Guardians Vanilla Enhanced EVE-O PVPVE Cluster

Guardians Vanilla Enhanced EVE-O PVPVE Cluster:

US Planet <-> US Asteroid <-> Italian Server (Italian Server is one instance with one planet, low-density asteroids, and same mods/plugins/limits and ore distribution as US instances).

The Planet Server has a 2000KM map size (1000KM in each direction from center). There is a single Warp gate to the Asteroid server. The Planet Server has no asteroids in orbit. Platinum and Uranium do not spawn on the surface, (Vanilla feature) and so are not be present on this server. The Warp Gate is at public coordinates (0.0.-100000) above the planet in 0G. The only respawn ship option (Earth Lander) is on this server. Only med bay/SKIT respawn options are available on the Asteroid Server. Modular Encounters Planet NPC spawn on this server.

The Asteroid Server is linked to the Planet server via Warp Gate at (0.0.-100000) coordinates. This server has a 20,000KM map (10,000KM each direction from center), and procedural asteroids that spawn every ore type except Magnesium [Which spawns only on the planet on Planet server]. There is a single special Stalinium ore asteroid at (0.0.-40000), used for some of our small number of Mod blocks. Mod list at bottom of this document. Modular Encounters Space NPC will spawn on this server. 


In approx one month, we will open an Italian instance in partnership with an Italian game community. This third server would mirror our setup; The Italian Instance would have a single planet, low density asteroids, and the same mods, plugins, rules and ore distribution as our two instances combined. 

US Planet <> US Asteroid <> Italian Server. Thus, EU and US players could play on servers with good ping; but still play with each other, or against each other.


In order to use the warp gate, you will need to construct a Jump Drive block, which works/IS A Jump and Warp Drive; but will have an added button in block menu that allows activation of a Warp Gate,, in addition to the Jump Drive normal functions. 

When in 1KM range of the Warp Gate with a fully charged Jump drive, player will activate Warp Jump via a button in the block's interface. The grid and any seated players and attached grids will “warp” from one server to the other. You will get a “joining server” load screen, as if you had joined a server normally; when you load in, you will be seated as you were before the jump.

Grids will get a 60 second temporary safe-zone immediately after jumping, to give people a chance to load-in if there are hostiles camping the gate.Jump drives stay off/dont charge within this temp safezone. You will land in a random location within 3KM of the destination gate.


With this setup we will have a clearly delineated Early/Mid/Late game; with plenty of PVP and PVE to occupy people late game. A player could conceivably live on any of the servers without visiting the others; but would need to occasionally visit if they wanted access to all resource types. 

Mod Blocks (links in Guardians Discord):

-Solar Tracking smart rotors (not really needed, but cuts down on looping scripts and is convenient)

-Radar (Requires Stalinium lenses to build)

-Jump Drive disruptor turret (drains Jump/Warp drive charge; requires lenses to build and stalinium ingots for ammo)

-Stalinium Solar Panels – 2x energy per panel. Max 50 panels of any type per grid. 

-Hover engines (since wheels are buggy and most players avoid them).

No other non-vanilla blocks planned.

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