Hitchhiker's Guide To The Latent Space: Community Notebook Document

aplease add an explanation to your addition or i'll probably just think it’s someone accidentally typing something. If anyone wants to test any notebooks for K80 Safe , that would be appreciated! Please feel free to add notebooks and categories via typing in suggestions/comments, I will manually approve them. Pytti notebooks will not be added because Pytti is a closed beta for patreon supporters. sportsracer48 is creating AI art systems | Patreon https://github.com/sportsracer48/pytti/tree/p5. Maintained by zackt1234#6754, you can message me about this doc, but I won't be able to fix notebook errors. If you are positive a notebook on this list completely does not work, let me know and I’ll remove it. If an item is tagged New! it means that the item was recently released, it does not mean that the item was recently added to this document. If you do want to see recently added items, you can look at the document version history

Last Updated: Wed May 18

Added [Batch] Neural Neighbor Style Transfer


  • Total Text To Image Beginners: Start Here








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