Gals & Pals Rules

Gals & Pals: Tournament Ruleset 2021

Section 1: Eligibility and Signups

  • 1.0: Participation in this tournament is limited to women, femmes, female-identifying individuals, and nonbinary individuals (underrepresented gender identities in gaming) on the NA server. Men are not permitted in the tournament, nor its corresponding Discord server. 

    • This tournament is a trans-inclusive space, regardless of “out” status and ability to “pass” as female. 

    • If you are unsure this tournament is appropriate for you in regards to your gender identity, use your best judgement, or contact the tournament operator (TO).

  • 1.1: This tournament is for solo or duo signups only, who will be placed onto a team by the tournament operator. Groups of 3 or 4 are not permitted to sign up. Premade teams are permitted only in an uncapped premade team bracket (please contact if this is of interest to you).

  • 1.2: Each player that signs up will be assigned a number of “points” based on their rank. These “points” will count towards the total points of a team, which will determine rank balancing of each bracket and guide the TO in making the most balanced teams possible. For a complete listing of this system, please see the points table in Section 7 of this ruleset.

  • 1.3: The tournament will be divided into two, possibly three brackets. The brackets currently proposed are (subject to change):

    • Low-elo bracket: Target of 80 points total per team at most (approx. Silver 2 average), no individual players above Gold. 

    • High-elo bracket: Target of 110 points total per team at most (approx. Platinum 4 average), no rank limit for individual players

    • A third mid-elo bracket may be added depending on signups.

    • These brackets are not guaranteed and may change depending on the rank distribution of the participants

  • 1.4: Unranked players are allowed to participate at the discretion of the TO. They will be assigned a points value as deemed appropriate by TO. Final determination of eligibility is at TO discretion.

  • 1.5: Players must declare any account played on in the past 2 years upon signup, including banned accounts. If there is concern for a player’s safety with this rule, please contact the TO. 

  • 1.6: The rank used to award points to a player will be either their Season 10 end rank on OP.GG (Ranked Solo/Duo), or their peak rank in Season 11, whichever is higher. 

    • Players who do not complete S11 ranked placements will be considered Unranked and subject to rule 1.4

    • TO may choose to award fewer or greater points at their discretion.

  • 1.7: A player may be denied participation in the tournament for the following reasons:

    • Player is unranked and TO judges that they are unable to determine the player’s skill

    • TO believes that a player has not provided all of their accounts

    • There are signs the account has been purchased, botted, boosted, or shared. 

    • Player has been banned from the Ladies Who League server.

    • Player identifies as a man.

    • Player’s behavior in the tournament or other spaces has made people feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or degraded. This applies to any player of any gender identity.

    • Player has cheated in other tournaments.

    • Player uses multiple accounts in a way where the player’s skill is unclear

    • Player does not have an account on the NA server.

    • Player has recently provided elo-boosting services, including “duo-boosting”

    • Any reason not named here that poses a safety or fairness issue for the tournament and its participants.

  • 1.8: Final determination of what skill bracket a player will play in is up to TO discretion.

  • 1.9: Players may be put on a “wait-list” in order to fill vacancies from the initial release of teams. Placement on  a team is not guaranteed, but can be made more likely by being active in the tournament discord. Teams will be released approximately 3 days after signups have concluded.

  • 1.10: Players must be able to attend the entirety of group stage games to be on a team. We cannot accommodate players who need to start late or leave early on that day.

Section 2: Tournament Logistics

  • 2.1: Dates for the tournament are as follows:

    • Saturday, June 19thth at 4pm EST: Main/Group stage play. Approximately 3-4 best of 1 games will be played each day

    • Sunday, June 20th 4pm EST: Semifinals and Finals series, best of 3 each. 

  • 2.2: Rescheduling is only permitted for the Semifinals and Finals matches. If a team cannot make a main stage match, they must utilize a substitute or forfeit the match.

    • A reschedule of a semifinals match must not delay the finals match. 

