Highborne Battlecry: A RTS/RPG game made in Godot Engine

Highborne Battlecry: A RTS/RPG game made in Godot Engine


Have you played Warcraft RTS games or Warlords Battlecry series? This is a spiritual successor to Warlords Battlecry series. It’s Warcraft on Steroids combined with Fire Emblem and set in the far east! The game will be made in Godot Engine.


Highborne objective is to have a hero unit capture mines, build a base and gather resources with worker units, create an army from structures, research upgrades to strengthen your army, and destroy the other person’s army and base. As you play more games, you level up your hero and get new skill points to spend in becoming a stronger warrior, spellcaster, or supporter. 


The first part of the world of Highborne is set in asian-inspired ancient to medieval (inspired by 1500s AC) fantasy world with a somewhat anime art style or an art style inspired by Fire Emblem for portraits, icons, and loading screens. The game graphics are heavily inspired by Rimworld and use very simple, but clear and strong pawns with easy to read weapons, tools, and effects and structures that are clear and simple as well. The setting is high-fantasy with heavy inspiration from myths, culture, and history from real-life people and their cultures. You command an army of warriors, archers, cavalry, aerial units, monstrous units, and siege weapons to destroy your opponent. While there are other nations that are more european or arabic in this fantasy world, the game prominently focused on asian-inspired races or factions in the first version.


At the start of a game of highborne, 

  • The map is procedurally generated and the start position has 3 tough towers and 4 mines of one of each resource. 

  • The player gain resources by gathering from stone deposits, trees, and/or by converting Warehouses to gain Materials, gathering from metal deposits and/or by converting Crystal Refineries to gain Crystals, gathering from copper/silver/gold deposits and/or by converting Quarries to gain Metal, and finally gathering from gem deposits and/or by converting Mills to gain Food.

  • There are 4 resources: Materials, Crystals, Metal, and Food. Each unit, structure, or upgrade cost 2 seperate resources to build, train, and research. 

  • The player uses those resources to build a base made up of structures for different purposes, create an army that can destroy the enemies’ armies and bases, and eventually win the game

  • The gameplay is real-time and the game speed is slow-paced, but can be changed. Every faction in Highborne is truly unique with their own structures, skill, and unit sets. 

  • There are five tech levels that each faction can advance to receive a wider variety of units, upgrades, and buildings to build and train. 


Here are the Civilizations in Highborne


This faction is inspired by vietnam, lake people, and minor people of vietnam.They should be the most basic faction with easy to understand gameplay and basic mechanics of a standard rts faction.

Civ Difficulty: Medium


This faction is inspired by mountain people of vietnam and longhorn beetles. They  prioritize building a small, but powerful army with focus on defense and strength. Their infantry are very strong, both ranged and melee. Their workers cannot be harassed or killed that easily. Easy to learn and friendly for new players.

Civ Difficulty: Easy


This faction is inspired by the most popular mythological creature in asian myths – the kirin and qilin. These people were created by combining kirin blood with human bodies. The Kirren live in the jungles and forests of K’inh Deltas and are magical gifted and born people. Their gameplay is focused on hit and run tactics – attacking with tiger cavalry  and ambush tactics.  

Civ Difficulty: Hard

First Playable Version

The first Playable Version of the game would include 2 factions – Longhorn Confederacy, and K’inh Families. The game will include a Skirmish mode, one tileset – Jungle, A very basic Persistent RPG system with only being able to level up and increasing attributes only, a basic hero customization menu to create their appearance and a basic main menu. Each Civilization will contain about 1 or 2 dozen structures and a dozen units for their rosters. 

Visual Concepts

Here I will show and explain how the game will work and what their graphics should look like.

Warning: These concept artworks are just to show off what the game could look like, but graphics can change and could have a different look. I do not have ingame graphic/art assets for the game yet. I want to show off the idea and see if people would like it.


This is a Longhorn base with a barracks, Town Center, a converted Mill, and a house that acts as a storehouse and a pop increase structure. There is a military unit and 3 peons aka workers in this visual concept.


This concept shows what a battle could look like with Rimworld inspired graphics. The battle is between the K’inh human army made up of peasant rattan spearmen, peasant archers, and a couple of soldiers against a longhorn small, but experienced force of 2 cleavejaws and 2 javelinists. These armies are also led by their Highborne or Hero units that can persistently gain exp and level up to have increased attributes, gain new skills and spells with skill points, but over time, they will earn fewer skill points as they reach higher levels. 


This last visual concept shows how siege battles could look like in the game. I know it’s ambitious, but I would love to have ramps and different ground levels to simulate hills and cliffs. The scene is filled with two walls with gates and 2 mortars attacking the enemies with Area of effect attacks and ranged units up on the walls, gaining ranged advantages. There is also a Fortress/Castle that serves as a strong defense structure to attack enemy units as well.

The Future Updates…

I want to learn how to make a game properly by doing the artwork and the coding, so when I feel the first playable version is finished, everyone can download it for free! I might make supporter’s packs or something to earn money from learning and working on a game. I will try to update the game and add in more features such as:

  • Voice acting and sounds for units, structures, and upgrades

  • Mod support for users to add their own civs, changes, features, and etc. (maybe I plan to make contests that will make your civilization canon and official in the Highborne universe in the far future?)

  • Improved RPG features like Skills Trees, Perks, Spells Trees, Inventory System, maybe a Mount and a Pet system? 

  • Improved RTS features such as more different units, structures, and units for each civ, add in a Faction system that acts like subfactions from Command and Conquer Generals, C&C 3 Kane’s Wrath, and Warlords Battlecry 3 The Protectors (which is a mod that does a subfaction system too.) with bonuses, penalties, and neutral traits. Maybe Quality of life features that make this game easier and convenient to play. 

  • Individual Unit leveling up system that gain minor stat boosts the longer they survive in the current game

  • Campaigns?

  • Retinue system from WBC series, you get random, but experienced units who managed to survive the game and can be chosen to be in your retinue. 

  • Multiplayer – so PvE with friends or PvP (slowly add in more players, begins with 2 players, 4 players, then 6 players, etc.)

  • And many more!

More Explanation 

I will explain more of how other features of our game will work in theory.

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