How can one earn through

I am working as programmer named “coolguyinus2004” in freelancer website for last 15+ years. You can search my name “coolguyinus2004” in google and you can see the profile of mine.

If you are a beginner then you need to register first with your PAN or voter card. Then you need to select the membership options. Basic plan allows you to bid only for few projects so you need to select a better plan regarding your skills and once you pay for the plan then you can bid for projects.

Once big clients will discuss with you for the work and then select you. Always ask them to put milestone payment before you start work if they dont have any reviews or feedback. Once they create milestone your money will be safe and then you can work on the project and finish it within the deadline.

Once work done they will release the money.

To withdraw funds to your bank . go to “withdraw funds” link and then select express withdrawal and add your bank account details like bank account number and IFSC code of it and you name. Once this is done you need to select india for rupee conversion of the amount if its in dollar or pounds or euro or canadian dollar. Once the money is converted then you can ask the withdrawal and it will take a week for first withdrawal and there after you will get funds in 3 days MAX.

ANy issues or any problems if you face on freelancer website contact me through my profile or here.

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