Gears of War

Gears of War

A Campaign by XXXXXX
With assistance from XXXXXXX

Ideas List2

Campaign Traits4

Important Characters:5



The Slums7

The Desert7

The Bubbling Oasis8

The Lost Temple of Ny (Sub Dungeon D-2)8

Rispen Bazaar8

Rudyard’s Grove9

Awakarani, the Hidden City10

The Slumbering Halls10

Tyrilix, City of the Wretched10

The Lab11


Equipment and Important Gear14


Sub-Dungeons & Sidequests15



Ideas List

Gears of War is a campaign about mechs, magic, and betrayal. It’s split up into 5 parts, starting with Part one in the port city of Qirce. Each part should correspond to a Powerful construct called a gearhulk. These Constructs have been secret defenses for the cities they have been stationed in for centuries, all guarding the cities and the world.

Part 1: The city hires the players to discover what has been happening to the water supply. For as long as anyone can remember, the city has always had fresh clean water, but recently, the water has been coming out dirty. Several people have gotten sick from drinking this water, and it’s up to the PCs to find out what happened:

        The first place the PCs should be led to is the city slums; there they should find two people of great importance; a GM lead (Generally a Rogue or something similar, HAS PROMETHEAN CORRUPTION) character that travels with the PCs (or in parallel with, should you have a larger group) that works for the BBEG, and the “Queen” of the slums, an older woman named Irène (CN Slayer 4). Eventually, with (or without) Irène’s help, the PC’s eventually find their way over to a cave beneath the city; however, the only entrance is through the sea. Inside this cave, there is a massive, locked door; behind this door is the overgrown crypt of the first Gearhulk, the Torrential Gearhulk. Boss for this Chapter is likely a CR 5 plant or similar creature. (Maybe Moss Monster ?)


·   Gradually becomes more and more creepy and unhinged

·   BBEG using machines and stolen body parts to Reconstruct his own failing body?

o   Promethean Befriending the party

o   Master: The Pawn in a bigger plan, a fake out

o   The True Villain: Make this Pacific Rim

  • Make the Villian a recurring character: Kinda a hinted at “twist” villain

·   Maybe Mythic?

·   Make abominations

·   2/3 fakeout - optional

·   Determine story length

?Coherent Story: Actually make one this time.

?Balance Encounters: We don’t need 7 bosses per level, quality > quantity

?Balance Loot: They don’t need high level artifacts, +1/+2 will do fine for a long while.

?World Build - Draw Maps!!!

 Side Quests: Chester’s Spider house, Game Show, Temple of Ny


  • Qirce: Beginning game Town, make it more and more unnerving the more time passes

  • The _________ Desert

  • Hot village: Home of the Combustion gearhulk; thinking bustling desert marketplace, or Goron Village - Combustible Gearhulk

  • Ancient forest village (?) - Verdant Gearhulk: Lots of Animal crossing references.

  • City of Ghosts - friendly undead and earth elementals? - Noxious Gearhulk

  • Cataclysmic gearhulk - ??? - Perhaps a plain, where once was a bustling kingdom? 

  • The Lab: Overly pristine, but unsettlingly empty

Things that need done: 

  • Make The various locales

  • Create random encounter tables 


First few sessions are spent exploring Quirce and finding the first gearhulk in disrepair. Unsure how to fix it, you make a note of it and leave; The next morning, Irene has disappeared, and her daughter Lila has called for you to help her investigate. Through your investigation, you venture through Rudyard’s grove and find Awakarani (even quicker if you have a druid in the party). The city eventually leads you to the tree of tails and Warrick, who will confront you about kidnapping some of the animal denizens who live within the city. After being convinced it was not you (either through kicking his ass or diplomacy), he asks you to help collaborate in finding the missing people. Unfortunately, this is when the first attack on the city happens; some mysterious creatures have broken beyond the city’s defenses and kidnapping more residents; after defeating some and saving the residents, Warrick recalls a story he heard within the tree of tales, but his memory is somewhat hazy. In the meantime, he requests that the PC’s travel to Rispen Bazaar and find somebody named Calabis, an alchemist who went to the city to study some ancient ruins found a year ago, and retrieve a scroll from them. The PC’s manage to get to Rispen Bazaar and eventually find Calabis, who leads them to the ruins (mostly by force.). Turns out this isn’t a ruin at all, but an abandoned laboratory; two things are found in this: A map and a key. The Map shows the location of a few different labs, albeit none near Quirce, and most importantly, a ruin that may have some ancient technology that the author of the map wants. It is also around this time that Lila calls and informs them that there is absolute chaos within the slums, and some monstrous creatures have entered the city during the nights. 

