How can I find at-home work that will pay hourly or daily? I need quick cash and want to get it honestly and legally.

There’s no such thing as quick legal cash when talking about at-home work. The only way quick legal cash can be achieved is going outdoors. Even in that, you need to spend some time looking for work. Here are some of the possible ways to make money at home and what’s obtainable with them.

  1. Freelancing: Here you have sites like Upwork or Fiverr. These may work to an extent if you live in the US or Europe as most of the market comes from there. Also, to land a job as a beginner especially may take a very long time (talking weeks if not months), that is if ever your account is approved in the case of upwork. In these marketplaces, service sections are flooded with sellers. It’s 1 service buyer : 100 sellers. The competition is stiff and exhausting.
  2. Drop shipping: This will drain you also and you’ll need lots of cash to start. Here you create an e-commerce site and have people visit so you can sell them stuff. Think about how often you or anyone you know have bought stuff online.
  3. Surveys: This is what I call bull shit (please pardon my French). Wait, why are the French always associated with vulgarity? What is vulgarity a French phrase that has to be pardoned? Anyway, I digress… Where was I? Yes! So, forget about these things, the end is fruitless. In fact, there’s no end until you unsubscribe from their list of annoying messages and invitations to take unprofitable and time-wasting surveys.
  4. Blogging and paid newsletters: This is a long way to money also. It may take you up to a year or two to generate the required traffic to generate cash.
  5. Running a YouTube channel: For this you’ll need an insane amount of data to be able to download and upload videos if you’re working as a non video making Tuber. If you make your own videos, you still need data to upload the videos. Also, before you can monetize, you have to get approval which amounts to having at least 4000 viewing hours and 1000 subscriptions in 12 months, I shit you not! To get to that, imagine how many videos you have to upload daily.
  6. Social media marketing: Haven’t tried this yet but am sure it’s still full of shit and very time consuming. There’re gurus teaching people how to do social media marketing when it’s supposed to me so profitable.
  7. App reskinning: This is basically buying apps from a store, editing it and reselling it on Flippa. To do this, you need to have a knowledge of coding. Never mind what they tell you about being able to do it in a few minutes. Your buyers are people with brains so you need to impress them to sell them your app especially in a very competitive environment like Flippa.
  8. Building and selling sites: Like in #7 above, this is basically the same only you build sites and sell them on Flippa. You need some coding knowledge and the imagination of porn actors to be able to stay at the top and make sales here. Most times you come up with losses.
  9. CFD trading: Stocks, Forex, Metals, Commodities, you name it. In this category, Forex is the most lucrative but it’s still not quick cash and you need to put money in to get money out. In fact it’s the farthest from quick cash than all the ones mentioned above. You need to take time an learn it properly and when you eventually start trading, you need to keep learning.

In all, I think you have a better chance of quick legal cash outdoors than indoors. Good luck.

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