Everyone's born with the ability to manipulate kinetic energy (heat) to some extent. This is not a gift granted by the gods, but just a trait that's been developed in the population through wonky evolution. Like singing, heatshaping is something that everyone can do, but it takes years of practice to master the skill. Heatshaping lets you funnel heat from one place in space to another, at will. The more skilled, the more effective you are at moving heat around. This is obviously useful in many ways. If you funnel enough heat you can boil soup, ignite a gas, burn the skin off of someone's face or temper steel, among other things. Of course, if you take heat from somewhere, that area will get colder, so you could also use heatshaping to freeze an area by funneling heat away from it. As you would imagine, heatshaping is one of the most common professions, along farming, tailoring etc, due to its many uses.. At the same time, anyone can learn the skill given enough training, so it's not necessarily viewed as the most glamorous occupation. As with all other skills, some people are better suited for Heatshaping than others. The process is mentally taxing, and the best heatshapers are usually known to possess both great intellect and fortitude.  These individuals are able to funnel heat from either a large or intensely hot areas, and transfer it rapidly to other points in space. This opens up the opportunity for unusual applications. I have taken from SWN where I could, and made up some powers myself. The descriptions are written from the perspective of a Heatshaper that has limited understanding of modern anatomy and physics.


Combustion:Level 1

Range: Touch (+2), 10ft (0), 20ft (-2), 30ft (-3)

The Heatshaper funnels heat from their surroundings and concentrates it on a target. The closer the Heatshaper is to their target, the more precise they can be, and adds an appropriate modifier. On a failed Mental  Effect saving throw the target takes 1d8 damage and bursts into fire, dealing an additional 1d4 dmg per round until the target makes a successful physical effects saving throw. On a failed Mental Effect saving throw, the target is warmed up, taking 1d4 dmg.

Heartfreeze:Level 2

Range: Touch

The heatshaper can maintain the vital life processes of a mortally wounded teammate by draining all warmth from their body. The heat may be returned to the body when proper medical attention can be given, and thus save the victim from certain death. To avoid complications, the heatshaper must make sure that no heat is allowed to return to the body between the onset of the Heartfreeze and the intended time of awakening. There is a 100% chance of success if this power is used within three rounds of death, with the chance decreasing by 25% for each round afterwards. The creature is set to zero hit points and remains unconscious until it receives medical attention. It will die if it does not receive such attention within 24 hours. This power does not function on creatures that have been torn apart or otherwise mangled beyond conventional surgical repair, nor those dead of poison, disease, or old age.

Heat therapy:Level 3

Range: Touch

The Heatshaper uses a combination of massage, warm touches and mild heating to banish stress and fatigue from the target. Each activation of this power heals 1d8-4+X hit points in the target, plus the target’s constitution modifier, where X is the minutes spent healing (max 8). A minimum of 1 hit point is always healed, and the Heatshaper cannot give a subject more hit points than their normal maximum. Use of this power adds 1 System Strain point to the target.

Cauterisation:Level 4

Range: Touch

The Heatshaper has learned how to cauterise wounds to stop bleeding or treat infections. The Heatshaper may also apply a gentle stream of heat throughout the body of their target in hopes of purging diseases. Each invocation of the power on a target allows them to make an additional Physical Condition saving throw against the illness or poison at a +2 bonus, plus the target’s Constitution modifier. Use of this power adds 1 System Strain point to the target.

Lifeshock:Level 5

Range: 10ft

The Heatshaper funnels a large burst of Heat into an unconscious or dying ally’s body, having a 75% chance of shocking them back into action. Activation of this power on a target allows the subject to continue acting even when their hit points have been lowered below zero. The effect lasts only to the end of the psychic’s next turn, and the subject will die regardless if brought to -30 hit points. If the target is at negative hit points when the power ends they must make a Physical Effect saving throw or die on the spot. If successful, they enter a comatose state with 1 hit point, and must be given prompt medical attention within 6 hours or die. Each round of this effect adds 1 System Strain point to the target. This power may be used as a free action.

Adrenal rush:Level 6

Range: 15ft

New research indicates that manipulation of the liver activates a stress response in most living beings, increasing their alertness and strength. Upon activation, the Heatshaper boosts the physical capabilities of a target within line of sight. For five minutes, the subject gains either +1 to their Dexterity modifier or their Strength modifier. This power can be used up to twice on a single target, either adding +1 to both modifiers or +2 to one. Each activation of this power adds 1 System Strain point to the target.


Brain fever:Level 7

Range: 10ft

The Heatshaper overheats the brain of a living organism, causing instant mental collapse. The target takes 6d6 hit points of damage. On a successful Mental Effect saving throw at a -2 modifier, this damage is reduced by half. May only affect a given creature once every 24 hours.

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