Free Plugin List

Bribery – The ultimate free plugin list of plugins that don’t suck


Klanghelm MJUC jr – vintage compressor, very simple to use

JHudstudio Vocal King – multi-compressor great for Vox

TDR Nova – Multi-band, EQ, many things!

Audio Damage Rough Rider 2 – 1176 clone11

Analog Obsession YALA – Limiter with Vari-mu character

Analog Obsession FETISH – 1176-style compressor 

Xfer OTT – brutal compressor, used heavily in EDM

Flux Bittersweet – single-knob transient designer

Klanghelm DCA1 – character compressor

Vladgsound Molot – character compressor – pretty crazy.


Fuse Audio Labs RS-W2395c – great analog-style EQ

Audiothing Blindfold EQ – an eq without numbers, so you have to use your ear instead of your eye!

TDR VOS Slick EQ – character EQ

TDR Nova – Handles M/S, dynamics, parallel

LKJB QRange – Linear Phase EQ

Analog Obsessions Rare – Pultec clone (bit difficult to use, great for low end and “air”)

Audiothing Filterjam – multi-band filter

Krush Tritik – bitcrusher

Klanghelm IVGI – saturator

AudioAssault FilterCrusher – dual filter

iZotope Vinyl – vinyl emulator

AudioDamage FuzzPlus3

Softtube Saturation Knob – saturation


Valhalla freqecho – pitch-shifting delay (similar to the Echobode used by Flume)

Oril River – Excellent plate reverb with filtering

Acon Digital Multiply – phase-corrected chorus/phaser

TAL Reverb 4 – nice simple reverb

TAL Chorus LX – Juno-style chorus

Sound hack free Delay pack (includes a nice granular delay called bubbler)

iZotope Vocal Doubler – doubler effect


Auburn Sounds Graillion Free – tuner/pitch-shifter/mangler

Melda MPitch – auto-tune

Mastering Limiter: 

D16 Frontier – the nicest GUI you will ever see, can be a bit too much character. Large amounts of threshold can create clipping above 0dB.

LoudMax – very transparent and simple

TDR Kotelnikov – mastering compressor

Vladgsound Limiter No 6 (very complex, takes lots of tweaking but can get amazing results)

Scopes, Meters, Tools:

Voxengo Span – Spectrum analyser

Youlean Loudness Meter (free) – tracks LUFS and TPDB

TB Pro Audio ISOL8 – excellent monitoring tool

Flux Stereo Tool v3 – Stereoscope for viewing balance

HOFA 4U+ Blindest – good for A/Bing mixes

Voxengo MSED – Mid/Side encoder/decoder


Melda Production Free Bundle (contains an auto-tune, compressor, analysers, etc)


Blaukraut Charlatan

Blaukraut VK-1

U-he Tyrell N6 – Nord Lead clone 

Dexed – FM clone of DX7. fairly confusing.

VCV Rack (warning – big program, very complex. not for beginners)

Weird List:

Freakshow Industries Backmask

Freakshow Dumpster Fire

Freakshow MISHBY

Sine vibes Drift 

Paul stretch – the OG time-stretching weapon. Feels a bit buggy, but very fun

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