How can one start the consultancy of a structural design as a civil engineer?

As per my knowledge you can start structural design consultancy straightway as a freelance consultant. You need to get order from client by convincing him on your qualification and competence. If you are in service you may not be able to do this as it may not be allowed in your company. If you are a freelancer you can go ahead. Whatever you earn is your other income for which you should declare and pay income tax as per rules.

If you want to form a company you can form partnership or limited liability partnership or private limited company and register same with Govt of India. You will get many agencies who do this registration . Charges would be about Rs 15000.

If your business earning become more than 9 lax you need to pay service tax and take service tax registration. You will get this information from registration agencies.

What is more important is getting business. You have to grow this based on your expertise and based on orders you successfully execute. There are many successfull engineers as structural designers. In fact there is dirth of qualified structural designers in India.

Go ahead and collect more views on the subject and proceed. You may like to consult chartered accountants at your place.

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