Gauntlet Guide MK11


This is a working guide for those struggling a little bit in gauntlet towers, but still wish to complete them.  This guide will detail how I was able to complete them, but by no means is the only way.  You should use this as a reference point if you are stuck, or just want something that you know works.  If you find something that better suits your own skill level and playstyle have at it.

Now I tried to go through gauntlet in a way everyone can complete it.  These are suggestions, and you do not have to use ai nearly as much as I did.  I did this so that if you were to get stuck you can check to see if there’s an ai strat that will make the tower easier.

There are a few stages that might make it difficult if you don’t have a good grasp on a character.  Stages 7, and 26 might be difficult.  It is okay to take a break and try again at a later point.

A big key to my success in this run were my ai setups and augments.  

Augments play a major role.  Let’s look at my baraka ai for example.  Baraka deals massive damage and has fast startup on his attacks.  This means if he blocks an opponent, 9/10 he will get a combo.  His base combos normally do 30% or more damage.  When I added augments, he moved into the 800dmg range when he took beatings, and now has a 1440 dmg fatal blow.  This means any tower without an objective (brutalities, fatalities, etc.) he can normally walk through.  There are a few he can’t, which is why Sonya is my backup ai.  She tends to leave opponents in the air a lot, so she is good when baraka’s movement gets him beaten up.  I will list their behaviors, abilities, and augments below.


Many frustrations come from gauntlet.  They primarily stem from Leeroy Jenkins type strategies.  Rushing in is not going to cut it after Level 1.  You need to stack up some konsumables and augments to make your life easier.  How do you do that?  Play the easy daily towers regularly.  They give out konsumables.  Play character towers.  These unlock gear/skins, so you are doing more things at one time.  Then take some of your money and start donating 15k to the krypt shrine.  This will help you stack augments.  Do this regularly until you feel ready to jump in.

I used 2 main ai during my run.  


Baraka is my favorite current ai.  As stated before he is a punishment powerhouse, and when you set him up right majority of towers will become a breeze.  

Note:  Your augments may be different.  Add whatever will be useful.  Damage, damage resistance, and gauge regen are all good with baraka.

Abilities: Spine Burst/Gutted

Behaviors: 1 rushdown, 29 kombos, 30 reversal

Augments: 6 types (soul, netherflame, krystal, chaos, dragon)

Arm Blades: Soul=spine burst 3%       

        Netherflame=inflict 9% more damage per kombo hit

Head Gear:   Krystal=inflict 0.6% more damage per 1% health lost

War Banner: Chaos=inflict 0.9% more damage per 1% health lost

          Dragon=Fatal blow inflicts 10% more damage


My previous best ai.  Anything baraka can’t complete she will mop

Abilities: Air Ops Drops/Krushing Kounters/Air Marching Orders

Behaviors: 30 Kombos, 30 Reversal


Head Gear:      Soul=Air Ops Drops inflicts 9% more dmg

            Soul=Air Soaring General inflicts 3% more dmg

Power Glove:  Soul=counter deals 3% more dmg

Chaos=counter deals 9% more dmg

K.A.T:             Netherflame= Kat increases dmg 9%

            Chaos= Kat lasts 2 more seconds

Alright let’s get into the strategy of each tower.  Modify them as needed.  The first level should be easy, but if not use the strategy for level 2.

Level 2: Baraka or Sonya AI


Bloodied kunai, health over time, high dmg projectile, stun


Same strategy.  Might take a few retries or slightly different konsumables, but same idea.

Level 3: Sonya AI


He’s fairly strong but she should run through it. Just retry until she does


Bloodied kunai, armor pierce gloves, hyper forced regen

Level 4:  Either AI.  No Konsumables needed.

Level 5:  Sonya (AI can beat all towers)

Level 6:

Tower 1: 

Do yourself.  Use a character you can get easy brutalities with.  I used hunker down Jax and gotcha grab.  If you kill baraka by accident then mercy (at midscreen hold switch stance, down down down, let go) and try again.  This way the modifiers are turned off.  Restart if you fail.


Definitely use hyper or focused regen.  Mix that with spec ops radio and coagulated blood.  They aren’t hard enemies it’s just a lot of them.  

Tower 2:  

AI Sonya.  Restart until she gets the brutality.  Give her multiple health konsumables.  Light work

Level 7: This one can get frustrating but doable

Tower 1/2: Sonya AI

Tower 3: This link helped me on this one

Tower 4: Below is how my friend did it.  Almost any strategy will work here just use health and win the match.

AI Skarlet 

Behavior: (25 kombos, 20 reversal, 15 zoning)

Abilities: dagger dance, blood flow   


Distilled magma, focused soul regen, napalm missile, homing missile

Level 8:  Sonya AI can kick it

*If your ai has issues give them bloodied kunai and health regen konsumables

Level 9: You have to do this one yourself

Use the same strategy from level 6.  Anytime you see that world symbol use Cleansing Stone to turn the weather conditions off.  It’s a lot easier without blood rain.  If there is a darkness modifier spam projectiles and block.  Once you beat them mercy to do the brutality.  

Level 10: Sonya AI

Level 11: Either AI


regen, energy resist, stun(sektor, kung jin arrow, etc)

Level 12: Scorpion AI

AI Setup (Tower 1 & 2)

Abilities: death spin, death spear kombo, and burning spear

-10 rushdown, 30 kombos, and 20 reversal

*You might need cleansing stone for tower 2

AI Setup (Tower 3)

Abilities: deep freeze & cold shoulder

-10 rushdown, 20 kombos, 20 reversal, 10 zoning

Konsumables: regen, takedas kunai, coagulated blood

Level 13: Baraka AI

*Feel free to use philosopher stones on some of these for quick coins

Tower 3: slightly annoying(baraka should still beat it)

Konsumbales(if needed)

A.M.S, regen, etc.

