Fighter Archetype: Samurai 5e

Fighter Archetpye:


Art of the Katana:  When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain a Katana.  It is a Light Weapon with Finesse and Versatile properties that does 1d10 (1d12) damage.  Also while only wielding a Katana you gain +1 to your Attack Rolls and +1 to your Armor Class.


Iaijutsu Practitioner:  Starting at 7th level, you gain +10 ft to your movement speed and +1 to your Armor Class while you are unarmed (your weapon is undrawn).  You also become a master Iaijutsu user, allowing you to draw and attack with your Katana in one swift motion, and re-sheathe it after the attack.


Sheath Strike:  Starting at 10th level, your Katana‚Äôs Sheath counts as a shield giving you +1 to AC while it is equipped.  Alternatively, if you use the Iaijutsu attack, drawing your sword attacking and re-sheathing it, you can make a bonus attack with the sheath doing 1d6 damage.


Flash Step:  Starting at 15th level, you can Flash Step as your movement, blinking out of existence and reappearing at your desired location (within your movement speed).  If you reappear besides an enemy, they must make a DC check.  The check is d20 + their Wis mod, if it is less than your Fighter level, they are flat footed (lose their dex bonus to AC) to your next attack.


Single Stroke:  Starting at 18th level you become an undefeatable master of the Katana, you gain the Single Stroke move, which you can use twice before requiring a short of long rest to recharge it.  When you use it, you choose an enemy and they must make a DC check.  The check is d20 + their Wis mod, if it is less than your Fighter Level + your Proficiency mod, then you instantly dash past them, making an attack so quick no one sees it.  You end 2 squares behind them, and they take an automatic critical from you.  If the damage done is more than 1/5th their max hp, they instantly die.


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