HME EOS HD Headset Quick Guide

HME EOS HD Headset Quick Guide

Setting Date/Time and Store Hours

  1. From the Main Screen Hit Menu

  2. Select More

  3. Select Store Settings

  4. You can then Adjust to the correct date and time

As well as Store Hours

Headset Features Setup

Changing the Language of the headset

  • If it ever gets changed accidentally hold Volume Down and A1 while powering on to cycle the language.

  • Cycle is English -> Spanish -> French -> English

B-Line Hands Free

  • Allows for hands free use of the B line.

  • Hold B and A2 while powering on the headset to enable and disable.

  • Only 4 headsets can be active at once. A line always takes priority.

  • DISCLAIMER – Occasionally will cause the headsets to crash if used too often, resolved by power cycling the base station. 

Auto A-Line Hands Free

  • Automatically turns on the A line as soon as a car drives up to the order point. 

  • Hold Volume Up and A1 while turning on the headset to enable

  • Note – Only one (1) headset can be have Auto A-Line Hands free enabled and it also must be enabled on the base station itself. I haven’t looked how to enable this setting because if you are to use it your DTO Barista must know that as soon as they hear the Ding their mic goes hot and the customer can hear everything they say. I only include it just to be thorough.

B to Order Taker

  • This is enabled by default so someone on the A-Line can hear the B-Line to notify if an item is in stock. It can be disabled if you have chatty partners who hog the B-Line while someone is taking an order.

  1. From the main menu hit more

  2. Select Store Settings

  3. Disable B to Order Taker (default  ?(on))

Message and Alert Center

To access from the base station hit Menu and then Message Center

From there navigate to Reminder Messages

This is where you’ll enable select messages to play at times you can determine. Available Pre-Recorded messages are as followed.

There are also 3 slots to record custom messages to be played.

Note about Message Priority.

Most messages are set to Low which stops the message from being played as soon as a customer pulls up or someone activates the B line on their headsets. High priority causes the message to be repeated after the customer leaves the order point or both the A and B lines are no longer in use.

Setting up a Sanitizer Reminder. (Most Popular Requested Feature does not substitute for a timer for QASA)

  1. From the Message Center Menu Select Edit Schedule Times

  2. Select Slot 6 (Default time should be 6:00:00-6:00:00) and edit it to your store’s normal operating hours. All times are in 24hr format.

  3. Back out and go to Reminder Messages

  4. Arrow down to Sanitizer and press the edit Button.

  5. Enable the message and make sure that the ?(on) is highlighted

  6. Select Schedule and go to Slot 6 and enable the message to be scheduled ?(on), Also apply it to all days if you’re store has the same hours of operation across all days or close enough to make due.

  7. Back out and then hit Settings from the Edit Reminder Message menu. 

  8. Select Repeat and have the time read (02:00:00) this enables the 2hr Sani Timer Headset Prompt.

Other Useful Messages:


If your store has a fairly regular peak start time consider enabling the Pre-Rush Message roughly 30 Minutes before peak starts to give your team an audio cue that peak is about to begin to ensure proper stocking and a smooth transition into peak. You’ll set the time for the reminder to go off in another slot just like the Sanitizer message. No need to schedule a repeat.

Quality Check

If you’re store allocates a certain time for the clean play to be completed this message provides an audio cue for the play caller to have a barista begin the clean play for the day.

Dining Room Trash

More useful during the winter because of the time change due to Daylight Savings Time ending. Have it set roughly half an hour before sundown to allow for a barista to gather all the trashes in the store and make a final trash run before dark. 

Store Closed

Provided your store hours are properly set during the installation this message should automatically be enabled and go off at the correct hours of operation.

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