pick up Brute Justice and one tank should pick up Cruise Chaser. The Cruise Chaser tank takes heavy auto-attack damage, while the Brute Justice tank takes less damage but has stricter positioning requirements most of the time.


This is a GIF of this section of the phase. This is a test. Maybe I’ll make more.


0:37 – 0:50


There are different ways to do the rest of the phase – mostly based on water/lightning soaks and healer movement. My group uses a strategy that keeps Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser close for the majority of the phase, allowing for superior cleave damage throughout. However, for our cooldown timing we realized damage doesn’t matter and you usually want to hold until final Whirlwind for CDs. This strat keeps tanks out of water, and passes lightning to tanks and healers. However, another good strategy is to keep them apart, allowing for much easier movement and positioning. This puts tanks in water, and has the Cruise Chaser tank always take mines whether or not they have Ice. This splits damage accordingly and should be easier to heal.



There should always be FOUR passes of Judgment Nisi in the entire phase up until Gavel. Each tank/healer should have a designated DPS to pass to – melee to melee and ranged to ranged is preferable. This is their passing partner for the first two passes, prior to the Verdict cast at 01:19. The first pass occurs after the first Photon cast (00:37 to 00:43 ish), and Nisi should be passed to each player’s designated partner. After the Verdict cast, Nisi should be passed to players which Final Judgment: Decree Nisi debuffs match their Nisi Debuff.


How players pass Nisi is up to your group – there are three methods:

  • Non-marker always walks into marker – marker stands still

  • Tanks/healers always pass into DPS, or vice-versa

  • Marker always walks into non-marker

Of these, the first two are easier to handle, as players will not need to figure out who has the corresponding debuff for the last two passes. My group uses a combination of the first and second passing methods – 2nd for first, second, and fourth pass, 1st for third pass.


Photon must be shielded to ensure players do not die to the Nisi DoT tick. This can be done with Deployment Tactics, Divine Veil, Celestial Opposition, or even just a simple Succor/Noct Asp. Helios. Afterwards, the first Water and Lightning debuffs go off, along with a Spin Crusher prior (CC tank should ensure this is faced away and dodged). The first pass should happen before the Spin Crusher resolves, and after Photon. Players are passing to their designated DPS + T/H partner.


For my group, Water stack goes West > East > South. Lightning stack goes DPS/BJ Tank > BJ Tank/1st Water Healer > 1st Water Healer/CC Tank.


The first Lightning DPS should stack with the tank on Brute Justice. The Cruise Chaser tank should stay out of the stack, and all other players should stack near the Water. Keep in mind players cannot stack on each other and therefore “stacking” refers to being in the explosion radius of either Water or Lightning.


0:50 – 1:23


Healers should bait Earth Missile + Mine to make Enumeration easier, as it’s always on two random DPS. You are able to have the CC tank drop ice if they get it before going to eat the mines. We have whichever tank doesn’t get Ice go mine, which is harder to heal but makes more sense. This changes positioning on a fight-to-fight basis. The CC tank has plenty of time to do both. If you need more DPS, have BJ tank always take the mine so the bosses will be together for more cleave damage.



The next mechanic is Missile Command. The two furthest players will bait two AoEs – the first leaves behind a sludge puddle, while the second leaves behind a Hidden Mine that must be taken by a tank with cooldowns. Two DPS will receive Enumeration, which three players must stack with each. One tank will receive Ice, which leaves behind an expanding ice puddle – this must be dropped near the first Water tornado to freeze it. The resulting ice block is used to LoS Propeller Wind later in the fight. The ice puddle should be placed closer to the wall such that the expanding ice doesn’t get in anyone’s way.


The two healers should stand south to bait the AoEs, one in front of the other. They then both run along the wall to the west where the DPS are waiting with Enumeration. The ice tank should freeze the Water tornado, while the other tank soaks mines. The second pass should happen after Enumeration and Mines resolve. Players are passing to their designated DPS + T/H partner.


Players should then prepare for the 2nd Water Stack + Lightning Stack. My group has 2nd Lightning pass to the BJ tank and 2nd Water on the west side, where everyone ends up. By having the first Water healer take the 2nd Lightning stack, they are automatically out of the Water stack. The Cruise Chaser tank should position the boss near the edge, facing the middle in preparation for Limit Cut.


1:23 – 1:51

This is after Verdict is cast. Players should know which role is picking up debuffs (whichever role does not have Nisi currently / markers on head) and what debuff they are picking up. All players should head away from West, and spread loosely around the centre of the arena. You can stand inside the ice block, but it is difficult to see any player inside.


Immediately after, Cruise Chaser will cast Limit Cut. These aren’t numbers – he’ll summon a Plasma Shield add in front of him that can only be damaged from the front. In addition, he’ll go invulnerable. Therefore, players must stand in the middle fo the arena (where CC is facing, and thus where the add spawns) and quickly DPS the shield down (it has ~120k HP) within ~3 GCDs. If you have a WAR, they can bank one IC and kill it extremely quickly with another melee DPS.


At the same time, Brute Justice will cast Flarethrower. The BJ tank needs to bait the Flarethrower towards the west side of the arena to erase the 2nd Water tornado. Since the Flarethrower hits the closest target, all other players should be outside of BJ’s hitbox. The third pass should happen after Flarethrower. The role without Nisi is picking up Nisi debuffs that correspond to the Verdict debuff they get. This is the trickiest part of the phase and requires utmost attention to position from all players. A loose spread around the middle works the best, but ultimately it is up to what your group is comfortable with.


The Whirlwind is a heal check – players must be topped before the 3rd Water and Lightning stack. For those, we have Lightning go to the CC tank and Water stack go South. With the way CC is positioned, melee will always be able to hit a boss. Keep in mind whoever had 2nd Water debuff needs to stay out of the stack.


1:51 – 2:12

Immediately after the 3rd Water and Lightning, players should make their way to the north side of the arena. The final hard mechanic in the phase is the final Nisi pass behind the ice block. The Cruise Chaser tank should position CC such that he is SE relative to the ice block. The party will form a line behind the ice block relative to CC. This line is usually Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Ygamma (in alphabetical order, ABDY) but can be different. Almost all groups prefer ABDY as it’s the easiest to remember. The colour designation is Blue, Orange, Green, Purple.


The fourth Nisi pass will be anytime after 3rd Water and Lightning, while players are stacked on their partner. This ensures the debuff does not run out before Gavel cast on any player. All players must have their designated Nisi debuff in order to pass Gavel. Each DPS and T/H has a unique Nisi, so DPS will always stack with T/H. The line should be easy to make.


After Gavel is cast, all debuffs will disappear, including Compressed Water and Compressed Lightning.


2:12 – 3:14

The rest of the phase is relatively easy, but encompasses a heal, tank, positioning, and finally DPS check. Cruise Chaser will once again cast Photon, but it only affects both tanks. Right after, Brute Justice will Double Rocket Punch both tanks – meaning tanks have to be sufficiently healed as well as mitigate properly in order to survive.


Right after Brute Justice casts Double Rocket Punch, he will Super Jump to the farthest player. The designated ranged DPS baiter should move to the opposite side of the arena ASAP in order to bait it. After baiting, they need to sidestep to ensure they are not hit by Apocalyptic Ray. The rest of the party should huddle where they are in order to dodge the Apocalyptic Ray that follows.


Cruise Chaser then casts two Whirlwinds in a row. This deals high AoE damage along with auto attacks on tanks, and should be mitigated properly. Right after is a long casted enrage from both bosses. Cruise Chaser will also not disappear until Brute Justice is killed. Both bosses have to be killed at relatively the same time – when one is killed, the other starts casting enrage.