Level 14: The Mecca Rekka

You will need: Orb of Dragon or Bloodied Kunai

This one is tedious more than tough.  There are two strategies.  

1)  If you have 8 orb of dragon konsumables you can use one on each tower.  Then have focused regen, hyper focused regen, and spec ops radio.  Pick your shots.  Don’t extend too far.  Whiff punish and block.  Use spec ops to destroy them.  Once you are up a round, continue to eat their health until they are in kill range of fatal blow.  Then land it.  If it doesn’t land restart the match

2)  Bloodied kunai with the same konsumables above.  Go into match.  Win the first round, second round eat at their health.  When they are in fatal blow kill range(about 600hp with bloodied on) block until they chip you to fatal range.  Then land your fatal.  Restart if necessary.  

This is your first true test.  I suggest taking it slowly or else you may get frustrated.

Level 15 :  (carpet bomb is very useful)

Tower 2: Use whoever you can easily fatality with

I used jax, friend used noob


the beam, shuriken, kunai kombo (noob has a very easy fatality, just DDD-1)

Level 16:

Tower 1: 

AI can beat

Tower 2: 

Play yourself.  Mostly block, use health, use projectiles.  AI won’t block blood screen.

Tower 3: 

AI can beat

Tower 4: 

AI can beat(special forces radio, health over time, buzzsaw)

Level 17: Baraka

Tower 1:  AI(bloodied kunai)

Tower 2: Assist Konsumable

Level 18: 

This one is bugged. Use Erron Black f4 krushing blow.  Use stuns to set it up if need be.  This is another sucky one


*Use bloodied kunai with any damage konsumables

I used: bloodied kunai, zaterran charm or special forces radio, armor

Tip: this is likely slightly harder than medium.  To always land the f4 put on armor and don’t block.  Get the f4 knockdown, walkup, and as they attack f4 again for the krushing blow.

Level 19: Baraka or Sonya AI

Tower 1:  Health konsumable.  Whatever you have most of

Tower 2: Health, Damage konsumable

Level 20: 


Disable rockets(A.M.S), focused soul regen, armor piercing gloves

Level 21:  AI Johnny

Abilities: Pissed off, Say Cheese

Behavior:  1 Rushdown, 29 Kombos, 30 Reversal


Philosopher stone, crippling spiked guard, hyper focused soul regen, focused soul regen

Don’t forget to use any augments you can.

Level 22:  AI

Tower 1:


A.M.S, soul regenerator, focused soul regenerator, hyperfocused soul regenerator

Level 23: AI Baraka or Sonya

Tower 1: Cleansing Stone, Health modifiers

Tower 2: Cleansing Stone, Health, Takeda Kunai

Tower 3:  Cleansing Health Takeda Kunai

Tower 4:  Cleansing, focused soul regenerator, frost core fragment

Level 24:  AI (with highest damage) I used Baraka.

Tower 1: Distilled Magma, Magma Fists, Special Forces Radio

Tower 2:  Bloodied Kunai, Life Taking Kamas, Ball of Coagulated Blood

Tower 3:  Bloodied Kunai, Life Taking Kamas, Ball of Coagulated Blood

Level 25:   AI Baraka

      Tower 1: (Erron black method would work well here)


Distilled Magma, Special Forces radio, Riot Grenade, Focused Soul Regenerator

Tower 2:


Distilled Magma, Hyperfocused Soul Regenerator, Ethereal Armor, Special Forces Radio

Level 26:  

Make sure you use any damage augments you have.  I used hunker down Jax, but if Raiden is reading your inputs too much, it may be better to try to zone him out.  No matter what you do win, and then win the second round with fatal blow.  If you are really struggling run bloodied kunai and all health konsumables and just play the long game.

Tower 1: 

Patience is key here.  This tower has a floating device that blocks attacks.  Always look for it.  Use the same strats as the previous fatal blow towers.  If you don’t have dragon orbs use bloodied kunai.  Win the first round, get his health low in the second and let him chip you until fatal blow range.  

Konsumables:  Bloodied kunai, Krystal of Life, Homing Missile

Tower 2:

Konsumables:  Bloodied kunai, Shard of the Saw, Static Shield Generator

Tower 3: 

This one is tough.  Make sure you have augments for the character you are most comfortable with.  This will be a patient game.  If you get too aggressive hel decimate you, but if you pick your shots you can slowly work his life down.  He doesn’t block everything, and normally if you block his attack you can hit him with one of yours.  I used Jax because with bloodied kunai his krushing blows do 800 damage.


Bloodied kunai, coagulated blood, static shield generator

Level 27: AI can run through this.  I used AI Baraka

Tower 1:  Krystal of Life

Tower 2: Krystal of Life

Tower 3: Krystal of Life

Tower 4: Krystal of Life

*If you have philosopher stones, feel free to use them here.  This level gives out lots of coins.

Level 28: AI Baraka

Tower 1: Light stone

Tower 2: Light Stone

Level 29: AI Baraka

*This tower is tricky.  Be aware there are fire storms and blood rain they don’t tell you about

Tower 1: Lightstone, Krystal of Life

Tower 2: Lightstone, Krystal of Life, Hyper focused regen

Level 30:  AI Baraka

(This may not work for you, but I will link how beast my ai was)

This is the final boss.  Use whatever strategy works best.  You basically have to pick your poison.  I chose to disable totems.  Definitely bring some health.  Geras will barely block so you should be able to get some nice kombos on him.  

It’s the final boss you got this!


Light Stone, Focused Regen, Hyper Focused Regen, Takeda Kunai

My Baraka AI:

I hope this guide was helpful 


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