How can I prevent annoying Twitter bot accounts from following me every few hours?

Services like TrueTwit might help. Users get a message in Twitter inbox to verify that they are not bots and have to solve a captcha on TrueTwit. Not sure about how accurately this works – in case bots are able to solve captcha? But I don’t think anyone would invest so much in a bot to do that.

Downside ? Using services like TrueTwit comes at a cost – losing those real human followers who do not notice the message they get on your behalf.

If I am interpreting the statistics (see below) provided by TrueTwit correctly, ~50% have verified the accounts, so are real human followers.

Total Followers


Verified Followers


How many of the remaining ~50% are real bots ? If we go by their current mechanism, I don’t think even TrueTwit can answer that.

So, I would take this approach –

  1. If getting hundreds of followers per day, use TrueTwit (or similar service)
  2. Periodically review those followers who have not yet verified manually and filter the bots. We can say from above stats, you will reduce workload at least by half.
  3. Else, if getting only a few followers per day, just review manually.
  4. If time is an issue, in either case where manual review is required hire someone from freelancing services like upwork to do the task – you will need to grant access to the freelancer – so take care about how to manage access.

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