Getting the Sea Ghost Back into Town

Getting the Sea Ghost Back into Town



Have each player tell you what position they are going to take on the ship.   Some options are:

·         Rudder / Wheel - 

·         Rigging - 

·         Sails - 

·         Lookout - 

·         Navigation - 

·         Ropes (when  coming into dock)

·         Anchor (to pull it up and set sail or to finish)


Skill checks:

In order to get back to shore, (and then Anchor or Dock) the party must make 5 (?) successful skill checks.   But more skills checks may be necessary in order to survive, based on the Conditions that occur because of any failures.

Strength (DC 15) – to pull up the anchor (and lower it properly)

Failure – make another player make a Dex check to see if they unfurled the sail too soon.  If so, damage to the ship ensues because the anchor is still in place.

Intelligence (DC  12) – try and figure out how to work the sails.

            Failure – must recheck with another player.  Causing them to re-arrange their roles on the ship.

Intelligence (DC 12) – Understand how to steer the ship away from large waves and generally move it through the seas or circumstances like steering the ship into the wind.

Failure – DC 10 Con saves for everyone.  Failure on the con save means they get seasick and are unavailable to assist on the next challenge.

Failure – DC 10 Dexterity to see if a PC is washed overboard. 

Wisdom (DC 10) – successfully navigating towards where they want to go.

Failure – Blown off course condition.

Strength (DC 10 to 15) – A squall blows in.  Checks to pull the lines taught.

            Failure – Blown off course condition.  Option or second failure - Damage to sails.

Athletics (DC 12) – go the top of the rigging and untangle a sail that get caught.

            Failure – Falls in the water.  Or falls onto the deck taking 1d6 falling damage for every 10 feet.

Condition - Blown off course:

Perception (DC 10-15) - Check to see if they notice a hazard. 

Dexterity (DC 10 if calm, DC 15 if the squall has hit)- check to see if they can steer the ship away from it a hazard.

Condition – PC in the water

Athletics (DC 10) to swim, depending on character

Dexterity (DC 10) to throw them a rope nearby

Dexterity (DC 10) to grab the rope

Strenght (DC 10) to pull them back aboard.

            Failure – PC starts to drown.  Con save (DC 10) to avoid swallowing water.   3 failures and the PC starts to actively drown. 

Some good rules here if you want them

But this is the best part IMHO: 

After 1+(con bonus) minutes of holding your breath underwater you fall unconscious, your hit points fall to 0, and you can then survive for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1 round). After that, you begin making your death saving throws as per the standard rules. However, if you become stable there is a problem. If you are still under water you can’t remain stable. So you must start making death saving throws again. This continues until you die unless you are saved in some way.

Hazzards –

Ship hits a sand bank.  Causing damage to the ship and resulting on Dex checks to see if they can rock the boat off the bank.

Ship hits a school of large fish.  One of them starts ramming the ship.  Causing damage.   This can spin into a mini combat situation as players roll to hit the creature with items on the ship to drive it away (or kill it).

Option – they have to get back to land because they are taking on water. 

Docking the ship:

Dexterity – If they actually attempt to go into the harbor and dock the ship, then this should be the hardest part.   DC 20 to get the ship successfully oriented to the dock.  Alternatively they can anchor the ship off shore by doing the same checks as it took to get underway.

Athletics (DC 10) – jump off the ship and onto the dock.

Dexterity (DC 10) - two or more checks to tie off the ropes to stop the ship.

Failure in docking the ship results in damage to the ship and the docks. 

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