There is one primary mechanic that will invariably cause progression headaches in this phase: Judgment Nisi. Since no player can touch another player currently holding a Judgment Nisi, player positioning is paramount to success in this phase. Players who autopilot or are unaware will become prey to quick Final Sentence wipes, or having the wrong debuff.

    • Improper positioning

  • Always be aware and callout your movements. With enough practice, you will be able to understand all scenarios of the phase and won’t have to indicate movement, but it’s best to make sure if you move, everyone knows where you are moving.

  • Stay still if you don’t have to move. Even if you go for a positional you might run into someone else.

    • Tank damage

  • Tank damage is extremely high in this phase. Cruise Chaser in particular will do several autos in succession to the tank for 35k-37k unmitigated.

  • Healers should keep double Regens as well as pay attention to tank health during Compressed Water and Lightning.

Alexander Prime

The third phase of the fight has you battle Alexander Prime, while handling Formation (Trio) mechanics while the boss is untargetable against Alexander Prime, Brute Justice, and Cruise Chaser. The DPS check is similar to that of Bahamut Prime, but higher DPS allows you to decrease the burden on healers. It is perfectly passable with deaths, but the phase increases in difficulty the farther you get and deaths, especially on healers, may snowball into an unrecoverable position for the raid. Each Formation tests coordination and mechanical ability, with defensive buff management being the key to defeating Alexander Prime overall.


Each Formation Trio will be explained in its own section. While Alexander Prime is targetable, he will mainly use tank busters and AoEs. The entire Alexander Prime phase has a rough DPS check of 94k DPS if counting only the targetable sections, while 57.5k DPS is needed overall.

Alexander Prime Mechanics

Chastening Heat

A heavy magical tank buster that inflicts a magic vulnerability up debuff.


Divine Spear

Three magical cleaves on the tank in quick succession. This always follows Chastening Heat, so tanks will have to swap or use an invuln. The second set has a delay between the tank buster and the cleaves, which means all four hits cannot be invulned.


Mega Holy

A Gigaflare tier magical raidwide AoE. At least one 10% and shields are necessary for survival, and even then you are cutting it close. Two 10%s and shields are highly recommended.

Formation One: Temporal Stasis Mechanics

Temporal Stasis

Various debuffs are inflicted onto players. Players must satisfy debuff conditions while taking care of Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser mechanics.

  • One DPS and one Tank/Healer are inflicted with House Arrest. These players must be in close proximity to each other when it resolves or they will die.

  • One DPS and one Tank/Healer are inflicted with Restraining Order. These players must be far apart from each other when it resolves or they will die.

  • One DPS and one Tank/Healer are inflicted with Aggravated Assault. These players cannot take any additional damage or they die.

  • One DPS and one Tank/Healer will not have any debuff.


Alpha Sword

Cruise Chaser does a conal AoE (the one from Limit Cut) towards the three closest players. Inflicts Vulns.



Brute Justice does a large conal AoE towards the two closest players. Inflicts a Fire vuln.

Formation One: Temporal Stasis Timeline

Cast Resolves If there is only cast, it is instant / no marker.

0:00 0:08 Temporal Stasis

0:11 House Arrest + Restraining Order

0:13 Alpha Sword + Flarethrower

0:14 Alpha Sword

0:15 Alpha Sword + Flarethrower


Formation One: Temporal Stasis Strategy

0:00 to 0:13

This mechanic is extremely easy to solve. Players will have static positions based on their debuffs, with one caveat – Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser may be flipped at times. However, this means there are always two formats to this formation.


There are other ways to solve this mechanic, but what I propose is the easiest and safest solution by a large margin. It is very easy to remember and has no far movement.


As DPS are always paired with a healer/tank, it is possible to have Tanks/Healers always North (West for Restraining Order) and DPS South (East for Restraining Order).


What ends up happening is that Brute Justice will Flarethrower the House Arrest players, while Cruise Chaser will Alpha Sword the two unmarked players and one of the Restraining Order players. The unmarked players and the House Arrest players should be inside the hitbox, as close to the middle as possible.


Keep in mind the positioning can be flipped, so it may end up like this. Adjust as necessary.

Formation Two: Inception Formation

Inception Formation is the most dance-like of the formations. It’s extremely easy to execute once all players understand the mechanics, but there will be plenty of wipes along the way.


The original, “non-woken” method for this phase was to use the orbs to slow and kill True Heart while Judgment Crystals were used to find Inception. We now know you need the True Heart to intersect all four Judgment Crystals (without the Crystals touching each other) to gain the Enigma Codex buff for the last phase, as well as figuring out the Inception later in the phase.

Formation Two: Inception Formation Mechanics


Four random players are tethered to Plasmaspheres. These big green orbs will slowly move towards their player and explode upon contact with another player, dealing decreased damage and becoming smaller the longer they are active. Once exploded, they leave behind a small green puddle that slows all players inside it. If two puddles overlap, they will explode and wipe the party, just like A11S, GFCM.


Judgment Crystal

Four random players get an AoE marker over their head. These will drop Judgment Crystals when they resolve. If Judgment Crystals explode, they will deal proximity damage (Tetrashatter). If Judgment Crystals are overlapping each other, are in proximity to Alexander during Inception, or intersect the True Heart, they will explode.


True Heart

Shanoa will spawn opposite of Alexander Prime during Inception Formation and summon the True Heart add, moving towards Alexander Prime. When the add intersects four Judgment Crystals, it will “awaken”, becoming golden, running to Alexander Prime’s position for Inception, and grant the Enigma Codex buff which is necessary for the final phase.



Alexander Prime will teleport to a random location outside the arena and cast Sacrament, a wide AoE from his cardinals. Where the Golden True Heart moves to is where Alexander Prime will spawn. Inception will also inflict players with various debuffs.

  • One DPS will be inflicted with Shared Sentence. They must stack with the tanks.

  • One DPS and one Tank will be inflicted with Restraining Order.

  • Two DPS will be inflicted with Aggravated Assault.

These debuffs will be paramount for the Alpha Swords + Super Jump later in the phase.


There are multiple mechanics appearing from previous phases. For brevity I will not explain them – assume they work the same as before. These include Alpha Sword, Flarethrower and Super Jump.

Formation Two: Inception Formation Timeline

Cast Resolves If there is only cast, it is instant / no marker.

0:00 Alexander Prime targetable (no autoattacks until Chastening)

0:05 0:10 Chastening Heat

0:13 Divine Spear

0:15 Divine Spear

0:17 Divine Spear

0:23 0:28 Inception Formation

0:35 Aetheroplasms spawn

0:40 0:43 Judgment Crystal (cast)

0:48 Judgment Crystal (resolve)

0:54-0:57 4x Tetrashatter, time dependent on strategy

0:58 Flarethrower

1:00 Flarethrower

1:02 Flarethrower

1:04 1:09 Inception

1:13 True Heart moves to Inception location

1:17 Inception debuffs resolve

1:18 Sacrament

1:23 1:27 Super Jump

1:24 Alpha Sword

1:25 Alpha Sword

1:26 Alpha Sword

Formation Two: Inception Formation Strategy

0:00 – 0:28

The MT (whoever does first invuln) should pick up the boss. Face it North and invuln the first buster with whatever method necessary. PLD/DRK is able to invuln all four hits for this set of tank busters, while WAR/GNB wants to live the first hit + auto then invuln the three cleaves.


Players should stack in the middle for shields after Inception Formation casts. The party wants shields now or instant heals later for the high damage that will occur.


0:28 – 1:13

You need to discern where Alexander Prime and Brute Justice spawns. Alexander Prime will either spawn North or South, and Brute Justice spawns West. However, whichever direction Alexander is becomes North, so adjust as necessary.