It is at this point the players have a choice: Either they can return to the city and help deal with the monstrous visitors, or they can head to the Slumbering halls. 

Returning to the city and killing some of the monsters Prevents an outbreak; the outbreak will make the city dangerous to live in, and fill the slums with death; Lila, running the slums since her mother’s disappearance, will have a chance of dying (20% chance, increase by 5 each day the players stay at the slumbering halls), and a panic level will be placed (see book two of Mummy’s mask). However, by returning to the city, the players will lose the chance to find some of the artifacts within the Slumbering Halls. If the Outbreak occurs, the PC’s will find themselves back in Quirce, surrounded by chaos. Monsters and undead roam the streets, and until some of the creatures are taken care of, anarchy rules the city. 

Going to the Slumbering Halls will begin an expedition, where you can find some of the rarer and stronger equipment in the campaign; the important artifact to be found is a small gem that grants the bearer the ability to shape organic matter into nearly anything imaginable, as long as you have the material on hand. Keeping this away from the enemy will somewhat effect what happens in the lab. Additionally, they can potentially find Tyrilix, which can be a major boon, as Tyrilix has access to other relics of the ruins,

No matter the choice, there is an outbreak of monsters at the Rispen Bazaar and Awakarani, and thus the PC’s have to choose which one suffers a worse fate; alternatively, they could potentially ignore both and use the key they found to figure out where the Lab is. 

After hacking and slashing their way through the lab, they eventually encounter the BBEG. This is where the difference comes in; IF the player stayed in the city, the BBEG is going to Meld himself with his creatures to create boss B, a ~CR 22-3 abomination that has the intellect and magic of the BBEG with the Strength of a dragon, along with the ability to summon thing nearly at will (mostly Experiment 1). HOWEVER, if the players acquired the gem, he is much weaker, fighting with his abilities and 2 CR 17 Corvid beasts.  By defeating him, the campaign ends.

…or does it?  

Campaign Traits

Campaign traits are only able to be chosen by one person. Once somebody takes a campaign trait, nobody else can take that trait. 

  • Techno-speaker: One of your ancestors was a gifted construct maker and has passed their secrets down. You gain Gearspeech as a bonus language, and you gain an innate + 4 to making checks to build constructs. Additionally, you can ignore the Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous item feats as Pre-requisites to Craft Construct. (All constructs know Gearspeech)

  • Magic Tinkerer: You are a gifted mechanic and know the ins and outs of machines and magic very well. You can disable magic traps as per the trapfinding ability, and you gain a +2 to knowledge and/or craft checks to identify constructs, machines, and traps.

  • Alternate Trait: Choose a trait other than any of the ones listed here. (You must review the trait you would like to choose with the GM before hand.)

  • Jaded Adventurer: You have seen some unsettling things, and have seen quite a lot working as an adventurer that would haunt some for years. You gain a +2 to will saves against emotion and fear effects, and you gain a +2 Insight bonus to AC and CMD against Undead and Aberrations. 

  • Child of the Slums: You were born and raised in Qirce’s slums, and you’ve become masterful at trickery and thievery. You gain a +2 to Sleight of Hand, Bluff, or Disguise, and you treat all of these as class skills. Additionally, people in Qirce’s slums will treat you better (The exact effects are kept secret, but there are several effects; For one, you have a much easier time talking to Irène, and most shopkeeps within the slums will give you a discount, usually 10%. There are additional effects that will be specified in the section for the slums.)

