Full Pirates guide

Step 1: Open Love Nikki and find the icon, click it. (it might be under next so if you can’t find it, click next on the bottom of the screen underneath the last icon. This is a new function.)

Step 2: It should now give you a story to read through. This only happens the first time. Read through it, click confirm. Do not worry you won’t have to do anything just yet.

The next time you open it you should see this screen, to get to the event click GO. 

(Again, the FIRST time you do not see this.)

Step 3: On your next screen you’ll see this on the bottom, click on the swirly little icon to change your partner. You’ll want to find someone above 30% (ideally 50%). You can do this for EACH of the three partners.

Step 4: It’ll show you this screen if you press change, to confirm a selection you have to press the bubble underneath the player. To find more partners press the change button on the right. You can change them every so often (~15/20 seconds), so keep looking. You will keep them throughout this event it seems (day 2: they’re still the same as they were day 1)

Step 5: When you have selected the THREE best partners (again, make sure to find three good partners), you’re going to want to go to preparation! 

Step 6: Go to Nikki’s info and put on your best outfit then get dressed. (Click tips to see what you’re styling for since there are two outfits, so far the outfit has not changed on day 2)

Step 7: Remember your score, it’ll also show on the main screen but as long as it’s above 315k you should get an S. 

Note:  It’s been said you only need 300k to get an S. Their score is around 270k-280k, to get an S you’d need 20k above that so 300k seems like it’d work. The event will show you if you have an S, if you do it’s safe to battle.

If your score is too low to get an S, either find higher % partners or set a different outfit. Preparation does NOT take tries OR stamina. So you can do it as many times as you want.

Note: Each time you change one of your partners you’ll have to redo your preparation again but you can just pick last suit and you will not have to put the outfit on again manually. 

DO NOT BATTLE IF YOU DID NOT GET AN S. Change some things first. Battling takes tries, preparation to see your score DOES NOT. Your preparation score is always your battle score. It does not change.

(Score is the same every time as it was during preparation.)

Step 8: Battle. Each try takes 4 stamina. Each win is 5 currency. You get 5 free tries a day, which totals 175 free anchors (currency) over the duration of the event. Resetting the tries takes 50 diamonds for 5 attempts. They do not stack and you can’t buy less than 5.

Step 9: Claim your rewards! You’ll find them on the top right under rewards as usual.

The big thing you see that says morale is server morale, yes it’s growing slowly but during the event as we progress we’ll get additional rewards. The biggest being a free background and 70 golden anchors at 100%.

You can share for 15 free anchors, it should be on the top left. (They removed this option somewhere during the day, after you share for the second time the button will be gone)

Morale rewards:

15% = 20 anchors

35% = 20 anchors

55% = 40 anchors

100%  = 70 anchors and a free background 

Morale reward in total = 150 anchors and a free background

That means you’ll get 150 anchors from the morale, 175 from the free tries and 30  from sharing. 

To sum up you get 355 anchors for free, this is 3 items from the first suit. (The dagger – leglet, hosiery, boots and hat from the red pirate)


For both suits completed it’ll be 3400 diamonds and 1508 stamina.

For one suit (Storm Tamer) completed it’ll be 1550 diamonds and 780 stamina.

You also get some parts from the second suit if you complete the first, namely:

Song in the Night – hosiery
Unsolved Mysteries – shoes
Silent Like Blind – eyepatch (face accessory)
Secret Treasury – accessory, necklace
Countless Treasure – gloves 

(Credit to @ZaeWraith on discord)

Storm Tamer is the first suit, you cannot change this. (Red haired pirate for those of ya’ll who are bad with names like me)

If you’re buying extra tries and you can’t do them because it says you don’t have enough stamina (even though you do have it), just close the game and reopen and then try again. This seems to be happening for multiple people including me.

This is a world debut, as we do not keep the currency it’s most likely that if and when the suits return it’ll be for crafting and they will be more expensive.
(And most likely tiered as in that you’ll need to craft the leglet to get the hosiery etc etc because in the event you get them in that order as well).

If you have questions or if I missed something find me on discord (Jimin#3125) or comment on the thread please!

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