Players should loosely spread around the middle. You have plenty of time to discern what mechanic you have and get into position, but it’s truly random so there’s no easy way out – you have to have raid awareness. Balls spawn either 2x NW + 2x SE or 2x NE + 2x SW. Either way, players who are tethered should stand near the north side of the arena.


The other four players should make their way to the south side of the arena in a box formation. No AoE should overlap, and both the left and right players should be equidistant from the centre. The players more north should take care to not overlap their AoEs with the south players.


You end up with positions like this:


Once the crystals are set and balls explode, all players except the two tanks should head north except the two tanks. Healers need to heal the party up. Afterwards, Brute Justice will Flarethrower the three closest targets. You want the party stacked North on the Brute Justice side, one tank extremely close on the south, and one tank close in the middle. Once all three Flarethrowers are done, feel free to build DPS gauges on the True Heart – you get 4 GCDs before it runs off. Healers should top the party during this time.


At this point, players will receive debuffs. Where the True Heart runs off to is where Alexander will spawn and cast Sacrament. Players will move left or right depending on their debuff. Shared Sentence DPS and the tanks will go left facing the True Heart and everyone else will go right. Go all the way to the wall to ensure Restraining Order and Shared Sentence are done correctly.




You can swap sides for this, tanks + shared right rest of party left, it’s up to you. Just make sure the configuration of players on each side is correct.



After, all players should prepare for Alpha Sword. Cruise Chaser will spawn in the middle of the arena and cast Alpha Sword thrice on the three closest players. Brute Justice (west) will cast Super Jump on the farthest player (preferably east). Everything will inflict magic vulns except for Restraining Order. Since tanks are in the Shared Sentence, they are unable to bait Alpha Sword as well, but they are able to bait Super Jump.


Therefore, the three players that bait Alpha Sword should be the Restraining Order DPS and both healers. To make it easy, Brute should be designated North. The DPS will go North, and healers will go West and East. These three players should be as close as possible. The tank with a free active mitigation skill should take the Super Jump – it’s up to your group who does. They should go far south, towards the true east side of the arena. The rest of the players should stand south of CC relative to BJ, but no one should be closer than any of the baiters but far away from the Super Jump.



These are the mechanics I see are unintuitive to streams/players I’ve watched:

    • Overlapping crystals

  • Make sure the green orb players start north, then spread to their locations. If they start too far south the orb will go through the north crystal players, likely killing them.

  • The south people with crystal should be near the wall. Players can stand in between the 2nd and 3rd notch from the middle, then the north players can adjust quickly.

    • Knowing what mechanic comes next

  • Players have plenty of time to figure out what mechanic they have next. However, they need to know where they are going with their debuff ASAP after Inception in order to quickly position for Alpha Swords and Super Jump.

    • Overlapping balls (GFCM)

  • If players position accordingly (W, NW, NE, E) balls should never overlap. Communicate whether you are going south or staying.

  • The ball should always go across the arena before it detonates.

Formation Three: Wormhole Formation

Perhaps the hardest mechanic introduced to the game to date, Wormhole Formation has your group perform the Limit Cut numbers mechanic, while baiting Super Jump, dodging Chakrams, Sacrament, and Apocalyptic Ray, while soaking Communion puddles. It is the pure definition of mechanic vomit, is very nuanced in movement, and requires understanding of the mechanic by all eight players.


Expect your group to get walled by Wormhole Formation for a long time until you can expect a single clear, and expect inconsistency for dozens of prog hours. This mechanic will truly test raid patience.

Formation Three: Wormhole Formation Mechanics


Link-Up in this phase summons Chakrams at two cardinals of the arena. They will spawn south and the side closest to Brute Justice. It does not include Compressed Water or Lightning.


Missile Command

Missile Command now only places two Enumeration on random DPS.


Incinerating Heat

A stack marker on a random player. Deals extremely heavy damage and requires party mitigation.


Void of Repentance

Alexander Prime summons two large Void puddles on the eastern and western side of the arena. These must be soaked by one player each, and becomes smaller once soaked. Soaking Repentance deals damage and inflicts a vuln, meaning players cannot take a Limit Cut charge and soak at around the same time. It falls off after a few seconds. The void will shrink twice before it disappears. If a Void puddle is not soaked, the raid will wipe.


There are multiple mechanics appearing from previous phases. For brevity I will not explain them – assume they work the same as before. These include Limit Cut numbers, Eye of the Chakram, Sacrament, Super Jump, and Apocalyptic Ray.

Formation Three: Wormhole Formation Timeline

Cast Resolves If there is only cast, it is instant / no marker.

0:00 Alexander Prime targetable (yes autos)

0:04 0:09 Chastening Heat

0:14 Divine Spear

0:16 Divine Spear

0:18 Divine Spear

0:24 0:28 Wormhole Formation

0:34 0:36 Limit Cut

0:36 0:39 Link-Up (numbers visible)

0:39 0:42 Void of Repentance

0:45 0:49 Super Jump

0:49 0:50 Alpha Sword + Super Blassty Charge

0:50 0:56 Sacrament

0:52 Apocalyptic Ray

0:54 0:55 Alpha Sword + Super Blassty Charge

0:54 Repentance

0:58 0:59 Alpha Sword + Super Blassty Charge

0:58 Repentance

0:59 1:00 Alpha Sword + Super Blassty Charge

1:02 Repentance

1:02 1:03 Alpha Sword + Super Blassty Charge

1:02 1:05 Missile Command

1:03 1:08 Incinerating Heat

1:13 Enumeration

1:17 1:21 Mega Holy

1:25 1:29 Mega Holy

Formation Three: Wormhole Formation Strategy


Wormhole Formation is the apex of difficulty in the entire fight. Much like Titan Gaols, Ultimate Suppression, Tenstrike Trio, and Grand Octet, this is an extreme mechanical check that was difficult to solve. However, most would agree that the primary difficulty lies within solving it. With countless strategies already being out your group can pick and choose between the strategy with the safest execution. I am detailing my strategy, which has a medium execution barrier but extremely simple to remember. This medium execution barrier is compared to other strategies, and make no mistake, Wormhole Formation has an extremely difficult execution barrier due to the nuances of the mechanic.


Most strategies are based on the Thoughts per Second strategy, which revolves around Cruise Chaser’s Limit Cuts going across the arena, and Brute Justice’s Apocalyptic Ray bisecting the arena but leaving safe spots for the soak puddles. Limit Cut numbers 5 / 6, 7 / 8, and 1 / 2 are the players to soak puddles, leaving 3 / 4 to bait Brute Justice. This strat is extremely easy to understand and execute, and allows four numbers (5678) to do similar movements each time, making learning the strategy way easier for progression. Other strats, such as MOOF’s and 3468 Chakram have complex movements for each number.


The strategy I am proposing is a modified TpS (ARA HOSHIZORA) strat where all odd players move left and all even players move right. The main difference is that Cruise Chaser never charges through the middle, and Brute can jump to either 3 or 4 depending on where he is positioned. This means that both 3 and 4 need to adapt, but it also means movement for the phase is the same no matter what every single run.



0:00 – 0:28

Alexander Prime keeps his aggro from before. This Chastening Heat + 3x Divine Spear combo has two autoattacks in between instead of one, meaning 10s invulns don’t work on all four hits. You’ll need to survive the hit first with CDs and invuln the 3 Divine Spears, or have the OT voke and take all three hits with CDs. Either method is fine, as you can throw basically every cooldown at it.


0:28 – 1:03

This is a diagram of my group’s Wormhole Formation strat. Wormhole Formation makes players perform the Limit Cut numbers mechanic while soaking Void of Repentance, while almost the entire arena is cut off by Apocalyptic Ray, Sacrament, and two Chakrams that fire once.