  • Jack of all Trades: You have a rather strange background, dabbling into a bit of everything. You can choose two skills that are not class skills; they become class skills for you. Additionally, you can have a second favored class (which you may choose whenever you level up.) Once you choose this second favored class, you cannot change it.

  • Spontaneous Appearance: You have mild amnesia, and you don’t really know where you’re from. Additionally, you have a unique trait that you can’t quite explain. (Note: If you choose this Trait, contact the GM, and we will discuss it together to make sure it can work with your backstory and everything.) (Make Changes to the Drakaina Table, notably Sticky [Climb speed = to move speed, can climb on any surface], and Favored Spawn [unless using mythic])

  • Still Standing: Once per day, when you take enough damage to go below 0 hp, you can immediately regain an amount of Hp equal to your constitution modifier plus your level. This is after damage is dealt. Additionally, you gain a bonus equal to half your level (min. +1) against death effects.

Important Characters:

Irène - Irene is an older human woman, and head of the thieves guild in Qirce. She has spent her life living in the slums, and is incredibly dedicated to trying to make the slums a better place. She is 47 years old, and has an adopted daughter named Lila (27). She has a soft spot for children.

-Around the end of the Slumbering Halls, you get a message from Irene’s daughter that she’s gone missing. When she investigated her mother’s office, she found a journal and she thinks her mother was onto who was kidnapping people throughout the slums. She thinks Irene went to investigate, but it’s been about a week and she’s gotten no contact from her. 

Misty - Misty is a young girl of strange origin; she was born to a Dhampir Father and Outsider Mother, yet she is neither; she is a human. Or at least that's what everyone sees her as. In reality, she is a powerful young entity who has been blessed by Nocticula with the ability to shapeshift a bit (As per the Kitsune’s shapeshifting; if she gains levels, her shapeshifting power will grow) and the unique ability to speak to anything at all, and understand anything; meaning that she can communicate with everyone in Tyrilix. Her true form is 

Chester - Chester is a mysterious clothier who has very high end clothing. He runs a shop in Quirce called The Silken Spider, a little clothing shop that sells the finest of silks. He is also the local armorer, though he only really focuses on light armors and armors that deal with cloth. However, all of his work is masterwork (although he sells masterwork items at a discount; only half the price for the masterwork part).  His main speciality, however, are his spider silk bodysuits; while normally they would cost about 1000 gp for a masterwork suit, Chester sells them at 500 gp.  However, this is because Chester raises spiders beneath his shop, leading to Sub-dungeon Q4.

The Great Koboldini and Grunkel - Nix (Also known as the Great Koboldini) and Grunkel Trixant are a married kobold goblin couple. They both run the Sextant Circus, a traveling circus that’s a front for thievery. Nix is the face of the circus, mixing his intelligence and charisma to trick and fascinate people. Grunkel, on the other hand, is a brilliant sharpshooter, using guns and a large array of weapons to hit increasingly improbable targets.

Nix (CG): Nix is highly intelligent and charismatic, but a people pleaser and greatly obsessive. He puts a lot of effort into his shows, and genuinely cares about his performance. He is aware of the robbery that Grunkel is doing, and while he doesn’t participate (he wants to keep a clean record), he does support his husband. Nix also greatly struggles with self confidence and anxiety. He has a fake hand, which is connected to his Hand Flail. He is also 15. 

Grunkel (CN): Grunkel Trixtant is smart and dextrous. Despite his incredibly gruff exterior, he is very soft and sweet with his husband Nix. He also runs the thieving rig within the circus. He is very defensive of Nix, to the point he would kill for him. His favored weapons are a pair of revolvers Nix gave him. He also uses a Double-barreled musket. He is 15.



A Massive port city, split into multiple districts. Famous for its sparkling clean water. Uses constructs for many menial tasks, like waste disposal. 

