How can I stop getting so much spam email?

I use multiple emails for different things. I have one email for each of the following:

  • Freelance work related.
  • Company development related.
  • Gaming related.
  • Personal related.
  • Spam/sign-up related.
  • Then a bunch of webmaster accounts I use for my client’s websites.

My personal and freelance work related emails NEVER ever get spam, because I don’t sign them up for anything. The emails I get a decent nasty amount of spam from are my webmaster accounts and company development account, because they are shown publicly. My spam/sign-up account has multiple spam on an hourly basis. I use that when I sign up for social media websites. Would it surprise you that after signing up at Quora some years ago, I started getting a lot of spam? I use Alias email accounts, so I know from which sites trigger the spam that comes through.

So my advice: use different emails for different things. Don’t sign-up for websites, using an email that you use to communicate with friends and family members. Also, use a different email for sensitive websites like banking, medical, and taxes than you do for other websites and your personal stuff.

Also, in your email program, you can set Spam Filters, or use something like Spam Assassin. I have these things, amongst other apps set up on my own email server. Programs like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc, will allow you to filter out spam as well.

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