    • Rescheduling must be agreed to by both teams. If the team that does not need a reschedule is unwilling or unable to reschedule, the team needing the reschedule must utilize a substitute or forfeit the match.

    • To make a reschedule official, the team needing the reschedule must screenshot the agreement and send it to the TO. 

  • 2.3: The format of the tournament is adjustable depending on the number of teams that sign up for each bracket. TOs will make every attempt to accommodate double-round-robin group stage play, but this is subject to change.

  • 2.4: A team’s roster will be permanent unless a player decides to leave the team. A team may only ask to remove a player if there is an availability concern for the games (scrims and out of game practices will not be considered), or if there is a behavioral reason beyond disagreement.

Section 3: Lobby Rules

  • 3.1: Above all, don’t be a jerk. 

  • 3.2: Please be on time to your first game. If a team does not have 5 people in the lobby ready to start draft within 15 minutes of start time, they will forfeit the game. 

    • If a team finishes a game and their next opponent is ready to play, they must be ready to start draft within 10 minutes of their previous game ending. 

      • If 10 minutes has passed and the opposing team is not ready, the team must involve the TO to issue a 5 minute warning. If the team is not ready after 5 additional minutes, a forfeit may be declared

    • In semifinals and finals, teams are limited to a 10 minute break between games. The above 5-minute-warning rule applies afterwards. 

  • 3.3: The team on the left side of the matchup is the “home” team and will get side selection during main stage games. They are also responsible for creating the lobby, which should be tournament draft with pauses enabled.

    • During semifinals and finals, side selection will rotate between the two teams, with the team on the left getting side selection in games 1 and 3. 

  • 3.4: Drafts will be completed using Prodraft. Team captains must save links for each draft. The draft must then be recreated with the same champions picked and banned in the client.

  • 3.5: If a mispick/misdraft occurs, please immediately notify the opposing team. Please don’t be a jerk to the other team if this happens, although if you feel there is abuse of the system, please involve a TO.

    • TO instructions in this situation are final. TO may choose to assess penalties to teams that are behaving in an unkind or unsportsmanlike manner at their discretion. This includes demanding a TO should issue a penalty.

  • 3.6: LCS order is not required nor enforced. Similarly, roleswapping is allowed at any point of the draft.

Section 4: In-Game and Post-Game Rules

  • 4.1: Above all, don’t be a jerk. 

  • 4.2: Don’t type in all-chat unless necessary or saying “gg” or the like. If it becomes excessive, TO may choose to penalize at their discretion

  • 4.3: Teams must be in the Tournament server in designated voice channels. 

    • For the protection of the tournament community, only people invited by the TO are allowed in the Tournament server. Non-rostered coaches will not be permitted.

    • Voice channels may only have the 5 players in the game in them while the game is in progress. 

  • 4.4: At the conclusion of each game, the winner must post the screenshot of the post-game lobby, along with the prodraft, and declare their victory in a designated channel. A template will be provided for you.

    • In a semifinals or finals series, both teams should save prodrafts and post-game lobby screenshots, and wait until the series has concluded. At that point, the winner of the series will post. 

  • 4.5: Pausing is permitted only for real world or technical emergencies.

    • Pausing is limited to 15 minutes total per team, per game. Please write down start and end times for pauses in case of TO intervention.

    • Pausing is only allowed while players are not fighting, or about to be. If you need to pause, back away from enemy champions and contested objectives (eg. turrets, dragon, baron). 

      • Pausing during a fight or when a fight is imminent may be penalized. If you think this is happening, involve a TO, and submit proof. 

      • Please note that without proof, TO may not be able to act. If no penalty is called, do not demand a penalty should be issued.

      • If the opposing team has used all their pause time, the unaffected team is free to unpause the game. The affected team must either play on or surrender. 

  • 4.6: Streaming of games is permitted, although it is at your own risk. TO will not police any advantages to opposing team should they watch the stream

    • Streaming without a minimum delay of 3 mins is not permitted and may result in penalties.

