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The Domain of Homonia, and those which surround it are thick with sorrow and grim realities, light heartedness's only use is a brief respite from the daily suffering. Homonia often feels as if constantly besieged by the Domains that surround her, but these pushes and pulls are the very aspects that define the denizens of Homonia.

The adventures we might explore will take place in the 6th era. No one, or rather almost no one, is certain of the age of the world but it is clear by the many varying ruins that inhabit the world that a handful of grand empires have risen and fallen. Some of the artifacts from these past civilizations are so powerful and advanced, it puzzles many historians as to how these empires fell and how we lost their wisdom and technology.

The Peoples of Homonia

The states which have conquered and divided the lands are numerous and diverse, both in culture, size, and age. Oldest among which are the Hine, an elvish species split into 4 distinct cultures:

Brihine – A wood elf culture, steeped in a connection to the land and death, filling the roles of priests

Friphine – A sea elf culture, built upon trade and coastal cities, filling the roles of merchants and craftsmen

Lefhine – A wind elf culture, interested in exploring the stars, filling the roles of scientists and wizards

Ambhine – A desert elf culture, almost entirely removed from their brother tribes, filling the roles of farmers traditionally, but now nomads

Allies of the Hine and another elder race, the Gnomes are most commonly found inside the Principality of Stormeria. They await the return of their mythological God-King Ibex to lead them in wisdom and discover their lost cities.

Growing up along the Hine and Gnomes, yet unlike their counterparts, the Mountain Dwarves of Kraq have maintained and grown their mighty Empire, both above ground, and into the ever expanding tunnels and caves below the surface.

Sent as an expeditionary force by the Empire of Kraq, the White Dwarves carry the burden of protecting all of the civilized lands from a torrent of monsters and beasts from the Shimmering Sands. Inhabiting the cold north, and focused entirely around keeping evil at bay, the White Dwarves are a hardy yet often cold people.

In the West, war boils. On one side lies the Renevarians, a hardy race of men, armed with steel, steam powered machinery, and a zealous desire to decimate the homes of their former slave-masters, the Yuan-Ti of Zephazor.

The Yuan-Ti are a species of snake-men, naturally matriarchal and powerful, but now only a fleeting shadow of their once illustrious empire. They find themselves using a mix of gorilla tactics and decisive strikes from their Serpent Guard to defend the swamps and marshlands they call home.

Unlike their northern brothers, the Renevarians, the human Shou never found themselves enslaved by the lizard-men of the west. Led by their God-Prophet Tian, they were instead saved by religious exodus. Starting their new lives in the low countries of Suthland and Pearl, they live primarily agricultural lives.

Lastly, a small number of Dragonborn, find themselves in an awkward corner of the world, the country of Draven’s Light. The state is home to the largest port in the northern lands, and so it is the one connection the continent has to the Serpentine Isles to the south. On top of being home to the Dragonborn, Draven’s light is a home to many races; Dwarves, Shou, and Elves chief among them.


The Mists of Drevno

The Midlands of Renevar are in turmoil. The Good Baron Alphons von Drevno has grown reclusive and no longer exerts his protective influence upon the land. With almost all of the Rangers and Knights gone fighting the Yuan-ti, the people of the Grey Forest feel alone with none to protect them.

Bandits and brigands are the least of the inhabitant’s problems. Rumors spread from farmer to farmer, as monstrous beasts, once thought to be eradicated, have been seen again. Meanwhile, protected inside walls of iron, a countess, clothed in crimson robes, seeks to fulfill a long forgotten prophecy.


  • Mature themes: High (Death and depression, the world is scary and grim, not light-hearted)

  • Lethality: Medium (Death is a common occurrence, your character has a good chance of dying)

  • Character Focus: Low (The world doesn’t interact with you/isn’t tailored for you, you interact with it or are tailored for it)

  • Self direction: Medium (The opportunity to explore and do your own thing is there, but if you don't have that ambition, you can rely on the story and quests I give you)

Player Buy-in: You have to be down for the scary and grim dark adventure into the Midlands. You also have to be willing to form up together or work out among yourselves why you all are gonna stick together, my story assumes you want to be working together to save the Midlands.

The Fungus Fury, Spore War, or Truffle Kerfuffle

The Underdark is a subterranean wonderland, a vast and intricate labyrinth where danger and foes lie around every corner. It is home to horrific monsters that have never seen the light of day, but now very well could.

Myconoids, mushroom people from the Underdark, have been disturbed by the expansion of the Dwarves and now threaten their entire underground civilization. Desperately the Dwarves turn to the outside world for aid to face the coming war. However, something more sinister lies below, something old, something forgotten, something unknown. One thing is certain however, madness will surely consume you.

Linear Cave Exploring

  •  Mature Themes: Medium

  • Lethality: Medium

  • Character Focus: Low

  • Self Direction: Medium-Low

Player Buy-in: You have to be excited for an underground adventure. The under dark is still full of different paths and tunnels to explore, but it's not as open as the world above. Madness will likely play a bigger role in this campaign.

Last of the Bellerak

Draconic influence upon the Serpentine Isles has been waning for many generations. The beginning of the end was marked when the 1st Dragon Fleet failed its siege of Akkatar, the capital of the Naga.

The Bellerak, the once elite vanguard mercenaries of the Dragon Fleets, have now been diminished to a fraction of their strength, and after losing a difficult battle, it seems there remains but one ship. The sailors aboard, however, still feel the drive of adventure, and the call to restore honor and respect to the Bellerak name.

Sandbox Adventure on the High Seas

  • Mature Themes: Medium-Low

  • Lethality: Medium-Low

  • Character Focus: Medium

  • Self Direction: High

Player Buy-in: Your character must have a sense of honor and desire to follow in the footsteps of the Bellerak name. You have to have a good amount of ambition and drive to explore. This game will have an opening to help you get started, but the party will quickly become in charge of the ship and have to propel themselves forward into the sea, in search of fame, treasure, and adventure.

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