  • The Residential District: Where most of the middle class workers live. Has a few hotels around, all on the higher end, while not being overly pretentious, costing about 1 gp for a roomy single, 5 gp for a very large suite. 

  • The Shopping District: Where many of the stores are. Has a large variety of stores

    • ______ the forgemaster (Magic Weapons)

    • ______ the Magic item smith (has most of the cheaper magic items, usually charges book prices)

    • The ________ Emporium: A multi-story department store that sells just about anything. They usually sell items at 125% their original price, but commonly has sales. (Quirce: Table 1)

    • The Silken Spider: A clothing shop owned by Chester, a strange but attractive man. (Q4)

    • Make-a-Buck: A very popular casino ran by Buck Trigleson. It has many games and chances to earn money (represented with quick games such as roll offs or high/low card) Q1, with Various quests (A, B, C, explained in the Sub-dungeons section)

    • Tina’s Talismans and Fortunes: An old Fortune teller, Tina is very well known for her fortunes and prophecies. However, she isn’t the most reliable, and will often scare people she dislikes away with foretelling of their doom. She can be used to pinpoint secrets or sub-dungeons/sidequests that the players missed.

    • Has almost any store the players can think of, but prices are going to fluctuate (Quirce: Table 1)

  • The Nobility Districts: High end housing, high end people. The Guildhouse (where the players will likely start) is located on the outskirts of the district. This additionally is where the most land is available for sale, but the land itself costs anywhere from 1000 - 5000 gp. 

    • Nobles:

  • The Port: A bustling port. Usually the sea is a beautiful Cerulean, and always full of traveling merchants on ships. They each sell a variety of things, ranging from weapons to food. 

  • The Sea-city: Near Quirce is a city made by aquatic folk. It is mostly residential, but there are a few businesses around, such as one that provides services for those who wish to visit the main city. 

  • The Cavern under the Sea: A dank cavern that is surprisingly dry for an undersea cavern. This cavern is surprisingly empty, other than the rats and moss growing on the walls. Perhaps it’s due to the traps and corpses that litter the ground…

  • The Torrential Gearhulk: A gargantuan construct that is no longer functioning. It is overgrown and covered in plant life. It seems to be the source of the water, but the water is not flowing properly with all the plant life in the way. 

The Slums 

A massive switch between the tone of the rest of the city, the slums are built on the swampy river that flows into the sea, In the Northwestern beach. It is run-down, and plagued by disease, crime, and general poverty. There are a lot of people who live here, but a majority of them are homeless. Most of the people here also have a very strong connection to others that live here, and most of them are very loyal to the slums themselves. However, people have been going missing, as of late…

  • The Blackmarket: If you look long enough, you can find nearly anything in the Black Market, especially things that you normally wouldn’t be able to find in the main city for cheap, including poisons, high tier magic items, and slaves/hirelings. 

  • Brothels: This area has a lot of brothels, as prostitution and slavery are illegal in the main city. While players are likely not interested in looking for sex, the workers will happily give quite a lot of information for a price. 

  • The Loot box shop: A reworking of Ranboo’s lottery, the Lootbox shop has a variety of loot-boxes that can be amazing or down-right terrible. They come in 3 tiers. 100 gp will net you the cheapest (highest is a +1 weapon) 1000 gp will garner you a higher risk, but higher reward (lowest is a decently expensive [around 100 gp] highest is a +3 equipment, below 10000 gp in value) and the final is 10000 gp, with a greater risk, greater reward (everything is above 1000 gp in value, but it ranges from cursed items to High tier magic items. There is one minor artifact mixed in there, likely the Crown of Swarms)

  • The Thieves guild: A Guild where those who don’t wish to get their hands dirty go. The Thieves Guild is a dirty little hut, where people are hired to do jobs such as steal, murder, or seduce various people for usually nefarious reasons. It is run by an older woman named Irène (CN Slayer 5). 