Players should all stack in the middle to prepare for Wormhole Formation. Shields and an AoE regen should go out. Players wait in the middle and face Alexander Prime until their numbers go out, then go to their respective sides – odds left, evens right. 34 will go to the north intercardinal on their side, while 12, 56, and 78 go south. 12 will go to the south intercardinal on their side and wait for Limit Cut. 56 and 78 will stand just under the cardinal until Chakrams resolve (they should go through the middle). The players at intercardinals should be standing on the red dot at the intercardinals. This is especially important for the Brute Justice jump target, but also ensures players are out of any Void of Repentance puddles.


After Chakrams resolve, the Limit Cuts start. Odd numbers need to face the edge and even numbers face the odd number. Since there is a knockback on odd numbers, all of them will have to Surecast/Arms Length beforehand. It is recommended for even numbers to Surecast/Arms Length as well, for safety. The timing for 1/2 is right as Chakrams start casting Eye of the Chakram, then every number following can cast it when the number set preceding them gets cleaved (when CC cleaves 1, 3 pops SC/AL). 7 and 8 can head to the cardinal edge of the arena, east and west, while 5 and 6 stand at the cardinal edge but inside the Void of Repentance puddle. This ensures players do not get hit by the Apocalyptic Ray.


Speaking of the Apocalyptic Ray, when the cleaves start Brute Justice will jump to the furthest player (3 or 4), turn around, and start casting Apocalyptic Ray. It is imperative that the player he is jumping to stands in the middle of the red dot, then moves south towards the wall in order to ensure they are not hit by Apocalyptic Ray. They should also be using SC/AL around this time.


The Void of Repentance puddles will soak as the previous charge gets cleaved as well. So when 3 gets cleaved, the first puddle which 5 and 6 should be soaking will resolve. This makes 5 and 6 relatively easier, as they should always be soaking, pressing SC/AL when they soak, and getting ready for their cleave.


As soon as 5 and 6 soak, they should run along the wall to go and bait Limit Cut. The reason for this is that not hugging the wall might put them in the path of Apocalyptic Ray. When 5 and 6 move out of their puddle, 7 and 8 can replace them and 1 and 2 can come back to the cardinal any time in preparation for their soak. 7 and 8 do need to squeeze into the puddle as Apocalyptic Ray is still going on. As soon as the puddle goes off, 7 and 8 should use their anti-knockbacks and head towards the southern intercardinal to bait Limit Cut. 1 and 2 should replace them in the puddle, and 5 and 6 should quickly move back to the cardinal to ensure they are not cleaved by the final Limit Cut. Once the final puddle is soaked, all players should start moving to the middle except 7 and 8 (who are still doing Limit Cut) to prepare for Incinerating Heat.


This is what each number needs to do in this strat:

    • 1

  • Move left, go to southwest edge, stand on red dot, and face the edge

  • Surecast when Chakrams start casting

  • Once the charge resolves, go to west cardinal along the wall before 5 cleaves

  • Once 7 soaks their puddle, stand in puddle

    • 2

  • Move right, go to southeast edge, stand on red dot, and face 1

  • Optional: Surecast when CC appears

  • Once the charge resolves, go to east cardinal along the wall before 5 cleaves

  • Once 8 soaks their puddle, stand in puddle

    • 3

  • Determine if Brute Justice is jumping to you or 4

  • Move left, go to northwest edge

  • Stand on red dot if Brute is jumping to you, stand closer to wall if not

  • Surecast when 1 cleaves

  • As soon as Brute Jumps, move south along the wall but not inside the puddle to dodge Apocalyptic Ray

  • This should put you in a safe spot for Sacrament

  • Once the puddle is soaked, stay exactly where you are until you need to move in for Incinerating Heat

    • 4

  • Determine if Brute Justice is jumping to you or 3

  • Move right, go to northeast edge

  • Stand on red dot if Brute is jumping to you, stand closer to wall if not

  • Surecast when 1 cleaves

  • As soon as Brute Jumps, move south along the wall but not inside the puddle to dodge Apocalyptic Ray

  • This should put you in a safe spot for Sacrament

  • Once the puddle is soaked, stay exactly where you are until you need to move in for Incinerating Heat

    • 5

  • Move left, go south of the Chakram, ignore any puddles until Chakrams go off

  • Go to cardinal, then move very slightly inside the puddle to make sure you don’t get hit by Apocalyptic Ray

  • Once 3 cleaves, the puddle will go off. SC/AL as soon as the cleave happens, and move to the southwest edge of the map facing outside ASAP.

  • Move to the cardinal edge as soon as your charge finishes.

    • 6

  • Move right, go south of the Chakram, ignore any puddles until Chakrams go off

  • Go to cardinal, then move very slightly inside the puddle to make sure you don’t get hit by Apocalyptic Ray

  • Once 3 cleaves, the puddle will go off. SC/AL as soon as the cleave happens, and move to the southeast edge of the map facing 5 ASAP.

  • Move to the cardinal edge as soon as your charge finishes.

    • 7

  • Move left, go south of the Chakram, ignore any puddles until Chakrams go off

  • Go to cardinal, and wait for 5’s puddle to go off

  • Once 5’s puddle goes off, move very slightly inside the now smaller puddle to make sure you don’t get hit by Apocalyptic Ray

  • Once 5 cleaves, the puddle will go off. SC/AL as soon as the cleave happens, and move to the southwest edge of the map facing outside ASAP.

  • Move to the middle as soon as your charge finishes.

    • 8

  • Move right, go south of the Chakram, ignore any puddles until Chakrams go off

  • Go to cardinal, and wait for 6’s puddle to go off

  • Once 5’s puddle goes off, move very slightly inside the now smaller puddle to make sure you don’t get hit by Apocalyptic Ray

  • Once 5 cleaves, the puddle will go off. SC/AL as soon as the cleave happens, and move to the southwest edge of the map facing 7 ASAP.

  • Move to the middle as soon as your charge finishes.


1:03 – 1:29

You will need a lot of instant heals and mitigation for Incinerating Heat. I recommend a Swiftcast AoE Shield, topping everything with oGCD/instant heals such as Plenary + Afflatus and Indom/Star, and both tank shielding abilities. Everyone should stack in the middle for Incinerating Heat. As soon as the ability goes off, players should separate to see which DPS have the Enumeration. These DPS should separate into a left stack and a right stack. Tanks will always stack with one group (tanks go right) and healers will always stack with the other group (healers go left), making this mechanic extremely easy to execute. You should assign your DPS with a linear order to make this mechanic easier.


Enumeration will go off after Alexander Prime becomes targetable. He will cast two Mega Holies in a row, dealing massive raidwide damage. It requires 2 10% mitigation and shields, with 3 10%s and shielding necessary to be actually safe. However, keep in mind you cannot burn that much mitigation on Incinerating Heat and Mega Holy, as the next phase comprises a massive heal check that will completely deplete all healer and mitigation resources. We use Succor, Shake it Off, and Divine Veil for Incinerating Heat while being topped off, and Succor, Soil, Reprisal, and Addle for both Mega Holies. Keep in mind one Addle and Reprisal can cover both Mega Holies if timed right.


Other Potential Strats

There are many other strategies you can use for Wormhole Formation. I will put them down so you can view other strategies available to tackle this mechanic.


Unreal “Oops” Strat


Thoughts per Second Strat



This phase has many difficulties that can wipe a group.

