Gordan Ramsay’s 10 Best (and Healthiest) Recipes


  1. Cauliflower Macaroni 

 Popularized by creative content site Buzzfeed, Gordan’s cauliflower macaroni is certainly a twist on a basic family dish sure to please many. The recipe starts off albeit a bit basic and easy, but flavors and different techniques make their appearance further into the recipe. Cooked cauliflower is then cooled in ice water to prevent it from cooking for any longer. The other ingredients implemented within the dish are mustard powder, cayenne pepper, sea salt, cheshire cheese, lancashire cheese, and some bread crumbs. Not only is this mac and cheese dish packed with flavors and a nice texture, but the overall look shows that effort and thought was incorporated heavily into the dish. Certainly this is a delicious recipe that helps elevate a basic thanksgiving or typical dinner side dish, and it is surely something you should try to serve up to family during your next meal. 

  1. Chocolate and Avocado Mousse

 Believe it or not, but this sweet dessert recipe is a part of Gordan’s fit food recipes, which is a section of healthy and lean recipes. Not only is this recipe a healthy and tasty treat, but it also only includes three steps and is easy to make. The ingredients list includes 2 ripe avocados, 3-4 tablespoons of honey, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 50 grams of raw cacao powder. You will also need a food processor to process the two avocados in, until they are finally smooth. To blend the vanilla extract, honey, and cacao powder together, you simply only need to mix them together until blended. There is even advice paired with the recipe on how to accurately measure the correct serving of honey, since it can be difficult for some. 

  1. Bananas in Pyjamas

 If you have kids or are planning a children’s party, then this recipe should be a winning go-to. Similar to the chocolate and avocado mousse recipe, this recipe is simple, but even easier. All you will need is six bananas, six tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter, 175 grams of chocolate chips, and 50 grams of mini marshmallows to top it all off. The recipe starts with you heating your oven to 180 degrees, cutting a piece of the banana peel off of all of the bananas, and then cutting a small slit inside of the banana. Stuff peanut butter inside of the banana, and after closed top it all off with the rest of the ingredients, and then cook for 10 minutes. This recipe equals an easy dessert that kids, especially if they love bananas, will totally enjoy. 

  1. Quinoa Salad

I’m sure you have seen Quinoa, the popular and new age plant that seemingly goes with everything, and has a ton of recipes with it. Well, don’t let the term “salad” full you, as Gordan’s quinoa recipe is innovative, and bursting with flavor. For this recipe, you will need 200 grams of quinoa, 50 grams of flaked almonds, half of a large cucumber, 125 grams of cherry tomatoes, 50 grams of raisins, 4 spring onions, mint leaves, one lime (juiced), olive oil, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper. The quinoa in this recipe really has no specific cooking instructions, as quinoa usually comes with instructions on the package.So while the ingredients list may make this dish seem a bit complicated for some, it is still a bit easy. To complete this recipe, your almonds must be toasted, and the cucumber needs to be cut and added into the salad bowl. The rest of the ingredients are implemented as toppings, along with the cooked quinoa. If you’re looking for a healthy, 

  1. Frozen Berry Breakfast Bowl

 Breakfast has, and probably will always be labeled as the most important meal of the day. However, with all the busy schedules and little time, it can be difficult to actually eat a good, healthy breakfast, but with the easy ingredients in this recipe, you can now achieve that. Blueberries, Raspberries, or simply just mixed berries work perfectly for this recipe. Acai juice or powder is also needed, along with five bananas and granola. To make this already healthy dish just a tad bit healthier, leave out the acai juice or powder and just add extra fruit. Either a food processor or blender are necessary in order to smooth out the berries and bananas and to complete the mixture. 

  1. Cheesecake in a Jar

Another simple dessert recipe by Gordan Ramsay, cheesecake in a jar is certainly a unique treat. The base of this dessert requires 200 grams of almonds, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of coconut sugar, and of course one jar to place the ingredients in. To complete the rest of the dish, cream cheese and greek yogurt are both needed, as well as coconut sugar, a bit of lemon juice, vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and blueberries. Considering that the ingredients are mixed in a jar, a traditional cheesecake is not what you are exactly going for, but this quick dessert is probably still photograph and instagram worthy. 

  1. Christmas Bombe

 Just in time for the holidays, this christmas dessert recipe is certain to be a crowd pleaser at your next christmas dinner party. A jumbo chocolate swiss roll, kirsch syrup-covered cherries, 180 grams of easter sugar, water, 2 eggs, ginger, mixed glazed fruit, 30 grams of pistachio nuts, and icing sugar are needed for this dish. The dish is actually comprised of delicate steps, but it pays off in the long run. Ginger syrup is used adequately to sweeten the dish, so tasting is necessary. 

  1. Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

Gordon’s raspberry chia seed jam is a recipe to try for breakfast, lunch, or even a simple snack, especially if you are a fan of raspberries. Fresh raspberries are needed for this recipe, really for the best results. Lemon juice is also needed, preferably freshly squeezed from just a half of a typical lemon. To add a bit of flavor, 3 to 4 tablespoons of honey may also be added, as well as chia seeds, of course. To start the recipe, place both raspberries and lemon juice into a blender with honey and blend until there is a smooth consistency, add the chia seeds and blend again. After the paste is finished, place into a jar and store in your fridge for about a day or two to make the jam. Frozen raspberries can also be used in place of fresh raspberries, albeit for not as good results, but it can allow you to periodically make this delicious jam to spread across your toast, crackers, cookies, and more. 

  1. Apple, Mint, Spinach, Lime, and Cucumber Juice

Switching it up with a beverage recipe, this juice can be perfectly fit for your mornings, paired with your lunch, or simply whenever you want to switch it up and make a healthy choice. 4 mint leaves, 1 green apple, a couple handfuls of spinach leaves, lime juice, and half of a cucumber are all the simple yet extremely nutritious calories needed for this juice. The only other thing needed to complete this recipe is yet again, a blender which will really come in handy. Mix all the ingredients into the blender, while maintaining to add cold water to the mixture as it is being blended. That is really the only step required to make this delicious juice. 

  1. Banana and Apple Crisps

A simple and small list of just two ingredients are needed for this simple snack. 2 apples and 2 bananas that have been peeled are all of what’s on the ingredients list for this delicious and easy recipe that can serve as a helpful step in your journey to become healthier or maintain your already healthy lifestyle. In order to prepare these crisps, 2 or three baking trays lined with grease paper are needed, and of course an oven to heat the crisps. You need to thinly and evenly slice both the apples and bananas and line both baking trays with the slices, and then place them into the oven for one and a half hours. The banana slices are more likely to take a bit longer to crisp, so make sure to check your apple slices so they do not crisp too finely or burn. After the crisps are done baking, be sure to let them cool and then store them for up to a week before consuming.

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