The Desert

A massive and brutal desert that serves as Quirce’s main line of defense; but also the player’s main roadblock between them and the other gearhulks. Luckily, they are traveling with a caravan and a friend. The Trip to Rispen Bazaar takes 3 days, taking 2 days to get to the Bubbling Oasis. Roll 3 times per day, one at the start, one halfway through. If Resting at night, gm’s can choose to not roll at their discretion.

D100 roll

Encounter (Day)

Encounter (Night)


Blue Dragon Nest





2d4 bandits 


Ant Lion (Juvenile)

Sandstalker (1d4)


Rust Monster (1d4)

Creamfoot Fennec Fox lair


Wandering Caravan (? chance to be doppelgangers)


Pack of Cinderwolves (5 + 1d4 pups)

Giant Khopesh scorpions


The Lost Temple of Ny



Mummy (Mummy’s treasure)


Desert drake

Sand Kraken


Brass Dragon (Mature Adult)


The Bubbling Oasis

A semi-famous oasis and hot spring in the middle of the trip to Rispen Bazaar, a bustling city in the middle of the desert. This hot spring has a few frequent visitors, some staff, and a secret… (Come up with a secret)

The Lost Temple of Ny (Sub Dungeon D-2)

An ancient temple dedicated to Nyarlathotep. It has been long since abandoned, leaving only a small amount of its original glory. The majority of this temple is buried under sand, but there are a few pieces of this temple’s history currently accessible. (needs stuff, likely a mini dungeon. More stuff can be found if the players revisit at later levels and can properly resurface the temple; however, most encounters outside of the top floor at CR 13+, and players are not supposed to get deeper than the top floor, at least until much later levels. 

Rispen Bazaar

  • A bustling bazaar in the middle of the desert has turned into a flourishing city. Rispen Bazaar is a decent sized city (about 2.5 mile radius, compared to Qirce’s much larger 20 mile radius) that is mostly a trading center with some housing. It is run by Mayor Titus Rispen III, the Grandson of Wirthen Rispen, the founder of Rispen Bazaar. Players should be able to find any supplies (or sell things) here, and they are able to sell used items for full price, rather than half. A few notable shops are:
    The Leaky Tankard: A local inn and tavern, The Leaky Tankard is well loved by the city. It is run by Thaddeus Finch, a tall, intimidating man whose hair covers his eyes. He has a very well kept mustache. He does not tolerate people interrupting his business, and has the fighting prowess to back it up (Human Brawler 6).
    Utheli’s Marvelous Devices: The local Magic item shop. Utheli is a slender human man with a creepy face. His business practices are very shrewd and his wording is off putting, but he is highly intelligent and honest about what magic items do. However, if he can tell you are desperate, he will wring the cash out of you (If Sense motive beats 10+ Bluff he charges up to 25% more than standard price).

  • Tina’s Trinkets and Traveling Goods: TTTG is a camp-ware store run by a small halfling woman named Tina, who works with her adopted daughter Ralugatha, a half orc girl of about 17. She sells camping goods and simple magic items to help with camping, such as a water flask that’s always full or boots to help travel the sands with. She is a kind woman and is susceptible to bargaining, especially to roughed up adventurers. However, her daughter is not as kind and will charge flat prices every time. 

  • Bubbeline’s Bubbling Brewery: An apothecary and potion shop. Bubbeline is a cute gnome with pink blue hair wrapped up in a large swirl-y beehive (much like an ice-cream cone). She brews very nice smelling potions and poisons, and is overall a very cheery-looking person. However, her personality does not match her face, and what she says is quite disturbing if you listen to her. She is a lvl 4 witch. 

  • The Monastery: This is a rather famous monastery built on a large hill on the outskirts of Rispen Bazaar. 