    • Improper positioning for Wormhole Formation. Wormhole is a very nuanced mechanic. Any wrong position can lead to a quick wipe. This includes the following:

  • Not casting SC/AL

  • Wrong side at start

  • Not soaking puddle in time

  • Moving to cardinal too early and getting hit by Chakram

  • Getting hit by Super Blassty Charge as an odd number

  • 3 and 4 moving north instead of south to dodge and getting hit by Sacrament

  • 5 and 6 not moving back to the cardinal fast enough after their charge and getting hit by 7 and 8

    • Getting hit by Apocalyptic Ray

  • I listed all the movement specifically for a reason. Getting hit by Apoc Ray was a huge hurdle in getting the positioning down for this mechanic.

  • Moving alongside the wall needs to be respected. All players should move alongside the wall to their designated position after Brute Justice jumps.

    • Enumeration confusion

  • Assign the DPS to a linear order, such as DRG – NIN – BRD – SMN. They can then refer to the order to go left and right for Enumeration stacks.

Formation Four: Summon Alexander

Summon Alexander is the final check of the phase. It comprises multiple mitigation checks, a heal check, and finally a complete phase enrage check. This puts a high strain on healer MP and group coordination, as mitigation is the key to surviving the high damage output from Brute Justice’s J Waves.


If everyone has stayed alive, the DPS check itself should be easy – however, the higher the burst DPS during the Summon Alexander phase on Cruise Chaser and Brute Justice, the lower the healing requirement.

Formation Four: Summon Alexander Mechanics

Summon Alexander

Alexander Prime summons Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser to protect him and use their final anime moves while he charges up his final anime move – Divine Judgment. If Alexander Prime is allowed to finish the cast, it’ll wipe the raid – otherwise, it’ll do an extremely heavy hit that requires Tank LB3 to survive.


J Storm

Brute Justice crashes onto the arena, dealing heavy damage.


Eternal Darkness

Cruise Chaser will enrage if he is not killed before this finishes.


J Wave

Brute Justice deals heavy AoE damage to the party. He gains a damage up stack each time he casts this, creating a looming damage enrage unless he is killed in time.

Formation Four: Summon Alexander Timeline

Cast Resolves If there is only cast, it is instant / no marker.

0:00 0:03 Summon Alexander

0:09 J Storm (Cruise Chaser + Brute Justice targetable)

0:10 0:35 Eternal Darkness

0:10 1:25 Divine Judgment

0:14 J Wave

J Wave repeats every 3 seconds until Brute Justice is killed.


Formation Four: Summon Alexander Strategy

0:00 – 1:25

This entire phase is a game of mitigation strategy. The Incinerating Heat earlier requires some fast non-targeted mitigation, and Mega Holy requires high mitigation. Therefore, it is imperative to discuss mitigation beforehand. You should base mitigation around how many damage up stacks Brute Justice has. My group did the following when we ran SCH + WHM:


Asylum + Seraph – 1 / 2 stacks

Fey Illumination + Temperance – 4 / 5 stacks

Sacred Soil + Troubadour – 6 stacks

Reprisal – 8 stacks

Passage of Arms – 10 stacks

Reprisal – 12 stacks (dead)


We currently do the following as WHM + AST:


Asylum – 0 stacks

Temperance + Neutral Sect – 4 / 5 stacks

Tactician + Reprisal – 6 stacks

Passage of Arms – 9 stacks

Reprisal – 11 stacks


More mitigation may be required if DPS is lower, and mitigation can be pushed back if DPS is higher. You should be aiming to kill Brute Justice at around 11 or 12 stacks. Any further and it is a guarantee the healers will run dry.


Here is a list of mitigation/healing increase skills that can be used in total, not counting mitigation used on Incinerating Heat and Mega Holy x2:

  • PLD: Passage of Arms, Divine Veil

  • DRK: Dark Missionary

  • GNB: Heart of Light

  • WAR: Shake it Off

  • SCH: Sacred Soil, Consolation, Dissipation, Deployment Tactics

  • WHM: Asylum, Temperance

  • AST: Collective Unconscious, Neutral Sect

  • BRD: Nature’s Minne (specifically for Deployment Tactics)

  • MNK: Mantra

  • Tank (1 per): Reprisal

  • Caster (1 per): Addle

  • Ranged (1 per): Shield Samba/Tactician/Troubadour


All players should stack on Cruise Chaser’s right flank before J Storm, while healers let regens + oGCD heals top the raid for the first few J Wave hits. After the damage gets more intense, healers will spam GCD AoE heals until the bosses die. Multi-dot is extremely strong here, and players can cleave both bosses with certain abilities such as DRG’s Nastrond and BRD’s Apex Arrow if they stand inside Cruise Chaser’s hitbox facing Brute Justice. However, they may miss heals if so and should make sure to heal themselves.


After Divine Judgment casts and you have killed Alexander Prime, the tank needs to Tank LB3 when the countdown is at ~3/4 seconds. Shields and regens can be prepopped in order to have a higher HP value going into the final phase, as Perfect Alexander is targetable almost immediately.


If you are on track to an easy Alexander Prime kill, it is imperative to hold cooldowns and build gauges for final phase, as the DPS check is extremely difficult – akin to Week 1 Titan. It is no victory lap, and every bit of DPS is needed to squeeze out a kill.

Perfect Alexander

Perfect Alexander consists of four “sections”: pre-Fate Calibration α, Fate Calibration α, Fate Calibration β, and the victory lap (Exatrines and tank busters). The phase has a looming enrage timer, and the enrage is similar to UWU where each player gets locked sequentially until the enrage actually occurs, giving a bit of leniency.


While the depth of the mechanics look difficult, the mechanics themselves aren’t extremely difficult – it’s all about knowing what your clone gets and moving to position based on that as an 8/8 party. Progression on this phase is extremely hard as players need to be consistent in all previous phases to prog this phase enough for a clear. Excessive Living Liquid and BJCC wipes ensure that your progression is prolonged. If players know what to do, I dare say a competent group can clear this phase within two or three pulls. Prepare to spend longer figuring out the nuances of every section, though.


Ordained Stillness is the hardest mechanic in the phase. Perfect Alexander has a strict DPS check of 94.2k DPS if only counting targetable sections, with a rough 80k DPS check overall.

Perfect Alexander Mechanics

The Final Word

Perfect Alexander inflicts debuffs on players. These debuffs will move the players in a specific way when they resolve.

    • One player is inflicted with Final Word: Contact Regulation. (Orange)

    • Three players are inflicted with Final Word: Contact Prohibition. (Yellow)

  • These players will move towards the player with Final Word: Contact Regulation when their debuff resolves. If they come into contact with said player, they will instantly die.

    • One player is inflicted with Final Word: Escape Detection. (Purple)

    • Three players are inflicted with Final Word: Escape Prohibition. (Blue)

  • These players will move away from the player with Final Word: Escape Detection. If they come into contact with said player OR run too far away from them, they will instantly die.


Ordained Motion

Player characters must be moving at the time of cast, or they will instantly die. This mechanic is denoted by a white sword.


Ordained Stillness

Player characters must be standing still at the time of cast, or they will instantly die. The mechanic is denoted by a black sword.


Optical Sight

Optical Sight will cast one of two mechanics.

  • Individual Reprobation will be a large AoE around every party member. This does heavy damage. (Spread)

  • Collective Reprobation will be a stack marker around two random party members. This does heavy damage, and ideally you want a 4-4 stack but a 5-3 stack is livable with shielding. (Stack)


Ordained Capital Punishment

Perfect Alexander targets the MT with a three hit tank buster that must be shared with the other tank. This is very similar to Akh Morn. It deals heavy magic damage.


Ordained Punishment

Perfect Alexander targets the MT with a heavy magical tank buster. This inflicts a physical vulnerability debuff (Perfect Alexander deals physical damage with auto-attacks). Therefore, a tank swap is necessary. It always follows Ordained Capital Punishment.


Almighty Judgment

Alexander shows three sets of AoEs in quick succession, which players must dodge together. They go off in order at the start of the Irresistible Grace castbar.


