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people seemed to like the original: so I decided to add a few more Then people also liked that one so I decided to do even more. However i decided to turn it into a google doc due to length and the ability to suggest I going to add more information about the story and game play later when I have more time.

from memory the story was each character that died was brought back to life by an unknown entity and every one was given the powers and memories of most other versions of them, though some like LE came back weaker due to the being not being able to completely replicate their powers, others like jade found their powers worked differently it was later revealed that every one there was a replicant and the reason that their powers don't work the same is that while the entity can replicate bodies and memories with near perfection certain powers were beyond it. It is never revealed what happened to the originals, but the characters come to the conclusion that the entity either killed or trapped them. I even remember some of the intro and clash dialogue.

Terezi: Why are you so angry?

John: You got me killed!

Terezi: And it was hilarious.


Jade: You know I could just teleport you to space and end this.

Eridan: Yes, so why don't you?

Jade: I'm hoping to end this without someone dying!


LE: You're challenging me?

Tavros: Why do you sound so surprised?

LE: I assumed you to be smarter than that.


Aranea: Think about all we could accomplish together.

Jake: That didn't work out so well last time.

Aranea: A minor mistake.


Dave: You're sick Gamzee.

Gamzee: Funny, you don't look like a doctor.

Dave: What you have is terminal.


Calliope: I'm done hiding!

LE: Then you're done being sane

Calliope: I won't be intimated, not anymore!


Eridan: You and me have something in common.

Nepeta: What's that?

Eridan: We're both in the unrequited love circle.


Gamzee: You an I have more in common than you care to admit. 

Eridan: At least I regret what I did. 

Gamzee: So you say. 


Slick: Didn't I kill you before?

Die: Guess I got better. 

Slick: You're not living up to your name.


LE: I know you well enough to tell you to know you can't win this.

Nepeta: You don't know anything about me.

LE: You and I are closer than you know...


LE: I'm impressed behind that motherly demeanor is a real killer.

Kanaya: and behind that smug attitude is a dead man.

LE: You underestimate the number of dead men behind me.


Crowbar: I bet yose the type who ain't as smart as they think.

Vriska: What makes you so sure?

Crowbar: Kid when you run a gang like the felt you get a good eye for peoples


Diamonds Droog: Impressive hat

Dad: ...

Diamonds Droog: A man of few words huh? I can respect that.


Meenah: Nice trident

Jane: Actually it's a fork

Meenah: ... Forks aren't that big.


Aimless Renegade: That gun of yours needs polish.

Roxy: You think so?

Aimless Renegade: Take care of your weapons and they will take care of you, let me demonstrate.


Joey: You abandoned us!

Jake: I've never seen you in my life!

Joey: Of course you would say that...


Vriska: Are you a betting man Jack?

Jack: Not anymore.

Vriska: Then you're really not going to enjoy this.


Hegemonic Brute: I hear you're a bit of a romance expert.

Meulin: I help where I can.

Hegemonic Brute: i was always a fan of flushed romance myself.


Dirk: I've been thinking I might be my own worst enemy.

Dirk: We'll see.

Dirk: Either way Dirk loses.


Dammek: You need to stay away from my moirail.

Joey: he deserves a better friend than you!

Dammek: I'm his moirall not his friend, and you've been warned.


Dirk: If you ask me if I wan't to play a game I'm going t-.

LE: I'm not playing anymore Strider.

Dirk: ... Seems about right.


Aradia: Every battle is an adventure.

Dave: Some adventures aren't worth having.

Aradia: Aw, don't be like that.


Crowbar: I heard a rumor slick took a liking to you.

Karkat: Who the fuck is slick!

Crowbar: Damn kid that's cold ... actually, I see why he likes you.


LE: Hello Crooker

Jane: I don't know what you're planning but I won't let you destroy our home, not again.

LE: Actually I'm not planning anything at the moment, that said if I was I wouldn't destroy this place just ... repropose it.


Gamzee: I don't get it, why do you do what you do?

Aradia: I just want to see how it all ends.

Gamzee: ... and these mother fuckers call me insane.


LE: Impressive armament you have there.

Roxy: Umm, Thanks, I guess.

LE: Unfortunately it will do little to deter me.


Vriska: We've been down this road before.

Tavros: This time we're taking a different path.

Vriska: Oh please, you know how this ends.


Jade: Never liked having to fight a friend.

Tavros: Do we really have to fight, I mean I was always good with animals maybe-

Jade: I'm not an animal Tavros.


LE: I will use you for my purposes just like your predecessor, or you'll be destroyed.

Meenah: Two things, I'm not her, and no one gets to use me for anything.

LE: Curious I don't recall saying your choice was part of this equation.


Rose: You have one broken mind.

Gamzee: And, What will you do about it?

Rose: if you'll let me maybe I could help you.


LE: This is your last chance leave this place or perish.

Calliope: Giving me a chance to leave? This isn’t like you.

LE: You have chosen to perish.


Dave: I always wondered something.

Dave: Is it why are we so awesome?

Dave: See? You get me.


Gamzee: Hey mother fucker what brings you here?

Equius: To do what I should have done a long time ago.

Gamzee: At least you’ll die trying.


Nepeta: Sometimes I feel like you’re the person I’m closest to.

Dave: I guess sharing a body and mind would do that.

Nepeta: It also means I know how to beat you.


Edrian: Don’t make me have to hurt you again.

Kanaya: If only you were this reluctant last time.

Edrian: I’m sorry for what I did … And for what I have to do if you don’t get out of my way.


Vriska: So I heard you like blue ladies.

Jake: Well, um I-

Vriska: Not that I can blame you. I mean look at me.


Karkat: Always wanted to kick my ass!

Karkat: You’re making this weird!!

Karkat: It was already weird!!!


Joey: Why’d you do it Pa, why did you leave, was it me?

Jake: I’m never going to get used to you calling me that.

Joey: Pa isn’t around to ask anymore and you have some of his memories, I just need to know…


LE: Your fascination with justice was always an enigma to me. 

Terazi: Now why is that? 

Le: You're of… notable intelligence, and yet you choose to waste it on something so … trivial.


Gamzee: You really do think this is going to be easy!

Crowbar: Yeah, and why shouldn’t I? Look at youse.

Gamzee: Most people who attack me don’t live to tell about it.


Jack: Getting real sick of your puns and tacky lines.

Meenah: So you’re her to shut my clam?

Jack: See, now I have to hurt you.


Travos: You know I don’t think the two of us ever had a real conversation.

Feferi: And you think now is a good time to mention it?

Travos: Yeah sorry sorry fighting now.


Aradia: Hey big guy remember me?

Le: Megido...

Aradia: Aw, it’s nice to know I made an impression.


Equius: You really think you’re stronger than me?

Horuss: You need more than strength you need intellect to win a fight.

Equius: And I have you beat in both.


Dave: I’m not sure I’m comfortable beating my sister’s girlfriend.

Kanaya: Well don’t hold back for my sake.

Dave: That’s all I needed to hear.


I will add more when I have more time.

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