Rudyard’s Grove

Rudyard’s Grove, named after Horace Rudyard, one of The founders of Qirce. This forest is about 15 miles north of Qirce, and borders the slums. It’s full of dangerous creatures such as dire wolves and bears. However, nobody dares to venture deep enough to find the secret of the forest…

[Insert Random Encounters list]

Mu Spore

Awakarani, the Hidden City

Awakarani is a secretive city in the center of Rudyard’s Grove. It is filled with Awakened animals, plantfolk, and a few of the more animalistic races, such as kitsunes, catfolk, and Syrinxes. Druids will know of this place, and likely have their power drawn from here.

The Able Sisters: A Trio of Sisters who are master clothes artisans. They make beautiful garments for fairly low prices. Additionally, their armor is all non-metal and masterwork. These items sell for the same price as the base item. 

Lief-y Gardens: This little gardening shop is run by an awakened sloth (medium size) Named Lief. He talks slow, but he is kind and incredibly knowledgeable about plants. He also has a bit of talent in growing magical plants, including leshy’s, which help him around the garden.

The Tree of Tales: The massive, magical tree in the middle of the Rudyard’s grove, and the home of Warrick. Getting inside the tree is difficult, but inside there is a Irminsul (The source of the tree’s magic) connected to the Akashic Record. Additionally, the inside of the tree is filled with carved myths and stories, starting from the beginning of time. The middle of the Tree is dedicated to the lost and dead gods. 

Battle: Warrick, The Bloomtender
Warrick was an elven child raised by the fey, and has spent his fairly young life gardening (he’s 60, which is young for an elf). However, he’s also insanely strong. He primarily uses plants to help him battle. He also tends to the Verdant Gearhulk.

The Slumbering Halls

Deep beneath an acidic swamp, far from the Bazaar and Quirce, lies the Slumbering Halls, an ancient ruin that is said to have once been home to the mighty Kriltic Dwarves, a now scattered group that was known for their seclusion and innovation. Many wondrous machines can be found in these ruins, now mostly disabled from the workings of time. Ahkhats roam the halls, the only thing keeping these dark halls as cold and pristine as they are.

Tyrilix, City of the Wretched

This city, located in a cavern off the slumbering halls,  is filled with the most uncanny sort of folk; outsiders and undead are the main populace, but they are not aggressive or even remotely evil; This is due to the temple of Nocticula, who’s redeeming presence is shown throughout the city. 

Nocticula’s Temple: The most defining feature of the city is the small temple that is raised above everything else in this cavern city. It is topped with a strange device greatly akin to a Soul Lens, but it has been heavily modified; it suppresses the evil taint that would normally be on the majority of the city’s creatures. It also fuels the barrier that protects the city from those who would wish to do it harm; specifically, a massive barrier that prevents people from being called by planar binding or control spells, and hides the city from those not within Nocticula’s alignment range (CN, CG). This is also the home of Tristinith Folid, Nocticula’s herald. Finally, it is also close, which has been safely quarantined by Tin, who helped build the city. It is found somewhere within the Slumbering halls, but the players will need help disabling the radiation from the mech.

The Lab

Should feel very high-tech, but also horrifying, sinister, and alien. Mostly clean.

  • The Drakaina: Is trapped in an anti-magic prison, along with a dimensional anchor; she cannot escape. Birthed the original people being used for clones due to her children being mutated and overall stronger. Will attempt to convince the PC’s to free her; if they do, she gives them a Drakaina egg and tells them to deliver it to a certain cave. If they do, she will give them a separate reward (undetermined). DC 30 notices she is wearing thin garments made of humanoid flesh.

  • The Prisoners: At several points in the lab, the party will run into a group of prisoners. It will consist of  1d6 +2 humanoids from a random batch of races (Lab: Table 1) However, each time they run into a person of the same race, they start to notice that they look the same as the other prisoner. They also can’t seem to remember anything past 2-3 years, despite all being adults. 

    • At a certain point in the lab, there will be a few people that are different from the others, in tattered clothes. These are the few people left from Quirce. They are housed near the few that were experimented on and noted in Creatures.