Irresistible Grace

A stack marker on a random player. This is similar to Morn Afah. Deals extremely heavy magic damage.


Fate Calibration (Explanation)

The Enigma Codex buff is required to execute this mechanic. Fate Projection creates clones of all party members that suffer mechanics that will happen when Fate Calibration resolves. Each player and their clone has an arrow pointing to each other, allowing players to locate their clone easier. The mechanics that clones suffer is the mechanic players have to execute when the cast resolves.


Fate Calibration α

Fate Calibration α shows mechanics starting around 50% through the castbar.

    • The first mechanic is either Ordained Motion or Ordained Stillness, denoted by the colour of the sword that drops on clone’s head. This applies to all players, not just the affected clones.

    • The second mechanic is dependent on the clone.

  • Three clones will receive Aggravated Assault, denoted by a gear around the character. They look like this.

  • Three clones will receive NO debuff.

  • One clone will receive Shared Sentence, denoted by a large stack-like gear marker around the character. It looks like this (sry for bad quality)

  • One clone will receive Defamation, denoted by a gigantic circle emanating from the clone. They will have to be opposite the party.

  • The third mechanic is either Ordained Motion or Ordained Stillness, denoted by the colour of the sword that drops on clone’s head. This applies to all players, not just the affected clones.

  • The fourth mechanic is three Sacraments from the northern Alex clones. There will be one Alex clone that does not fire: directly in front of him and opposite him are safe spots for the Sacraments. It will always be either the second or third Alex clone that does not fire.


Fate Calibration β

Fate Calibration β shows mechanics starting around 30% through the castbar.

    • The first mechanic is The Final Word, along with the Alexander debuff suite.

  • Four clones will get a light mark on top of their head. The light mark looks as such:

    • Of those clones, three light clones will be moving, while one will not be moving. The light clone not moving has Final Word: Contact Regulation. The moving light clones have Final Word: Contact Prohibition.

    • Light marked players do not have to worry about their tether/shared debuffs, as they will perform the same initial movement every time due to how the preferred strat works. However, keep in mind the moving light mark players will receive mechanics.

  • One player will be inflicted with House Arrest.

  • One player will be inflicted with Restraining Order.

  • One player will be inflicted with Shared Sentence.

  • Four clones will get a dark mark on top of their head. The dark mark looks as such:

    • Similar to light marked clones, three dark clones will be moving while one will be not moving. The dark clone not moving has Final Word: Escape Detection. The moving dark clones have Final Word: Escape Prohibition.

    • Moving dark mark players must worry about their tether. These are shown at the time of mark.

  • One player will be inflicted with House Arrest.

  • One player will be inflicted with Restraining Order.

  • One player will not be inflicted with anything.

  • The second mechanic is three Super Jumps. Three Alex clones that spawn north will jump west, east, and south. These will be done by the Purple, Restraining Order Blue, and no debuff Blue players.

  • The third mechanic is Optical Sight: Individual Reprobation or Collective Reprobation. The remaining north Alex clone will either shoot eight smaller balls out or two big balls. Two big balls indicate Collective Reprobation (two stacks) and eight small balls indicate Individual Reprobation (spread). The two stack targets are predetermined if it’s stack – they will be on Orange and Purple. This allows you to split the party into a 4-4 with Darks and Lights.

  • The fourth mechanic is Radiant Sacrament (dynamo). One of the Super Jump Alex clones will cast this, and you will have to run to it after the rest of the mechanics resolve.

Perfect Alexander Timeline

Cast Resolves If there is only cast, it is instant / no marker.

0:00 Perfect Alexander targetable

0:04 Perfect Alexander begins autoattacking

0:09 0:13 The Final Word

0:16 0:20 Ordained Motion OR Ordained Stillness

0:22 Final Word debuffs resolve

0:26 0:30 Ordained Stillness OR Ordained Motion

0:38 0:41 Optical Sight: Collective Reprobation OR Individual Reprobation

0:43 Damage goes off

0:44 0:47 Optical Sight: Individual Reprobation OR Collective Reprobation

0:49 Damage goes off

0:57 1:02 Fate Projection α

1:05 1:27 Fate Calibration α

1:11 Enigma Codex: Ordained Motion OR Ordained Stillness

1:17 Enigma Codex: Defamation

1:18 Enigma Codex: Shared Sentence

1:19 Enigma Codex: Aggravated Assault

1:21 Enigma Codex: Ordained Motion OR Ordained Stillness

1:22Enigma Codex: Sacrament x3

1:34 Ordained Motion OR Ordained Stillness

1:37 Defamation, Shared Sentence, and Aggravated Assault

1:37 Ordained Motion OR Ordained Stillness

1:38 Sacrament x3

1:42 Perfect Alexander targetable

1:49 1:52 Ordained Capital Punishment cast

1:56 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 1

1:57 2:02 Ordained Punishment

1:57 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 2

1:58 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 3

2:12 2:17 Fate Projection β

2:20 2:55 Fate Calibration β

2:30 Enigma Codex: The Final Word + Alexander debuffs

2:35 Enigma Codex: Super Jump x3

2:40 Enigma Codex: Optical Sight Individual Reprobation OR Collective Reprobation

2:46 Enigma Codex: Radiant Sacrament

2:59 Final Word debuffs resolve

3:06 House Arrest, Restraining Order, Shared Sentence resolve

3:07 Super Jump x3

3:11 Optical Sight: Individual Reprobation OR Collective Reprobation

3:13 Optical Sight resolves

3:18 Radiant Sacrament

3:28 3:31 Ordained Capital Punishment cast

3:34 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 1

3:35 3:40 Ordained Punishment

3:35 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 2

3:36 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 3

3:48 3:51 Almighty Judgment

4:02 4:07 Irresistible Grace

4:14 4:17 Ordained Capital Punishment cast

4:20 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 1

4:21 4:26 Ordained Punishment

4:21 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 2

4:22 Ordained Capital Punishment hit 3

4:33 4:36 Almighty Judgment

4:47 4:52 Irresistible Grace

5:02 5:07 Temporal Interference

5:10 5:52 Temporal Prison

5:15 Temporal Prison 1

5:20 Temporal Prison 2

5:25 Temporal Prison 3

5:30 Temporal Prison 4

5:35 Temporal Prison 5

5:40 Temporal Prison 6

5:45 Temporal Prison 7

5:53 [Ṟ̶̤̝̝̘̖͓͛͌͊̏͑͊ͯ͋͗Ḛ̵̢̭̤͈̲͓̣͈̦̦̜͕̗̖̝ͧ̓̓̈́ͨ̀ͧ͂̈ͬͯͤ̊͂̀̂̎D̜͎̯̗̳̩̪̼͉̙̠̠̤̻̯̺̰̣̮͒̏̋ͧ̂̆͂͊͞͠A̵ͩ͛͑̊̍̓̽̒͊̐̍ͥ̒͋̈ͤ̇̎̈́́͏҉̲̫͙͈̗Cͫͣͯͫ҉̬̰̣̻̳̙̰T̶̨̟͇̪̥̝̝̲̟̗ͦͯͮ̾̍̈̀ͮ̚͟Ė̷̢̛̤̻̩͙̙̖͕̙̘̣̘̟̙̲̀̆ͤ̓̚͢͟D̍̏̂҉̵͔̠̲̹͖̠̕͟͞]


Enigma Codex refers to when you see your clone receiving the mechanic.

Perfect Alexander Strategy

0:00 – 0:57

Aggro resets, so the designated MT should pick up the boss again. There is not much damage in this phase on tanks besides the tank busters and specific spots, and tanks should cooldown appropriately and use shields and heals to spare healer GCDs.



