How can I run my business online without?

How You Can Build An Automated Online Business

Throughout this article I will try to explain how I’ve built my agency and simultaneously teach you how to build one yourself.

I started offering explainer videos as a service simply because I saw others doing it with success. This is generally a good strategy.

Often times we tend to think that the way to start a business is by coming up with something new, by fixing an existing problem in some new way.

If you want to be an innovator. If you want to start the next Google. By all means, go for it.

If you simply want to make money online in order to replace your salary and allow you some freedom in your life, then I suggest simply looking at what’s already working and doing your own version of that.

There’s a couple of ingredients you need to build a digital agency, especially if you’d like to automate it.

Here’s what you need:

1. A target audience, you need to be able to get in front of them with ads
2. The target audience’s problem
3. The solution
to that problem

Ideally, this is actually the sequence that you should follow in order to get started as well.

Most of us erroneously start with #3.

We say “hey I wanna sell this thing, does anybody want it?”

The problem with that is that it’s starting with what you want, not what your audience wants.

If you start with the audience, and figure out their problem, the WHAT is typically very obvious.

Example: your target audience is life coaches.

The problem: they don’t know how to get new clients

The solution: done-for-you webinar slides (this is one component of a whole system).

I just came up with something to sell based on a very real problem, which is more likely to sell successfully, than if you just came up with a service on your own, and then started looking for buyers.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you should always

“Sell people what they want, give them what they need.”

What this means is that the life coach above might actually need webinar slides, but maybe he doesn’t know it.

He might actually be in the market for something else. He might be looking for someone to create his website, but in reality that might not be what he needs.

However if life coaches are out there looking to buy websites, that’s what you should sell them, and once you’ve sold them a website you should offer what they REALLY need, which in this example was a webinar.

A great way to find what people are already looking to buy is to go create a freelancer profile on and go through the different categories to see what kind of jobs people are posting.

Take note of this and design your offer around one of the most common jo

Tips for Effective Automation

Use the following four tips to guide your decisions on using automation effectively.

1. Build your mailing list 24/7 with a prominent opt-in box and a compelling offer. Your list is your goldmine. It’s critical to all your marketing and is your most valuable asset. To capture names and e-mails, it’s essential that you make an irresistible offer. “Sign up for my mailing list” is no longer enough. Try something like this: “Free Special Report: How to Dramatically Boost Your Website Traffic in 30 Days or Less.”

With auto responders (preprogrammed e-mail responses), you can offer digitally downloaded special reports, audios, product information, teleconference numbers, or free trials to entice visitors to share their names and e-mail addresses. When your prospect’s data is entered, it’s automatically placed in your database and can be programmed to trigger a well-crafted response, such as “Thank you for subscribing. Here is a special report: The 5 Most Costly Mistakes Markets Make With Google AdWords. We hope you enjoy it!” Be sure to display your privacy policy below your opt-in box as well as assurance that they can unsubscribe at any time. And of course, never spam anyone.

2. Deliver valuable content over time with sequential auto responder messages. A very effective way to build trust with your prospects is to offer a “mini-course” that delivers content-rich and relevant information to your opt-in subscribers. For example, if you’re running a site that sells golf equipment, you may over time send the following courses:

  • 7 Tips Guaranteed to Take 10 Strokes Off Your Golf Score
  • The 5 Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Golf Partner
  • Your Daily Energy Booster: Daily One Minute Audios That Will Help You Stay Energized All Day Long

These automatically distributed e-mail messages not only provide pre-programmed content but also motivate prospects to revisit your site for the latest offers. And, of course, once they click through to your website, you can offer more content delivered via audio, video and other multimedia options, as well as offers for your products and services.

Since studies show that 48 percent of salespeople give up after the first contact and 25 percent after the second, this is a perfect way to make sure your follow-up stays consistent. Best of all, after you program the series, it will perform flawlessly for you for years to come.

1. Take payments online. It has never been easier or more affordable to set up an online payment system through Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account – PayPal or your own merchant account. Once you set up your account, it’s simple to sell products or services online by purchasing an online shopping cart. A shopping cart allows you to capture e-mail addresses, automate responses, track leads and sell your product to customers around the world 24/7. These systems are surprisingly easy to setup, operate and maintain.

2. Track and measure your marketing efforts. Over the years, I’ve trained and coached hundreds of business owners in marketing through my Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program. Through a series of assessments, it’s become very clear that most businesses fall short in the area of marketing measurement.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How many unique visitors come to your website?
  • How many visitors opt into your mailing list or order your products?
  • When you send e-mails, how many are opened and how many people actually click through to your website?

The answers are important because they’ll tell you what you need to improve, such as the pulling power of your headlines or copy or your website’s navigation. You won’t know until you start measuring. Many of today’s automated shopping cart systems include ad trackers, which automatically calculate your click-throughs and conversion statistics. Some good integrated shopping cart systems can be found on websites like Easy Web Automation: Your Complete E Commerce Solution, Email Marketing | AWeber, and

Benefits to You and Your Business

When you automate daily tasks, you have more time to focus on growing your company. Best of all, your money-making activities don’t grind to a halt and you don’t have to hire or train any staff.

Also when your business becomes automated, your presence becomes optional, leaving you time to actually take a vacation while making money at the same time. With most systems, you can quickly and easily check your sales and orders from any web browser.

The internet is a competitive, ever-changing marketplace. The right strategy combined with powerful and practical automated systems gives you an edge over your competitors. You’ll attract more customers, and spend less time, money and energy winning them over. Automation services and software leverage the best technology available to make you money day and night, whether you’re there or not.

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