Has LinkedIn helped you get a job? If so, do you have any tips?

LinkedIn? Hell yeah! Before starting my answer, let me show you my LinkedIn profile.
Its -

Let’s move to the questions now. Did it help me to get any job? Well,

  • I’m getting minimum three calls every month for a job from LinkedIn.
  • I’m getting minimum three messages every month for a jobs from LinkedIn.

    While writing above line, I got one. Here it is!

  • I’m getting minimum one email every month for a job from LinkedIn.
  • The saga doesn’t stop here. Sometime, I do get the opportunity to work on big projects as a freelancer too.
  • One time, I also got an offer to work as freelancer tutor and guide students. And many more different types of work and ETHICAL earning opportunities.

So yes, LinkedIn is much more to any job opportunity platform. It will help you to get a job.

Now, let’s move forward to the next question. Any tips to share?

Answer is - Of course! I do have.

Tips -

  • Mostly people on LinkedIn do have education and experience, but they fail to list. Just show the world, who you are? and, what you know? So tips is - List your certificates, honors and awards section, test scores and experience sections. Don’t let any section be null. Make your profile 100% with your niche professional values.
  • Be careful while filling your professional headlines. Think for a moment, what keyword HR manager going to search for in LinkedIn, if he/she’s looking for candidates like you? For example, check out my professional headline-
  • Enlarge your LinkedIn network. Add professional request. Don’t worry, it’s not Facebook. The more powerful and large your network, the more opportunities will be there for you. Don’t be shy to add people.
  • Skills & Endorsements - Give skills and endorsement to your friends. He/she will also do return-back. Mostly they do! Don’t be rude and execute it.
  • Recommendations - Ask your friends to recommend you. Words of professionals help!
  • Greet your connection - It’s positive Karma. Wish everyone for their new job, anniversary or on birthday. A small like and connection will help you to have strong bonding and also enlarge your connections. Keep communicating.
  • And you can do many more activity - Like messaging professionals, viewing the viewer of your profile. Checking your LinkedIn position and many more.

I hope this details will surely help you to get a job! Let me know if any.

P.S - Image’s are copied from my LinkedIn profile and made with paint.

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