All strategies in this phase by every group are similar, due to the puzzle-like format of the mechanics. There can be some different ways to do things like Optical Sight or Final Word, so find what works best for you. Most mechanics in this phase can be flipped in terms of orientation. The end result is the same. However, stay consistent – if you start west for one mechanic, start west for them all.


The first mechanic is the Final Word. The way to solve the mechanic is simple, but combined with Ordained Stillness it can prove difficult to position. Players should pre-position near the west side of the arena.


The player inflicted with purple will stand behind the party. The player with Orange should stand on the opposite side of the arena, as far away as possible. Everyone else should be stacked directly in front of Purple, so that it ends up like the image above. Note that all players should be stacked on each other directly in front of the purple – the diagram simply shows how many debuffs are in the stack.


Before debuffs resolve, there is either Ordained Motion or Ordained Stillness (hardest mechanic in the fight). This is not like old Blizzards or Blighted Bouquets – it is very likely based on player/character animation instead of input. Therefore, players should be moving the entire cast if it is Motion and players should sheath their weapon, press Escape, and afk halfway through the cast if it is Stillness. Jumping in place does work for Ordained Motion.


Players will then get mindjacked towards the Orange player. If done successfully, no one will die. There will be an Ordained Motion or Ordained Stillness IMMEDIATELY after, and it is the opposite of the first one. Respect this mechanic.


Afterwards, players should mitigate for Optical Sight. They will happen one after the other, leaving minimal time for healing. For the stacks, spread in a loose protean and simply move towards the closest stack, with the stacks separating if they are close. For spread, simply spread in Protean positions around the boss.


Heal up and prepare for Fate Calibration α!


0:57 – 1:42

Fate Calibration α will begin casting. Players will need to watch out for Ordained Stillness/Motion, their debuff, Ordained Stillness/Motion, and the Sacrament safe spot in that order. It can be the same Ordained mechanic twice in a row.


Players should immediately follow their clone as soon as it spawns. Have a few players (or one trustworthy one) designated to spot Ordained Motion/Stillness and the Sacrament safe spot (this should be obvious). Around 50% through the castbar, the debuffs will go out. Players will stand in the Sacrament safe spots based on their debuff. Watch for the last Ordained Stillness/Motion before the Sacraments and head to the safe spot.


The safe spot will either be on the southwest or southeast, and opposite. Either way, the Defamation target will head to the robot that didn’t fire and stand directly in front of it. The rest of the party will make their way to the southeast/southwest. Players marked with Aggravated Assault (lightning) will stand on the right part of the safe spot. Players marked with Shared Sentence and unmarked players will stand on the left side of the safe spot, so that players with debuffs end up as such.


Immediately after Perfect Alexander becomes untargetable, players should perform the first Ordained mechanic. They should then position quickly and perform the second Ordained mechanic. Do not move out of the safe spot until all three Sacraments fire. Additionally, do not move too far and hit a Lightning with a stack or be in the Sacrament.


1:42 – 2:12

Following Fate Calibration α is the first tank buster sequence. Perfect Alex will hit the MT with three hits that must be shared with the other tank, then a heavy solo hit that inflicts physical vulnerability – this must be swapped. There are various ways to do the mechanic, but at least one must be shared and swapped as there are three busters and two invulns.


Hallowed Ground and Living Dead are able to soak all three hits plus the last hit. Holmgang and Superbolide should only be used to cover the shared hits, although with good timing you can use it for all four hits – I do not recommend this, as you would waste a perfectly good pull on a simple tank buster if you mistime it. The OT should swap when all three hits of Ordained Capital Punishment have fired, around 50% through the castbar of Ordained Punishment. I recommend sharing the first buster and using invulns for the latter two, as this allows personal cooldowns to be up for auto-attacks during Irresistible Grace.


Heal up and prepare for Fate Calibration β!


2:12 – 3:28

Fate Calibration β will begin casting. Players will need to watch out for their Final Word debuff as well as their tether debuff. They will then have to watch out for Optical Sight, then which Super Jump was safe for Radiant Sacrament.


Players should immediately follow their clone as soon as it spawns. Have a few players (or one trustworthy one) designated to spot Optical Sight and the Radiant Sacrament safe spot (this should be obvious). The Radiant Sacrament safe spot will be the closest cardinal edge. Around 30% through the castbar, the debuffs will go out. Players need to watch their clone and the marker to see what debuff(s) they have. Players will stand at the west edge (or north) of the arena based on their debuff. It is highly recommended to have shields for the actual Fate Calibration β mechanics, as Super Jump and Optical Sight will do a lot of damage.


Here is where everyone should be standing:

  • Purple (dark not moving): Behind every other player, on a easy to spot waymark that will easily show where players will get mindjacked to

  • Orange (light not moving): North edge of the arena.

  • Yellow (light moving): In front of Purple, slightly north in order to get mindjacked north.

  • Blue (House Arrest): Stack with the yellows, slightly north in order to get mindjacked north.

  • Blue (Restraining Order): In front of Purple, slightly south in order to get mindjacked south.

  • Blue (no tether): In front of purple, directly in front in order to get mindjacked east.


Players should run to their respective edge and stay at the edge until Shared Sentence and Super Jump resolve.

Players should then do Optical Sight. If it was spread, spread loosely around the arena based on your spots. If it was stack, have the light marked players stack north of the centre and dark marked players stack south of the centre. The dark players will all have to move in.

Finally, all players should move to the Radiant Sacrament location ASAP – Sprint.


3:28 – 5:02

The final two mechanics. The true victory lap…or is it? Almighty Judgment and Irresistible Grace are the two new mechanics of the phase and can prove difficult. However, there’s an easy way to solve it!


Use an invuln on the buster, and stack towards the south side of the arena to prepare for Almighty Judgment and Irresistible Grace.


(Colourblind version of Exatrine Box strat, courtesy of Aya Liz)


By using the “Exatrine Box Strat”, you simplify the mechanic by always doing a 3 to 1 dodge. All players should start and end at the same location to ensure the stack for Irresistible Grace is done correctly. To survive Irresistible Grace, all eight players should be stacked, and there should be plenty of mitigation on the party. You require a minimum of 20% mitigation and shields to survive, and you should have much more for safety. My group used the following:

  • Irresistible Grace 1: Addle, Troubadour, Soil, Succor, Reprisal, Temperance

  • Irresistible Grace 2: Veil, Shake, Passage, Reprisal, Deploy


This may seem like overkill, but it really isn’t – there isn’t much else to use these skills on, and 90s CDs such as Deploy/Veil are already being used for Fate Calibration β. Tanks will take a lot of auto-attack damage during movement and before the stack, so make sure to top them off with oGCDs and mitigate.


Simply perform the mechanics once more – invuln buster, move for Exatrine, and mitigate, and get ready for enrage.



Alexander Prime will jump to the middle and start casting enrage. He will summon seven Temporal Prisons, which party members must stack in. Once these resolve, the player is locked in time forever unless they defeat Perfect Alexander. They start in the northeast and rotate clockwise. It is imperative that higher DPS jobs at this part of the fight are left until the end and the lower DPS jobs are trapped first. The last player is free to DPS until enrage actually happens.

Sample Temporal Prison spots, with SCH>WHM>WAR>PLD>BRD>NIN>SMN>MNK.