    • Discord streaming to roster members not in the game is not permitted. 

    • Spectators are allowed in the game lobby itself, although they may not communicate to players.

  • 4.7: If a game-breaking bug should occur during a game, contact a TO immediately for assistance.

Section 5: Tournament Conduct

  • 5.1: Seriously, this is a tournament meant to lift people up. Don’t cheat and don’t act like a clown.

  • 5.2: Account sharing/ringing, smurfing, and scripting are strictly disallowed in this tournament. All of these will result in instant disqualification and server ban.

    • “Smurfing” is defined as failing to disclose a higher ranked account on purpose

      • Unintentional failures to disclose a higher ranked account may receive lesser penalties, depending on how much stronger the other account is. 

  • 5.3: Players in a game are not permitted to communicate with players not in the game on any media, including private message, discord channel, or twitch chat. Violations of this rule may result in penalties up to a loss of that game or series.

  • 5.4: This tournament is trans-inclusive and open to non-binary players, and as such, there will be many people in the tournament who do not pass as “female”. Many of these players are not publicly “out” in other areas. Accusing players of “pretending” to be female or non-binary is not allowed and will result in a ban.

    • If there is legitimate, substantiated concern that a player’s presence is a safety issue for this community, please contact a TO. TOs will NOT provide or publicize sensitive information about a player to “prove” their gender identity. We’re not in the business of making people give their life stories to play in a free tournament. 

  • 5.5: TO rulings re: pauses, misdrafts, penalties are final. If you disagree with the ruling, do not try to argue your case in the moment, instead, give feedback at a later point. 

  • 5.6: TO has the right to publicize (or decline to) any competitive rulings. TO also has final say in if a penalty should be applied and to what extent.

  • 5.7: TO has the right to remove a player or team for any reason not expressly covered here if their actions are disruptive to the community or harm the tournament.

  • 5.8: Be nice to each other in Discord. Any inappropriate, bigoted, or harassing behavior, whether in the tournament Discord or via DM is subject to penalty. 

  • 5.9: A player that becomes aware of cheating or an undisclosed account is required to report it to TO right away. Otherwise, they will be assumed complicit and face the same penalty as the cheater. 

  • 5.10: Bullying players off a team is expressly disallowed. If this is discovered to have occurred, the offender and anyone they recruit to fill the vacancy may be removed from the team and possibly receive a server ban. 

Section 6: Substitutes

  • 6.1: If a team plans to use a substitute for an identified starter, the following must occur:

    • The team must notify a TO.

      • If the addition occurs within 1 hour of a game start, or mid-series, the team will lose 2 bans for that game. Ban losses may be taken at any point of the ban phase.

      • If the substitute is declined by the TO, the lobby rules of section 3 apply.

      • A substitute declined by a TO may still play with the permission of the opposing team. If this occurs, the team captains should screenshot the approval and notify a TO.

Section 7: Points Table

Challenger:    52 points
Grandmaster:    48 points

Master:    44 points

Diamond 1:     40 points

Diamond 2:    36 points

Diamond 3:     32 points

Diamond 4:     29 points

Platinum 1:     26 points

Platinum 2:     24 points

Platinum 3:     22 points

Platinum 4:     21 points

Gold 1:     20 points

Gold 2:     19 points

Gold 3:     18 points

Gold 4:     17 points

Silver 1:     16 points

Silver 2:     16 points

Silver 3:     15 points

Silver 4:     15 points

Bronze 1:    14 points

Bronze 2:    14 points

Bronze 3:    13 points

Bronze 4:    13 points

Iron 1-4:    11 points

Unranked:    Custom points, can only play at discretion of TO

Section 8: Disclaimers

This tournament is independently operated, and is not affiliated with or sponsored by any other organization or company. While the lead TO is currently an administrator at Risen Esports, and has previously operated tournaments with assistance from Super League Gaming, this tournament is not in any way affiliated with either of these organizations. 

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