Field of Fonons

FIELDS OF FONONS AND YOU, A guide by curiousInstigator

A duelist steps into the glowing green ring of natural energy in front of him, a wave of power coursing through his body as he prepares to strike. What once would have been a simple thrust into his target’s chest becomes a flurry of piercing blades that leaves cuts across his body.

A wizard begins the incantation for her spell, the ground rumbling from beneath the brown ring around her to the ground below that of the kobolds blocking her path. The earth erupts, unleashing multiple jagged boulders that impale the unfortunate victims.

General information: What is a Fonon?

A fonon is the basic particle of all elements that composes the planet of Auldrant in Tales of the Abyss. Fonons are vibrations of energy that give sound and allow matter to be distinguished, essentially composing the entire universe, as well as its contents.

In short, everything, even humans, is made up of Fonons.

Fonons come in 6 elements with corresponding colors:

Wind – Green

Earth – Brown

Water – Blue

Fire – Red

Light – Gold

Dark – Purple

Special attacks and spells are known as Artes in the ToA universe. Some Artes cause ring-shaped Auras to appear on the ground. These Auras are known as Fields of Fonons, or FOF.

Elemental attacks build these up in increments of 25%, 50%, and 100%. These attacks are usually spells (Fireball, Ray of Frost, etc.) or certain melee techniques with an elemental effect (A Lightning Javelin or Fire/Ice shots from a bow or gun) as long as those melee attacks land.

  • Melee techniques only leave fields at 25% charge.

  • More powerful spells can leave a fully charged Field

Using an attack or casting an arte while inside an Active Field of Fonons can trigger a FOF Change, which unleashes a stronger attack or spell. Magic users can trigger FOF Changes through an enemy who is in the appropriate Field.

In Tales of the Abyss, a special rare item called a Sunlight Chamber can allow the owner to trigger a Field of Fonon Change on any appropriate Field, active or not, with a specific ability.

Light Fields can be used to trigger Wind and Fire FOF Changes, while Dark Fields trigger Water and Earth Changes.


  1. One Field of Fonons for one element on the battlefield at one time.

  2. Two Fields of Fonons of any kind cannot occupy the same space.

  3. There can be multiple Fields of Fonons on the battlefield at one time, as long as they are of different elements.

  4. An inactive Field appears white and dull, while an active Field appears to glow with their appropriate color.

How to Apply it to 5th Edition (Alpha):


  • A character’s presence may be causing a shift in the world’s atmosphere.

  • Players may travel into another plane that is made of Fonons

  • Someone may have discovered how to manipulate the elements in the air, creating Fonons.


  • Level 0: No charge

  • Level 1-3 spells: 25%, must be cast a minimum of four times of a single element

  • Level 4-6 spells: 50%, must be cast a minimum of two times of a single element

  • Level 7+ spells: 100%, must be cast a minimum of once of a single element.

Fields of Fonons Last Until

  • Another action is made with a similar element.

  • The next turn of the last person that caused the Field to appear (1 round)

  • A Field of Fonon Change occurs (at full charge). This resets the fonon’s charge to 0%.

Field of Fonon Change

  • All classes gain the feat “Fonon Fighter” at 1st level, or while visiting a plane that uses Fields. Damage is increased by +1 damage die, +1 for characters at 4th, 8th, and 12th level.

  • FOF Changes can be triggered by anyone, so long as the technique uses that element to trigger the change.*

  • *OPTIONAL* FOF Changes can upgrade spells (Touch of Truthtelling becomes Zone of Truth in an active Light Field, etc.), so long as the caster can use the appropriate level of the spell initially being cast.

  • *OPTIONAL* Experts in manipulating Fonons can cast spells specifically meant to Evoke Fields of Fonons (Evoke Fire, Earth, etc.)


School/Cast by




Evoke (Element)


All 3rd Level spellcasters

Close (25+5/spell level)

V, S, M (Fonons of element)

See Above

  • At higher levels, characters can select a feat called “Elemental Champion” which allows them to trigger FOF Changes without the need to fully charge a Field.

*Some basic attacks that do not have an element can use FOF’s (Luke’s Fang Blade in a Wind Field turns into Lightning Tiger Blade, and so on). It is up to the DM which melee attack can use which FOF.


In Tales of the Abyss, the heroes and villains are capable of unleashing all-powerful techniques called Mystic Artes, which can be triggered right after an FOF Change or by interrupting high-level spells during the skill Overlimit**.

**Unlocked at 8th Level/when a player has 2 4th Level Spell slots, Overlimit can be replaced by expending 2 level 4+ spell slots while casting or by using a Bonus Action. A melee-based Mystic Arte is triggered by using an advanced technique that MUST HIT (Grog’s Reckless + Great Weapon Master attack, for example). Roll as usual – if it hits, you may trigger the Mystic Arte. If it misses, go through the turn as normal.

Damage: +2 damage die, +2 at 13th and 15th level. One Mystic Arte per Long Rest.

Mystic Artes are considered mini-”How Do You Want To Do This?” moments. While how it is executed may be different, however, the attack itself may stay the same (Fang Blade always triggers Lightning Tiger Blade, etc.). This applies to FOF Changes as well.

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