This is the final DPS check, and all buffs + potions + cooldowns should be used right after he jumps. Don’t bother healing up the last Irresistible Grace – you need all the DPS you want if you d̸̟̟̙͉̥̙̳o̷̭n̬͡’̱̦̲̗͡ͅt̝̦̜̀ ͔̻́w͍͙̥̕an͚̙t ͍̟̪̫t̪͎͢ͅọ̢̫̣̹ ͈͢ge͍͚̱͈ṭ̬̥͡ͅ ͈͘ͅl̯͓͓̗͘o͇̭̩ͅc̵̟̥̫͎̙̞k͕e҉̱͔̖̯̦͇d̞ ͎͍̹͓͢i̴̞͚͍̝̼ń͎̙̹̟͖̼ ̛͍͈͉t͜i̮̻̦͔̞̼͕m̦͕̬̰̟e̱ ̷͖̲f̵̗ͅo̺̞̲̗r͈̘̘̥̦̖͍e̜̩͕̦͚ͅv̗͇͇̩̣e͖̬̻͈̘ͅr̸͙.̺̦͇̠͉



These are the mechanics I see streams/players wiping to consistently.

    • The Final Word positioning

  • If Yellow players touch Orange, they die. If Blue players move too far away from Purple, they die. It’s a tough life wiping to the first mechanic of the “victory lap”. Make sure everyone is positioning correctly – stack directly in front of Purple, Orange out in Africa, no sprints.

    • Ordained Stillness

  • Literally the hardest mechanic of the phase, RESPECT THIS.

    • DPS Check

  • We had a 0.1% no death enrage. 125k left. DPS optimization is extremely important in the phase. Don’t stop hitting the boss ever when following your clone.

  • DPS optimization is extremely important. Any DPS mechanical error can cost you the kill, I’ve seen several sub 0.3% wipes. Coordinate your group’s cooldowns beforehand – you get three 2ms and two 3ms.

    • Fate Calibration β damage death

  • Players will take heavy damage from Super Jump and Optical Sight spread combined, which is likely more than 100% of their HP. Make sure a healer spot heals in the middle, or preshield to ensure no one dies. Healing for stack is much easier.


Hey , just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS (tea was harder in november) on the THE EPIC OF ALEXANDER (it was harder in november) CLEAR. I know you’ve been working really hard (tea used to be harder) at it, and I’m happy that you’ve (tea used to be harder) achieved your goal of completion. I know your journey through (tea used to be even harder) the content was filled with ups and downs, but you and (tea used to be harder) your group stuck t(tea used to be harder)ogether through them all, and you were rewarded for your patience and (tea used to be harder) tenacity. Congratulations (tea used to be so much harder) once again, and here’s to more success in your future (tea used to be harder) endeavors!!!


Congratulations! If you’ve reached the end of the document, you’re either a curious reader wondering what all the mechanics are, or on enrage and ready to kill the fight! Once you do, you’ll be able to pick up your shiny new Ultimate weapon from Hismena in Idyllshire. Watch other people stream their prog and PogChamp duDudu along with us in twitch chat!

Team Composition Analysis

Every single job has cleared TEA already. Many of the ones that seem sub-optimal were in early clears (BLM and AST in particular), so there is no such thing as strictly inferior jobs in the fight, just inferior DPS compositions, strategies, and execution.


–Updated for 5.4–


As of Patch 5.4, I would say any standard composition should be able to clear the fight. FFLogs has data for virtually every composition possible, and even if the composition is suboptimal there are ways to circumvent this and make up for it in other ways.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is one significant DPS check in the fight – Perfect Alexander, with a 80k DPS check. All damage done prior to that is “throwaway damage” in a sense – if you beat the enrage by a sliver, that’s good, because damage doesn’t carry over. It’s similar to Bahamut phase in UCOB or Titan in Ultima. Jobs seen as superior in the first two phases that consist of a lot of cleave damage may not be the best choice for a strict single target phase with a lot of downtime like Perfect Alexander. With this in mind, it’s best to prepare early and pick classes that are good for Perfect Alexander, not just P1 and P2.


Most groups are running with the tried and true double melee, ranged, and caster comp. This works well, and losing the additional Addle vs double caster doesn’t really hurt much in most phases due to the 5.1 Reprisal buff. Double caster is the other more viable option, as double Addle is still strong and casters provide the highest damage in PA. However, most groups would not have one of their melee geared and ready for caster prog. If you are recruiting for strictly TEA, don’t be afraid to bring two casters.

Miscellaneous Information / FAQ

What is the BIS for TEA, after Patch 5.2?

TEA BIS involves a mixture of i475 pieces dropped from the new MSQ dungeon, The Heroes’ Gauntlet, as well as i470 pieces. Right side pieces have one materia slot, so i470 accessories are still better. Look in the Balance resources channels for lists.


What food and pots do I use?

You should always be using the highest food and potions available to you. This includes HQ Grade 4 Tinctures and 5.4 BiS Food for Eden’s Promise (Savage). Ideal potion spots are at the beginning of Alexander Prime, and two potions in Perfect Alexander (up to your rotation for when to use them). They can be used on LL or BJCC to squeeze extra DPS in prog.


While trigger and third-party tool usage is hotly debated, if you’re doing Ultimate you should be using ACT (or if PS4, someone in your raid should) and triggers are extremely handy to trivialize callouts. It is no replacement for a raid leader’s callouts, but having them can mean the difference between quick progression and a slugfest. Keep in mind you can edit the TTS to whatever you want, by changing the SD in each trigger import. You must import each line separately. Import each individual line into ACT in Options > XML Share Snippets.


Limit Cut Triggers

Simply replace YOURNICK with your in-game name (Find and Replace).


<Trigger R=”YOURNICK:.{4}:.{4}:004F:.{4}:.{4}:.{4}:” SD=”One” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=” General” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”YOURNICK:.{4}:.{4}:0050:.{4}:.{4}:.{4}:” SD=”Two” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=” General” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”YOURNICK:.{4}:.{4}:0051:.{4}:.{4}:.{4}:” SD=”Three” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=” General” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”YOURNICK:.{4}:.{4}:0052:.{4}:.{4}:.{4}:” SD=”Four” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=” General” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”YOURNICK:.{4}:.{4}:0053:.{4}:.{4}:.{4}:” SD=”Five” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=” General” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”YOURNICK:.{4}:.{4}:0054:.{4}:.{4}:.{4}:” SD=”Six” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=” General” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”YOURNICK:.{4}:.{4}:0055:.{4}:.{4}:.{4}:” SD=”Seven” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=” General” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”YOURNICK:.{4}:.{4}:0056:.{4}:.{4}:.{4}:” SD=”Eight” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=” General” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />


Brute Justice + Cruise Chaser Triggers (Decree Nisi)

<Trigger R=”You suffer the effect of Final Judgment: Decree Nisi α” SD=”Pick up A” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=”TEA” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”You suffer the effect of Final Judgment: Decree Nisi β” SD=”Pick up B” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=”TEA” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”You suffer the effect of Final Judgment: Decree Nisi γ” SD=”Pick up Y” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=”TEA” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”You suffer the effect of Final Judgment: Decree Nisi δ” SD=”Pick up D” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=”TEA” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />


Perfect Alexander Triggers

<Trigger R=”You suffer the effect of Final Word: Contact Regulation” SD=”Orange” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=”TEA” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”You suffer the effect of Final Word: Escape Detection” SD=”Purple” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=”TEA” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />


You can add the following for Blue and Yellow:


<Trigger R=”You suffer the effect of Final Word: Contact Prohibition” SD=”Yellow” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=”TEA” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />

<Trigger R=”You suffer the effect of Final Word: Escape Prohibition” SD=”Yellow” ST=”3″ CR=”F” C=”TEA” T=”F” TN=”” Ta=”F” />


Triggernometry Package

The Aya Liz Triggernometry package served me well in UCOB and serves you well here too. This is all you need for the final phase. These triggers highly simplify the Fate Calibration mechanics and allows you to know exactly what you get without following your clone. I would highly advise any progging groups to have every player use these triggers.

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