  • The Clones: This is because all of the prisoners were cloned from creatures birthed by the drakaina to be humanoid cattle for experimenting. Near the door to the Drakaina’s room, the PC’s will run into a massive room full of large tubes where people are being grown. The farther back the players look, the more stages of development these creatures are in. 

  • The Originals: The originals are locked away somewhere, nearly dead after being used for cloning purposes They start at constitution 2, from Con drain. They can be healed and rescued, However, all they have known is the lab. They will help join the fight against the evils within the labs. Treat them as lvl 3 Fighters with mythic tier 1, plus an additional Drakaina mutation (each race has the same mutation)

  • The Creatures: The creatures here are all fleshy abominations that seem to be a mix of animal and person. A DC 28 heal check shows this is something worse than even fleshwarping. There is nothing that can be done to undo the damage inflicted upon these creatures, but make no mistake; these things are very much alive and very eager to consume anything that they encounter. Even worse, they grow quickly… They all follow one template, but have randomized abilities based on Table L2.

Something to note is that a lot of these creatures are made out of the clones; however, a few of the ones that are hidden away in the back are much smaller and less aggressive. These are the beginning experiments that were conducted on the people kidnapped from the Quirce Slums. They are all passive and very friendly, but they have taken immense wisdom and intelligence damage. Additionally, they have randomized abilities as stated by Table L3

  • BBEG: A plague Doctor and his Corvid monstrosities(?)

  • Post-game: What was the Doctor worried about? Why did he make his monsters?



  • Cataclysmic Gearhulk

  • Combustible Gearhulk

  • Noxious Gearhulk

  • Torrential Gearhulk

  • Versant Gearhulk


  • GM Insert Friend (needs named)


  • Irene

Rispen Bazaar

  • The Style Monks

  • Alphtera, Monk of Many Styles

Forest Village

  • Tonook (Tanuki)

  • Niko (Gnome)

  • Niko (Catfolk)

  • Otus (Syrinx)

  • Various Awakened Animal Villagers

The Lab

  • ??? (Based on Witch Maw Nephilim, No Knowledge check)

Equipment and Important Gear


The Sun Will Dance: This guitar bears intricate carvings, depicting the rising sun hanging over a changing valley. It is made out of  a pale birch, and the strings colors change with the rise and fall of the moon, shifting from an ebony material to a softly glowing white. 

What is peculiar about this Guitar is that it has two primary functions for the player. Whenever it is played, it can replace the vocal component needed for a spell, and when used to cast spells, it has a 50% chance to dispel silence effects.

Additionally, the player casting spells this way may roll a preform (strings) check (DC 15 + twice the spell level); if they succeed, they empower the spell.This does not increase the casting time of the spell or take a higher spell level. This ability can only be used an amount of times per day equal to the welder's Charisma Modifier + 3 (min. 3).
Special: When The Sun Will Dance is within 30 ft. of The Moon Will Sing, the sword’s wielder is granted the effects of bless and haste as long as the guitar is being played. Additionally, under the light of a full moon, both artifacts gain greater abilities: The Sun Will Dance gains the ability to any singular metamagic to a spell for free when using the guitar to roll perform (strings). The DC on the perform check to cast the spell is (15 + twice the spell level + twice the metamagic level increase).

The Moon Will Sing: This katana is an

Sub-Dungeons & Sidequests

Sub Dungeons are a prevalent thing in Gears of War. These extra, smaller, and mostly importantly, optional dungeons serve as a way to give depth to the world of Iseros. These sub-dungeons are organized by Location (Letter) and number based on when it should at first be accessible. Recurring dungeons will be marked with an R.


Q1-R: Make-a-Buck Casino: 

Q2: The Sextant Circus


Q4: The Silken Spider:

The Slums




The Desert


D2-R: The Lost temple of Ny:

Rispen Bazaar:



Rudyard’s Grove




The Slumbering Halls


Tyrilix, City of the Wretched:




The Lab



The Help Wanted Board: There’s a random assortment of quests, usually simple subjugation and collection quests. Refer to Table Sidequests



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