Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Pale Ore Locations

1. reward for defeating nosk in the deepnest
2. arena of fool second challenge
3. top of crystal mines, needs double jump to get
4. reward from collecting a certain amount of grubs
5. Ancient Basin to left of the tram way beneath a crumbling floor
6. Reward from dream seer in resting ground for collecting a certain amount of essence

All Mask Shards

5 in dirtmouth

  • 4 from merchant (need shopkeeper key to access), 1 Bretta (in her house), after saving her in fungal wastes near the dashmaster charm (east from the Mantis Lords)

1 Deepnest (Near Mantis Lords, drop down from above, need doublejump to access it)

1 queenstation (right side, need walljump)
1 flower quest resting grounds, hidden bottom right (go back to grey mourner after delivering flower)
1 hive (bottom of kingdoms edge, roughly center of the hive, use giant bee to break)
1 mawlek (boss in Crossroads, bottom left)
1 grub (after delivering a certain amount of grubs 25?)
1 crystal peak (laserboss v2, fought above laserboss v1, need doublejump)
1 waterways (bottom left, need ismas tear to access it)
1 seer (after around 1000-1300 essence)
1 greenpath (stone sanctuary/after beating fallen warrior)
1 crossroads under false knight (level with the unhittable worms)

Vessel Shards

  1. Dirtmouth - Purchased from the vendor for 550 Geo.

  2. Dirtmouth - Purchased from the vendor for 900 Geo (Requires Storeroom key).

  3. Greenpath bottom left near queensgarden entrance that cannot be accessed

  4. Left of the elevator that connects Forgotten Crossroads to City of Tears. (need to buy elevator from city)

  5. King's Station - Above King's Station area near Elevator

  6. Deepnest - Room above the working Tram.

  7. Stag Nest - At the end of the nest (need all stagstations)

  8. Seer - 600 essence.

  9. Ancient Basin - Donating 3000 geo to the fountain.

Fallen Warriors

Greenpath (stone sanctuary)

Deepnest Left room

Kingdoms edge right side

Queens Garden

Fungal Wastes

Howling cliffs

Resting grounds


4 purchasable (crossroads)

1 Fog Canyon (above mapmaker)

1 Fungal passage

1 trials of colosseum

100% Completion

Nail Upgrades: 4%
Dream Nail + Upgrade: 2%
HP Upgrades: 4%
EN Upgrades: 3%
Kingsbrand: 2%
Crystal Heart: 2%
Mantis Claw: 2%
Monarch Wings: 2%
Ismas Tear: 2%
Mothwing Cloak: 2%
Shade Cloak: 2%
Desolate Dive + Descending Dark: 2%
Howling Wraiths + Abyss Shriek: 2%
Vengeful Spirit + Shade Soul: 2%
Nail Arts (Great Slash,Cyclone Dash,Dash Slash): 3%
(Total Skills: 36%)

3 Dreamers (Lurien,Monomon,Herrah): 3%
Galien: 1%
Marmu: 1%
Markoth: 1%
Xero: 1%
No Eyes: 1%
Elder Hu: 1%
Grob: 1%
Brooding Mawlek: 1%
Gruz Mother: 1%
Collector: 1%
Uumuu: 1%
Nosk: 1%
Traitor Lord: 1%
Broken Vessel: 1%
Watcher Knight: 1%
Dung Defender: 1%
Soul Master: 1%
Mantis Lords: 1%
Hornet 1 + 2: 2%
False Knight: 1%
3 Colosseum Fights: 3%
(Total Bosses: 27%)

36 Charms: 36%

Seer Departs at 2400 Esscence: 1%

Damage Values

Nail Damages: 5, 9, 13, 17, 21

Nail Arts: (Not Affected by Fragile Str/Fury, Damage Values Rounded Down)
Great Slash:        2.50 * Nail
Cyclone Slash:      2.00 * Nail
Dash Slash:            2.50 * Nail

Charms: (Damage Values Rounded Up)
Fragile Str:        1.50 * Nail
Fury:                1.50 * Nail
Fragile Str + Fury:    2.25 * Nail

Sharp Shadow:        Nail
Gubberfly's Elegy:    Nail / 2
Defenders Crest:    1-3 per tick
Spore Shroom:        2-4 per tick

Thorns charmNail * 2

Spells: (Not Affected By Nail Damage)
Vengeful Spirit:    15 (20 Shaman Stone)
Shade Soul:           30 (40 Shaman Stone)

Desolate Dive:        20/35 (30/53 Shaman Stone)
Descending Dark:    45/60 (65/88 Shaman Stone)

Howling Wraiths:    20/30 (30/45 Shaman Stone)
Abyss Shriek:        60/80 (90/120 Shaman Stone)


Lost Kin400 essence
Soul Tyrant300 essence
Failed Champion300 essence
Markoth250 essence
No Eyes200 essence
Galien200 essence
Marmu 150 essence
Elder Hu100 essence
Gorb100 essence
Xero100 essence

Kingdom's Edge climb51 essence          
Howling Cliffs tree46 essence       
Deepnest tree 45 essence       
Greenpath tree44 essence       
Ancestral Mound tree42 essence
Ancient Basin climb35 essence
Spirits' Glade tree34 essence       
Queen's Gardens tree29 essence
Forgotten Crossroads tree29 essence
City tree28 essence
Crystal Peak tree21 essence
Resting Grounds climb20 essence        

Fungal Wastes tree20 essence
Hive tree20 essence
Spirits' glade ghosts19 essence

Safest flowerquest path 


Map with all Locations 


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