Guide to Staying Home, Learning Cool Stuff, and Feeling Super Good About It

Guide to Staying Home,
Learning Cool Stuff, and Feeling Super Good About It
(last update: 4/16/2020)


I’ve been working from home for the past two years, despite living in two major cities while doing so (New York City and Philadelphia). Even before that, I spend most of my free time at home, rather than going out and when I do, I invest a lot in creative projects. (I’ve worked in nightlife for over a decade. I’m tired of going out.)


If this is your first time spending a lot of time at home and you want to make the best of it while learning some new skills, here’s a list of resources that will help. 


This guide will cover the best free and paid resources I’ve used for making art, making music, and writing.




Artists on YouTube

  • Archipel – Interviews with Japanese artists across manga, video games, etc.
  • Blender Guru – Learn 3D modeling through Blender and the famous “doughnut tutorial,” also great tips on realism and lighting
  • CG Boost – Interviews with leading 3D artists (I also highly recommend the CG Boost, premium courses for learning Blender)
  • Danny Bittman – Great beginner’s course on making 3D art in VR with Tilt Brush
  • Ducky 3D – Super approachable, mini projects to boost your Blender 3D skills
  • Grant Abbitt – Meaty, short, and practical projects to boost your Blender 3D skills
  • MortMort – Some of the best pixel art tutorials online. He’s also working on a free Blender 3D course.
  • New Frame Plus – Great essays on the secrets of good animation
  • Yan Sculpts – Tutorials on how to use Blender for 3D Sculpting


Paid resources I’ve used and recommend (no affiliate links)


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How to make music

  • Ableton’s Getting Started Making Music – A totally free, in-browser resource to learn how to make music. Fantastic if you have zero experience making digital music. Highly recommended for everyone interested in music production.
  • Syntorial – A free to start tool that feels more like a game than a learning resource. It’ll teach you how to actually design sounds so you can make the music you hear in your head.


Musicians on YouTube

  • 8-Bit Music Theory – How to make music like classic video games
  • Accurate Beats – Music gear reviews and tutorials with a hip hop and beat-making focus
  • Adam Neely – Music theory. A little advanced by very approachable.
  • Andrew Huang – Vlogger-centric music theory, gear reviews, high fives
  • DJ Tech Tools – DJing gear reviews and DJing skills (you should also buy your DJ gear from the DJ Tech Tools store)
  • Jonas Aden – Practical and short songwriting tips
  • Red Means Recording – Gear reviews and walkthroughs for the music making process
  • Sound Field – Great show from PBS Studios breaking down modern musical motifs and learning how to reverse engineer how they work


Paid resources I’ve used and recommend (no affiliate links)

  • Melodics – Learn how to finger drum, play actual drums, or piano with a rhythm game-like software.
  • Pianote – Hands down the most approachable online platform I’ve used to learn piano. I’ve tried a lot of other competitors and this is the one I haven’t cancelled and fell in love with.
  • Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers – A big book from the folks at Ableton to help you get out of the dead ends you might face when writing music.



Paid resources I’ve used and recommend (no affiliate links)


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